Monday, June 21, 2021

Easy quick school for animals etc

 In my gnome skills text at least E11. is valuable. 

I copy it here:


E11.   20th of September 2020    Maybe a gnome too could learn this way:

"Easy quick school for animals, especially pets and birds

 Animals which associate closely with humans, especially pets, ofr example dogs, sometimes ask if there could be a school for animals too. I have written advices about learning common sense like objective thinking and about fitting into the society, so here is my version of a kind of school for animals:

1) Thinking: use a landscape like view that observes structures. Good practise for this is looking at familiar scenes and landscapes with trees and some life in them. Trees and nature make observation ability better and join the sense of sight topgether with the sense of atmospheres, which is also good for thinking.

For teaching this to a dog that is interested in learning it, go outdoors to some peaceful enough place where there are trees but not overly amess. Do not strand face to face by your pet but instead side by sode so that it looks at the same landscape as you, and so you can look at it so that it sees it the same way and then you can walk to a bush, tree, street's side lawn etc like observed firstm, and that's it.

2) Fitting into the society: The advice "Live and let others live!" is good for this. Think of each person and each group sovereign as the trunk and branches of a tree in a park. It does not mess with the branches of other trees and those too leave it alone, to freely and happily live it's own life. Good will toward others is a good advice here.

 Another piece of advice is for all to work for better life in a better living environment, like work, hobbies, friends, caring for the environment, making the society good to live in.

3) Wisdom of life and healthy ways of living you can partly learn from how tree branmches curve topward light and what is their atmosphere, the mood it seems to refer to and the kind of life, and partly from sport and healthy kind of life on all areas of life.

* * *

There are also some other things that have often come to my mind when thinking of a school for animals, especially for pets and birds, maybe for mice too.

4) About teaching an animal to read there is a video about reading Finnish language at , but for it one must first understand spoken language, which often goes by associating with humans and paying attention to the situations and tones of voice, and later by remembering also the atmospheres of the spoken language. Finnish language is written like it is pronouced, but there are some differencies between literature's language and the words of spoken language.

5) The square looks of houses etc are a consequence of it being so easy to place two or more parts next to each other tightly and so that one can choose from nay options, what to place so. So one can build shelter from weathers and from dangers and use materials economically. Such houses also offer fiar chances for different types i´of individuals and a possibility for privacy. The square looks of houses are not good for intelligence and quality of life. For them it is good to look at trees outside the window. If life indoors feels tough, do not attach yourself to build things but instead only to the nature outside the window and to outdoors at large. 



Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Some foods for different nationalities

 "  I 48.   15th of May 2021    I feel that this text gets classified as "like eskimo", even though I am from Finland in northern Europe, but this is of course a climate four seasons and I have written about weather skills. I feel that for eskimos and for others too a good summer time food would be salmon (or rainbow trout) sallad: equal size pieces of tomato, cucumber and sallad leaves' pieces mixed in a bowl and let be in cool for some time to get juicy taste. Add somewhat smaller pieces of cool fried salmon, mix and serve. "

Today I watched a piece of some video of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. After it I came to think of this kind of food for peope somewhere there. Maybe half a banana that is already quite soft, small pieces of cucumber and half a glas fresh orange-mango juice.

I tried to figure out some kund of food for Arabs too, abd it was: some fresh orange juice, some fresh tomato and a small piece of red paprica ( not a spice ) plus drinking water.

For the Chinese a fresh sallad of pieces of cucumber, leaf sallad, spice called "persilja" in Finnish, pieces of mandarin and small pieces of carrot. 

I do nit know this, I came to think of my poodle who used to est such, but for people in usa cooked carrots, Fanta lemonade, meat balls  brown sauce and tattar or rise.

An attempt for tge Japanese : carrot scratched to small pieces, and as dessert red berries with whisped cream.

For Africans water melon, apricot marmelafe on a toast, orange marmelade on a toast, fresh orange juice, and milk. 

For Indians cook pieces of tsukin and honey melon and rise.

For the Swiss apricot jam bakery.

For the British vegetables in oven with some element like bakery, potato, or so, plus some fresh berries  vegetsbles or fruit, and maybe milk.

For the Russians hard bread called näkkileipä  cheese and a sallad leaf  maybe margarin on the bread.

Hot summer day foods for children

vanilla ice cream with berries

lemonade, either light or ordinary, colour like what feels good in the shop

if hungry ordinary food that aren't warm anymore, maybe cooked vegetables, brown sauce with meat stripes and åieces of vegetables in it, rise and fresh sallad, but only quite little of the ordinary food and a lot of fresh vegetable sallad, for example equal size peices of tomato, cuycumber and leaf sallad, mixed,kept in cool for a while and served.

If on a hot day's evening one feels weakbor fragile and as if crying, one can est a normal meal, even a quite heavy one.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Wisdom of life

 Finnish speaking Finns have trafitionally had lots of wisdom of life and because of that a much more sovereign position. 

Wisdom of life is different from tricks. Wisdom, i.e. also wisdom of life, is on a general level and good for a large group of people  typically for all fairly. That is why it is benefical to give it podition yo affect things around much like a custom would affect. It is not just a trick with which one person or a few survives well in a certsin situation. Instead it is very good healthy kind of influence for life if it affects more widely, if it is followed in the life st large. Such is to be judged by it's effect and by it's grounds on a general level. One cannot judt decide to give it position, but instead obe needs to know thar it affects very benefically and wisely to all fairly.

Finns typically have lits of such skills, for example at least a thousand pieces of wisdom which they follow in their life. Examples of such are the advices in this blog: those are my personal wisdom of life and help me in life, for example the weather skills, healthy ways of doing and understanfing of how people can build a society that is good to live in, offers good life for all fairly.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Finland is not an intermediate form between neighbouring countries but instead of it's own kind

 Quite often foreigner guess that smaller countries are intermediate forms between neighbouring countries on either side, but at least in Finland that is not so. Finland is of it's own kind and it may be that also elsewhere in the world counties develop each into theor own direction,since if one lives in one country but is not fitted to it's culture in some respect, one starts to search for a better place for a person with such an understandable and well motivated characteristc, and usually one first searches also from the neighbouring countries, and so they have some pressure to turn to well understandable valued opposites of some characteristics of the neighbouring countries, like Finns have for example good quality rationality of one's own supported by civiliced wisdom and complete freedom of individuals inside the rules civiliced wisdom gives.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Choosing a climate to live in

What the climate is like affects the ways of living. It affects the rythm of life, the types of thinking, the character, the type of pleasantness of living, the type of social contacts, the ways of taking care of things, values, dimesnsions etc. So in a way one's character and wishes, one's values, liked ways determine which climate one ought to live in, since such ways are not possible everywhere. Instead oneought to choose wisely based on what one wishes for and not just guessing based on the atmosphere of some words or thoughts in the original climate.

Monday, June 29, 2020

My own melodies about harmony

"Melodies about harmony
This is a harmony of a choir singing some familiar song, it's harmony from which one canlearn to live in harmony. It's for many people from many continents in Europe or in connection with Europen culture.
(I came to think of it in connection with the Eurovision song contest. The four parts of equal lenght are: 1.  theory, 2. practice, 3. ideals and 4. collecting them all together to living teh daily life.)

This second one is the same for birds in the trees:

This is an old melody of mine about finding how people support from their heart a good future for the world, for the present and future generations:

This is a some kind of attempt at harmony like in this summer time opera festivalt own Savonlinna that I live in:

My melodies
About moral

Quoted from my blog

* * *

Here is one more piece about harmony but not so successful, more like cooling things down so that one can get along but not a perfect result.


Sunday, May 10, 2020


"10th of May 2020   There is a traditional Finnish character trait called "sisu" which means to try and try again and again so that one gets the task done, for example wandered some distance or succeeded in agriculture. It is often also about learningf things. It does not mean suffering, even though the situations can be difficult, but instead it means new beginnings with one's wisdom of life and with short pauses of rest in between. The main thing is to try again and thios time with a better wisdom of life. Wisdom of life is such that you find it when you lket go of habits and try in healthy ways and concentrate on healthy kind of influences like for example nature and civiliced wisdom and feelings with healthy spirit. Tiredness and getting stuck to habits may obscure such wisdom, but with a short pause, relaxing to rest and can get more energy and refreshed have a fresh view and so one succeeds better when one takes the healthy spirited ideals in everything to be one's guide."

Sunday, October 27, 2019

This blog teaches Finnish speaking Finnish culture

This blog, especially the posts marked important in the header, teaches skills, also common sense like objecvtive thinking with a picture of the whole, and responsibility and healthy spirit. So it teaches ordinary Finnish speaking Finnish culture, but just with my teaching skills and knowledge. It does not teach imago things without fact level skills, like is typical to Swedish. If you learned these main skills and follow them, that is already quite much skills of the Finnish speaking Finnish culture and it's values too.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Finns have lots of social eye to the health of ways of living

Foreigners often go amazingly much ashtray in their view of what Finns might be like,guessing that they would be like southern lands' gnomes or like devils. Can it be that Finns understand about the effects of choices in ways of living maybe 10 000 times as much as foreigners estimate Finns to understand, so that while Finns choose with a good understanding what they do, foreiners guess that Finns ought to either continue always the same like a robot or go badly ashtray in teh effects like a devil. Finns often also understand a lot about some sides of individual's choices' effect on the society.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Skills of Christmas gnomes : Gnome like life in the modern world

I do not know why, but I tend to get stuck on this English version of my gnome text. Maybe some people think of Finns being somewhat gnome like: peaceful yet active. Maybe when people tell about their culture something that there isn't much to tell, they tend to tell about things in that direction that generally interest people in their environment, and so it is in a sense quite interesting and in a sense very much like how they live.
The text is long, here is the whole text.

Gnome like life in the modern world
part 2.
(some additional remarks )

1st of August 2020   I have now written the gnome skills text to fourth part D10. and as I added new search key words, it came to my mind that maybe now with this gnome skills text there no longer is the difference of foreigner's skills necessarily always lacking compared to Finnish speaking Finns, which would be a great relief, kind of road to harmony I guess.

30th of August 2020
Skills of Christmas gnomes 1. Gnome like life in the modern world (Finland)
Skills of Christmas gnomes 2. Hero like skills
Skills of Christmas gnomes 3. Tale like fascination in everyday real life
Skills of Christmas gnomes 4. Oath like love

The whole blog

* * *

1st of October 2020   I try to copy it here:

 Oh, the videos did not get copied. You can find them if you follow the above links.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Skills of Christmas gnomes 1. Gnome like life in the modern world (Finland)

Tale like fascination in everyday life : Skills of gnomes 1.: Gnome like life in the modern world (Finland)

This text used to have the header

 "Gnomes (gnome="tonttu"), or more likelily: doing things in ways that have good spirit"

A1.   It is said that in old times places people lived in has gnames: small maybe knee high men, women and children, often old, that took care of that like things in those spaces. Mostly it is just a tale, but when there is a good spirit somewhere some may say thart  it is as if there were gnomes there, so that it is a way of talking about things running well with good spirit and fractureless happiness like old times countryside. Before Christmas Finns make Christams preparations and Christmas presents claiming that they are Christmas gnomes and it is just a nice way of saying and of doing. Gomes are said to make handiwork presents all the year for Christmas. Gnomes are mostly said to wear a simple grey suit and a red hat that is made from a sactor of a circle.
Here is my text from 7th September 2018. I translate it because it muight interest many, mostly those who feel too much squeezed.

A2.   (Obs: This is the main text of this blog post:)

Having read a book about gnomes (The time of "gnomes" or more like the time of gnome like things is not over)

 "I looked at the book Tontun vuosi "Gnome's year" which told about different types of gnomes and gnome tales but did it very shortly mentioning them, interesting though, old time things with good spirit mentioned, but gnomes did not seem to fit as an explanation but instead animals, places fitting to certain kind of things to do, the demands of cultivating things, pleasant time in actyivities, old time well thought of things to do that fit many, even religion and old people who like some thing to do, and in addition the wish of the culture of something (gnome cliff for those who long for rationality). But on the whole it brought to my mind things like an old farm, living with the seasons, happenings of the wild nature, old time wisdom about making choices in life - such that people do not seem to have skills for nowadays, but is it more a question of all living too much in the same places and chores instead of not enjoying their time when they have favourite hobbies or chores of their own and also learning about them nicely then.

 Some gones tales that told about houses brought to my mind that has the house been very sheltered, very respected, and it has just brought this impression of gnomes or respect for gnomes, I mean that the fracturelessness wasn't born from gnomes but instead of such farm or professional being largely very much wanted and so there was a space for it, if the person had alwasy enjoyed such chores, if he/she was reliably, faithfully a good professional in such what was longed for, and taught it to others too. Gnome tales left a taste that all breaks, it aren't good to think about gnomes, but can it be that gnomes interest all the world or at least many and so the shelter of things staying the same is left away and also is left away the same ways of doing things brought by basic skills, even talking about the same things, like once I saw a picture of a cow from Bolivia or Brazil and it was like a giant, so a cattle shelter must be a different kind of thing in Bolivia or wherever it is, but there may of course be same kind of things in it too. So it sounds like that even if the basic thing were different, gnomes inetrest, people would like gnome like things to their lives, and so teaching those things to others would bring room to such for oneself too, I think. But telling about things, for example gnomes, is very different from teaching how to make those kind of things possible in one's own life.
I think that if someone has an enthusiastic hobby with always a new approach, always figuring out new nice things in it, nicely in harmony with the world, then he/she at the same time makes room for himself/herself for it, a calssification for oneself in which to have such hobby and be a support for that hobby in the world, it's enthusiastic supporter, to keep those good sides in one's life and the hobby too. And then if some time the interest mildens, changes to other subjects, but some of that socialbond is left: a view of the place of hobbies in the world, a view of what one oneself fits into and how a person can find one's good correct place in the world.

A3.   About teaching to the rest of the wolrd, one, or quite many on the same subject, successful attempt of mine:

* * *

A4.   26.9.2018   Ohhoh, just as I had translated this text of mine and later went to the bus stop, there came an old man there, maybe from northern Russia, very much with the weather and somehow solemn, quiet, concentrated to the nearest environment like someone who quite often does handiworks, somewhat religipus too, just like a gnome! we there thought. He brought to my mind the words in the Christams song
"Comes out of the grass shelter,
is left standing in the piles of snow,
as grey shadow by the door,
in his old ways glances
toward the sky to the moon.

Looks at the forest
which's pines are
 sheltering from the wind
the big house lived in.
Ponders in hundred directions
the problem he always has.

(Roughly the same place in Savonlinna, Finland, in the picture on some previous autumn.)

* * *

A5.   (Important addition:)

Maybe you would like to read my others texts too. I have many blogs, quite many of them in English. Most teach skills of some kind or try to help out of some problems. For example in this blog the cooking tips might interest many. And if you are ill and looking for fairy tales and that is why you came to my gnome text, maybe you would like to read about curing illnesses just by reading a short text (correction made 21.12.2018). If you are interested in Finland, my blog teaches useful Finnish skills, for example of living wisely the seasons and of getting along and of singing experience of life via healthy ways of living. I have also blogs about bringing positive alternatives to working life and studies: and . And there is something about the contact with the nature too . Please check my profile (by cliucking my name or picture in this blog) for a list of all of my blogs!

A6.   28.9.2018   I guess that many other countries too have their tradition of gnomes of some kind but that it is very different from culture to culture. Some countries have just tales or lies that do not carry so well and that causes a lack of luck when wondering about gnomes or the like. But in Finland people do not believe much in gnomes but think that it is a good tale: something like gnomes is needed, childen need such good life as gnomes are said to live, so do those to whom work or studies is a burden, people long for traditional ways of living at least sometimes as a hobby and mice and other animals long for a place to take part in the things people fuss about and do in practise, and of course under Christmasgnome like role for making Christams preparations is so very nice. So Finnish tradition of gnomes refers to things with good spirit that people long for and to animals which may be young, searching for their place, eager to take part in human activities or wise like grandparents and helping,doing their part. In my childhood at the summer cottage there was a good pleasant atmosphere at the sauna: old wood, needless dropped from the pines near by, smell of fresh tree branches or tar or the like, and my mom said that it was as if there were gnomes there, wondered could it be mice or the like.
There are some advices of how to associate with knomes but I do not remember themall. The basic advice is that one should not disturb the gnome but instead must let it live according to it's own rythms and take care of the place whose gnome it is like sauna gnome for example, let it dictate the way people live there, respect the atmosphere of the place's chores. So the gnome may like such and stay, contrary to loud noise or the like which may make it get scared, disappear and abandon the place. It is also said that different family members may see the gnome in different shape: one a forest mole, another a knee high old man, third see it as a little singing bird by the sauna or the like, and the shape of the gnome is usually typically the same for the same person but usually peopledo not see gnomes so very often. It is also said that one should not bring to the place, for example sauna, things that do not belong there or it may disturb the gnome so much that it for that time abandons the place and goes somewwhere else, ofte  just disappears. Pets may be pals with the gnome. It is said that a place with a gnome is somehow sheltered but it is not commonly known how or whether the gnome shelters it or just lives there.

A7.   Saturday 29. September 2018   For one who likes his/her work, it is both labour and something worthwhile in the world to do. So i is in a way just like a Christmas gnome working hard all the year to produce presents. But i is a positive, good view of working life and of what matters in the world.

A8.   30. September 2018   These pieces of text are about traditional Finnish gnomes but I titled the blog post just "Gnomes, ..." since I think that this kind of life is possible in many places and that means that they can have the same kind of gnomes, bit not exactly the same, or just good spirit even if they are culturally different. My impression is that if some wish for gnome like things and copy such fromabroad, if they term it foreign cultural influence possible only in some other culture, they don't get the same kind of features to their life, hobbies, or the like and so they do not get "nomes" but instead are left without them or with very much nastier story or lie like "gnome figures"´, since after all this kind of gnomes are questions of some features of how people live their daily life and such you can copy like one can sometimes cook delicious food originally from some other country.

(A picture from my window on some autumn here in Savonlinna, Finland.)

A9.   Traditional Finnish gnomes are much like Christmas gnomes and maybe the same or at least similar.

A10.   During the last year or two I have read two books about traditional Finnish gnomes, and both books left a taste that they build dremas of gnomes without offering them or offering them only shortly and then leaving one as if crying the lack of content to life, partly it is a question of gnimes belonging to times past and to countryside but partly it is also because the dream is so far away from what one as a child or as an adult without such wisdom of life can buikd oneself to one's dAILY LIFE. So my aim in thisblog post of mine has been to make (not exactly gnomes but) things that fascinate like gnomes possible for oneself in one's own daily life and in one's near environment. For that the recommendations of my other texts are important (see the links earlier in this blog post) and I think that my blogs at large can offer texts that are good for such, mostly teaching skills needed in living a life according to feelings.

A11.   Gnomes are a subject that interests suprisingly many, at least these groups:
Christmas gnomes interest just about all, but mostly before and during Christmas.
This blog post of mine seeks to help those whose living environment lacks good spirit and who long for gnome like things: children, people who find schoo, studies or work had to bear, children and adults that are ill (see also the link to cure attempts of illnesses etc in the link list earlier in this blog post) for some longet time, places and cultures that do not have much things with d´good spirit, people wholong for old times' integrity.
But there are also others who are interested in gnomes: care professionals are used to comfortying things like gnomes belonging to subjects they can recommend in their work and so they are used to reading about such and may interfere with such subjects without any real longing for them.
Elderly persons who like quite quiet life mostly near home may assume the role of gnomes, somehow softer home bound life with nice chores, woolen socks, etc.
People who like handiworks tend to consider doing them a gnome like thing.
People who find life tough (maybe because they are social with boys' opinions also where boys seek instead more independency, or because they like different professions than their environment) may want tosoften it somehow and some of them like gnome like life: food, nice comfortable, being with the weather, doing ractical chores.
People who like traditional life, much like counrtyside in the old times is said to have been like in it's wisdom, may consider it a gnome like life.
Moms may want hippy-gnome like things to lighten up the life of their family.
Engineer oriented may want to associate in a social role like a gnome and do gnome like things or just mess around causing harm.
People who compare their work to that of a Christmas gnome.
Insightful people wishong for shelter for their wprk that requires high skill. The insightful thinking of the elderly via years of experience of life often classifies itself to the same group. Likewise religion at least part of the time.
So at least these are people sometimes interested in knomes,for example near Christmas, but most do not assume it as an identity and besides there aere very different views on gnome's work.

A12.   3. October 2018  Pets sometimes describe them or their hobbies with the help of small human like figures, like an elderly man or a lady or as in a shelter of someone who teaches some hobby like thing of theirs. So if there is some friendly animal very near and the small human like figure is as if an impression brought by communication (quite dry communication with images), then it may be the animal's idea of some area of it's life, like for example it's way of living nad taking care of some corner of the area that it lives in, kind of like a theory perspective about some practical chore's spirit. That is an easy way to communicate to humans. And an another explanation is that the animal has humans as a hobby too, so it sometimes kind of makes human figures in it's mind and refers to something like them in it's communication, at least sometimes. So the human like figure maybe answers to the question, what would the animal be like if it was a human, and so the figures are best understaood as a double figure of an animal present and a human like figure by it of how it describes itself to a human. The figures have somewhat the place's character: this is this place and it is used fro these chores. But the animal itself has better spirit and is much more interesting, complex and lively than the figure it communicayes via.
A13.   5. October 2018   My old video about the rationality of feelings and imagination


A14.   Advices for living with the four seasons, a long blog text

A15.   The here translated text about gnomes I wrote very shortly a few weeks earlier than translated it and it did not leave me pondering about the subject, but when I translated it to English I was left sstuck in the same subject, which I guess is a consequence of some foreign cultures lacking things between engineering like town life and old times' tales with magic etc. Finns have a tradition of good quality rationaly, so things like Finnish gnomes mostly get explanation attempts, and on the other hand very good such sources of kind of spiritual dinension in life are widely cultivated, like nature, Christmas, summer cottages, songs, healthy kind of basic life, a wider kind of civilized view to world, good moral, healthy ways of living, free time, hobbies and feelings, freedom too. Asian philosophy offers to objectively thinkings individuals interested in wisdom of life some easy alternative via which to grow toward an understanding of more spiritual life. Pets offer good life for those who love animals, likewise music, sports hobbies that one enjoys, being with the weather, company of different types of people of different ages, making home nice to live in and having green plants on window, cooking for some, travel to fascunating places, etc
A16.   Some form of gnome like life when you like something, for example some hobby, some town or grandparents' home and it makes you wonder,enjoy, feel warm and assume things are superbly fine. 
Iguess that basic form of gnome likedness is doing handicrafts that onelikes and spending the evening /time to just them and maybe cooking something tasty.

A17.   6. October 2018   Some fairy tales seem to bring bad luck. We reflect our own wisdom of life to them and our own dreams and wait for a good advice of how to reach our goals of happy wise life in this modern world If the tale does not give such advice, we feel that the tale has made our goals further away, not nearer. The good side ofthis text of mine is that it has tried to make the connection of takles to the modern toiwn life, teaching skills for happiness.
Some songs etc about gnomes, and also the old man I saw a week ago, leave a somehow peaceful atmosphere yet at the same time badly fractured feeling and a lack of luck. Then propably the artist has tried to generalize small scale peacefyulness to a larger environment but lacked the skills of harmony in that. Large scale peacefuness is based on harmony, on arrangements veing good and agreed about, like civilizedwisdom teaches. Then the wisdom of large scale solves also small scale problems. My texts and could propably help in this.  .Also my objective paradise theory book (see the book itseöf) .

A18.   (A picture from my window with greenplants on the window, some April here in Savonlinna, Finland. Advices for living wisely the four seasons )

A19.   If something you hang on brings bad luck, you have somehow chosen wrong what to hang on. Either you hang on a harmful thing or then you hang on in a harmful way. For example if a gnome is like a good tale told by an animal that you are in friendly terms with, then neglecting the animal and hanging only in the gnome brings bad luck: the thing just does not work out that way. Likewise good  spirit is important in gnome tales: if you want something like that to your life, you must attempt to culticate things with good spirit even if that means many kinds of things and different from your ordinary ways: just remember to pick good benefical things to hang on, things that bring good spirit. Sometimes when you like something you do in a hobby like way, it may bring good spirit for a half a day or so to that place to lkeave the things spread like they were left, if that is nice so, make one smile, but then when time passes, it is good to tidy again, but overly square ways are not good for good spirit, since a better sense of structures like with painting (That means the ability to notice structures, not arranging thing in your life artifically like a theatre as if for painting - painting too is more valuable with naturalö subjects born of natural life with healthy spirit, like things you enjoy but do not act at all.) is good for a deep understanding.

A20.   (My blog of ictures from my home and some advices for life with links: two dogs, no gnomes but some gnome like life.)

A21.   8.10.2018   Making home nice according to one's likings and comfortable,maybe clothes too such is an important part of finding a pleasant way to live for just oneself. In such green plants on the window and things that one loves are important. Often a different chain of shops offers different kinds of good sides in things and has a different variety as the cheapest things to buy, so it is worth checking, for example for some single cheap thing to buy but well chosen and with regard to what kind of ways of living and skill levels & tyoes the shop aims the sold things to especially support. Some things are sold just for certain age class in the area the shop is in, and that depends on the decade: what the kids of adults interested in the local main professional interests need if there are many types of people in the kids, and so they are not necessarily for sale later when the child has grown up, so there is the time for them while they are for sale and things sold in a shop change from season to season and from year to year.

(A picture from my window here in Savonlinna, Finland, some previous year)

A22.   12. October 2018   The old gnomelike man I saw some two weeks ago wassomewhat soldier like in style, which made me ponder that usually when one takes part in a society in an ok way but has some strenghts, for exampe practices a martial art with a beautiful philosophy, then one is somehow sovereign because one is stronger than earlier and at the same time one aims at harmony, aims at peaceful ways, so things go lighter and there is something gnome like in that, peaceful.

A23.   13.10.2018   I have "only" Finnish dogs, but I have the impression that French cats would be interested in gnomes. I use English here, like always, as an international language. Of Englsih speaking countries USA is the most interesting to most Finns.

A24.   14. October 2018   When someone reads gnome tales and is fascinated by them, he/she typically thinks of what is nice to do in life, what are good nice ways of doing and living. So he /she is pondering about what is good life and what kinds of things to do fascinate him/her. So it is his/her place in the world that he/she ponders about: the things he/she would like as his/her work for tens of years propably,and the place in the society that he/she would be satisfied with, find his/her life comfortable and nice, enjoy it and be in harmony with the demands of the world. So it is a big thing,possible first in dreaming and then in hobbies, short jobs and as the final profession that he/she adapts to, transforms to be alike the job. And there is lightness in such ways of doing: the person has found his/her place in the wolrd, his/her own areas of life and his/her good pleasant well working ways of doing and living, in harmony with traditions which now serve to rise the skill level in doing and in ways ofliving higher than the individual alone usually can.

 (16.10.2018   A text about angels and another about devils .)

A25.   19. October 2018   A Finnish gnome is like a person who likes some thing to do, typically the chores of some place. So the gnome is like an enthusiastic worker in his/her favourite profession or in work that he/she at least like a lot. So a Finnish gnome lives an active life with senses open, acutely aware of the world around, even sensitively observant of the affairs in his/her living environment. And so a gnome is not a likely target of a murderer or a hunter, but is instead often a guardian of the things he/she loves, like for example the deeds of the elderly in teh eyes of the young. A Finnish gnome is also not too bound to one place but can change to some other place and maybe to some other activity if it seems sometime better for him/her, even wander quite far on some affair of his/her, sometimes also in war like affairs in the spirit of protecting the things he/she lives, even though the basiuc character of a gome isgood willing. The gnome lives a peaceful life, not argumentative, just having opinions,affairs of his/hers, but living very active life and sporty too, for example skiing in the winter time.'

A26.   The gnome like man I saw some three weeks ago seemed to say that he is a thousand years old - he impressed for some days while usually people don't anything that much, so it is a possibility, he also seemed to have found his ways of living that he was satisfied with . or that he had done at least a thoud´sand murders, which I guess is much more usual: people who lie and act may have a trap, cannibals may eat many, people who have a human eating large animal as a pet may come to murder many, people in hospitral taking care of the suffering may be accepted to kill many who do not get cured and professional soldiers taking part in several wars may kill many. This man was somewhat soldier like. Also people for some respected cause and people who do not respect locals at all may kill very many.
A Finnish gnome is not food-centered, a cannibal is as far as I know.

A27.   Living like a gnome is not a classification that one can choose and then without problems live that way, it arenä't the key to success in being like a gnome. But one can cultivate gnome like things in life like hobbies, values and personal likings in that direction, and so one's life slowly grows to a gnome like direction, if one happens to like gnome like things that carry well as hobbies and personal choices. about way of living.

A28.   My writing work has been without pay, I do it out of responsibility and it is often nice yto think about it like the work of a Christmas gnome making presents and on the otherhand as some way to be useful in the society and in the world. I also like handicrafts, dofgs, birds, nature and weather,music,  arts and religion too, so it is somewhat likea gnome like things but not entirely. Oh, and wisdom of life too, and caring for the future generations. A dry thought like what I usually write can often correct some gap in understanding and skills, but is maybe not so very readable text.

A29.   20. October 2018   One who likes gnome like life, might get energy frommy paradise theory .

A30.   I have now been stuck on this one blog post for over 20 times what usually is the longest time for me tyo spend in one text. I do not have the faintest idea why. If you like this text, please recommend it to those who like gnome texts. I wonder if this text is so much lower quality than my ordinary texts that people do not think that I could write anything of worth. I have written lots of texts of wider interest than this one, for example thinking course of common sense like objective thinking, about the future of computers, about the rationality of feelings, about learning skills and talents, about the seasons of the year, even about curing illnesses.

A31.   21. October 2018   If there is something gnome like in my viewpoint, its is propably the countryside town Savonlinna I live in or Finnish culture or my other texts here in the internet, much about the rationality of feelings and of learning skills and talents.

A32.   (A picture from the Savonlinna harbour near the market place, some summer.
Savonlinna travel )

A33.   22. October 2018   I have somehow gotten stuck in this text, even though I think that it is too long, kind of too cumbersomely written. I have advertised it too. If you know which group would be very much interested in it, could you please adversite it to them, if they like the subject. For example via the buttons below: Google+, Twitter, etc, or by e-mail ot whatever it is that suits the task. The good side of this text is that it leaves a somehow good spirit and as far as I know not any bad luck for readers. (But the town I live in seems to have lots of murders, especially in the evening and night time it is dangerous outdoors.) So it is not like the skriik style together with some gome art which is quite usual. Also the links support the text, for example heklping the ill or giving extra skills, even talents.

A34.   The Finnish type of gnome is civilized in his/her behaviour. If someone is not civilized he/she is not a gnome type of person. If a gnome kills, he/she kills in protecting something valuable to life  and is not criminal in intentions or values.

A35.   There are many types of things that hold a gnome life like fascination for some, just like there are many kinds of hobbies. Handiworks, weather, cooking, pets and nature, also religion and traditional ways, wisdom of life are gnome like things that fascinate most and are possible for many. But to them one usually needs to add hobbies of one's own and one's own personal rythm of life, and of course modern life's civilized wisdom and healthy ways of living.
If one borrows from the library (instead of always the same) one or at most two fascinating books with pictures, like armory of the world or old time pictures of some famous place, then one can find some fascinating place tyo open it and watch especially somepictures, thinking of old timers, different ways of living,different professions etc, kind of pondersomething deeply about life, and it is at least for me a viewpoint that brings some gnome likedness to my life: winderful things just about inside one's reach, yet ordinary life,finding one's own roads in life, yet in harmony with the society and the world. And so I came to read the book about gnomes too.

A36.   24. October 2018   Oh, this text seems to need the search word "best".
Maybe some write gnome stories because they feel the need for them in their own life, while this texts of mine seeks to offer gnome like things to everyday life, with the help of my other texts of course.

A37.   11.11.2018   A few days earlier than I saw the gnome like man in Savonlinna in the Nätki suburban district I live in and he too travelled by bus to the center of the town, in an nearby town Joensuu had the church of Kiihtelysvaara burned. Maybe it had had a gnome by it's bell tower and the gnome had disappeared and  so the church had burned. Well, I do not know. Maybe the gnome was interested in my paradise theory , or in the translation of this gnome text, I came to ponder afterwards on the same day, but well, I just do not know.

A38.   Some Christmas I watched from tv the pope sending greetings to all the world, and they said in tv that the pope has gnomes as guards, but I do not know what kinds of gnomes, appeared different from the ordinary Finnish gnomes. But when I some weeks ago came to think of them, I noticed that a flower on my window was in bloom, even though I had expected it to bloom later.

A39.   12. November 2018   Gnome's work and way of learning

A40.   12. February 2019   In these modern times many people do not know which things fit together, and so they produce a kind of theoretical broken effect, not at all gnome like. While in the old times people's ways of living were such that most or all liked them, they had variations to allow different types of individuals live a life they liked, but the main things like living the weather were good for all. So the people also better understood what is the characterm the nature of each thing in life and in the world. And so they made choices whose parts fit harmonically together. Like, I saw today an advertisement of a handicraft exhibition in Jyväskylä and there was a picture oin it of woolen threads. Neighbouring yellow and blue produces a skriik like effect, like "I do not know how to do handicrafts!", while chosing one colour, for example blue, and then another that suits with it but take two nicely near tones of the other, for example green, made it appear very harmonical and handicraft like, like an example of "like thi you do handicrafts" which was gnome like too.

A41.   23.2.2019   Most of my texts on these blogs are meant to be read in a hobby like way, so if you are interested in such subjects, maybe they could offer you something like gnome like life, even though my texts are not written from the point of view of gnomes, since gnomes often get mixed by foreigners with the appearance and ways people have in tropics, since they do not understand that climate affects what are good ways of doing like and that happiness is a different thing from hot weather, and that being ill isn't what gnomes or happiness is a question about, even though it may be that people on climates of four seasons, who are well adapted to four seasons' climate have healthy ways of living and so they are healthier and happier than people from tropics who demand either hot weather or lots of food and do not seem to know happier thing than a food pause or company. Gnome is a person living an active life and enjoying it much more than people enjoy food or hot weather, and such active good willing healthy life brings a good social eye, compassionate, so that there is no error in this how happy each kind of thing makes one. HAPPINESS TOO DEMANDS SKILLS IN THE ART OF LIVING.

A42.   24.2.2019   Gnome like life is what many Fiins like: just about all under Christamas and if one would get one's work work out nicely one often would feel that to be a gnome like thing. Likewise other things that Finns support much are usually such that very many Finns would like such thing as their job or otherwise as a big part pf their life. So they are nopt a place we would ask foreigners to replace us. Instead we try to make them possible for their enthusiasts in a way that makes the society work out well and makes lives good. That is the reason I write these advices about learning skills: because I feel that many long for such skills and would use them in harmony with the good of the world, and of Finns of course.

A43.   2nd of March 2019   Several countries have a tradition of gnomes and Christmas brings such too, but ways of living have to depend on climate for it to be good life, so the types of gnomes differ too in looks and in ways of living and so also the characters are different from country or county to country or county.

A44.   (One year during the Eurovision song contest in Tv those days, I made traditional Finnish wooden decoration birds, the tradition which is loosely connected with Kalevala, like all Finnish tradition. Advices about making the birds but in Finnish only  The upper picture is not typical.)

A45.   17th March 2019   But what is gnome like way of doing like? I do not fully know, but one side of it is how one does to others and that seems often be cultivating things needed for everyday life, but cultivating them without being bored or malicious in so doing, kind of liking such chores, doing only a little of them and then going to one's own life, good will and wisdom of life of course.
One's way of doing ught not be square but variate as life varies, and be with wisdom of life and civilized ways, understanding that the best options in life suited for all as understood by some wise people want to teach to the next generations and so they are parts of the civilized ways but typically demand lots of common sense, individuality, wisdom of life and some distant good will toward all.

A46.   Some wonder can gnome like life be sporty if it is like elderly or like handiworks or some kind of soft in the opinion of some, but hobby like things fit well together with speedy sporty ways. You can learn such from following such wishes like what if I now put this book on the table, or taking some quicker step in between out of wish of the moment, kind of feeling of sportiness like sports bring health and good mood, somewhat like people on a walk on a day with beautiful weather followed their wish to go for a walk, the same way but mostly in seconds one can follow other wishes of the moment if those are with healthy spirit, and find so something of the way of being active in the same way sports are benefical and fun, safer too.

A47.   23th March 2019   I came to wonder if one could by one's approack and attachement choose how one feels about how much nature there is in the town that one lives in, and I wondered if one could make a song teaching such, and so I came to make a try on it. It wasn't a very good day for me, but the end result is maybe somewhat gnome like and might fit somehow to such choices too.

A48.   I guess that if you would like some choices as your character and not just as some distant thing, then you could adopt them on your own somewhat like this tune suggests (was the idea) and that would be ok for others if your choices fit together with civilized society.

A49.   26th March 2019   I tried to make a melody that would help a perspective to not to get ruined by associating with others who maybe are on a diet or otherwise do not share the skill of such fine approach. But I do not know if the end result works, it is just a spring winter tune thinking of women on a diet.

A50.   12th of May 2019   How one buys food and artifacts from a shop matters a lot to how content one is with them. If there are for example several types of yoghurt with roughly the same price, it is good to choose for each family member the one according to her/his ideal of a way of living she/he wants to associate with so much, like berries or a lot or sugary, grandparents like or like celebration, etc so that one is more satisfied and so one feels as if with a fuller stomach and so it is possible to get back the extra cost by not needing to buy something else. Likewise when buying something else. For example computers have colour coded user friendliness features, at least this HP of mine.

A51.   Wild animals choose to live in certain kinds of habitats and be rarely seen by humans. So they can be tuned to their own kind of life. Humans often make the error of wanting to be famous or stars or the like, and that is a problem since when one in peace and quiet on one's own does things the spirit in them is often good, but when one is the center of attention for many or quite many others, they are mostly not as interested in the subjects or not at all as skilled, and so their views ruin the good ways of doing and wise choices that brought the good spirit and enjoyment to the things you like. Sometimes such happens if you discus even with one person, so free leisureky talk with like-minded is much better!

A52.   14.5.2019 quite early evening
I tried to compose something about reaching for harmony:

A53.   22. of May 2019
Gonmes can be sporty too. Here is maybe something in between having fun and enjoying life and learning sports talents:
""About recovering from more strenous motion than usually:
The body warm and soft, kind of ball like, in ways that feel good as if comfortably in a sofa.
For returning energy reserves healthy food like on saturdays.
One ought to listen to muscles and limbs and the positions of the body: how the exercise makes them stronger and the good posture that they seek how it brings to the different parts of the body good space to live in and support from the neighbouring parts, health and strenght for the future. One ought to reserve time and eace for the body and mind for this like one listens to the body temperature after sauna, in other words there is a moment for this and otherwise one can be peacefully listening to the atmosphere of the moment, for a monet with a smaller sphere of attention for one to be with a better endurancy and more rested in the future, but just only according to what feels good and right, what the body and one's feelings long for.
If one is restless because of having exercised too much, it is good to move a little bit when one feels so whether it is two seconds or a few minutes, and then rest again when one feels so."
"Recovery and getting wiser
Recovering from more strenous motion than usually and after motion generally makes one feel good and is good for the body and mind.
Recovering after motion can make one wise similarly as waking up in the morning gradually (see point 6. in this blog in the text about healthy ways of living), if the movements are free in the whole body most of the time, like the body and mind each moment feel to be good for them, and not all the time curling or all the time as if one were a piece of bread.
Of the type of motion one ought to think that I got this type of motion now but I intend to keep my possibilities of moving wide, also now as I recover. One oguht not aim at being stiuck to that type of moving that one usually meets.
One needs to let the bpdy find a good posture for each of it's parts, for it's environment too anf for all body parts good possibilities of movement to different directu´ions, even though now largely as intentions, and a good posture for each part, and let the posture be alive and change from moment to moment and bring a good honest sporty way of living, a bouncing step and lots of freed energy and a fresh mind."
One can learn sports talents this way:
"Do not make plans about how to move but decide each second and each fraction of a second anew what right now feels like the best idea about where to move, how to move, in which style, in which attitude, in which mood, with how much eager interest and quickness resulting from that or relaxed awareness or emotionally motivated force,... So you change all the time, your plans change and you learn to pick each fraction of a second just the things that you like best right then to be your goalsetting right then in practice in your movements. So you feel happy and fulfilled. Be wary of boredom and habits.""
From my text about the seasons
About the third advice: you are as a doing person going certain way and you instinctually know that a certain way of moving would at that moment be best for you, your body and mood and emotional motivation are tuned to that direction, so you take a step or half a step or a few steps emotionally in that mood, like is the wish of the moment, not a paln, not s though and certainly not pretending something else than your emotionas, mood and body's posture and body's sensations tell you at that moment. Like following temptations, being playful as you move.

A54.   In doing handicrafts, building, gardening etc if the person or group is suited to the area, in harmony with it's fascinating sides and challenges, it's view to the world and values, then the materials for handiwork and the places in a garden etc often give a variety of ideas of how to do, of what would well be possible there to build, to do, and catching those ideas with one's own insight in a spirited form, in a good quality form that is good for living wisely (with healthy spirit), is how there is room, a place for such handicrafts, building work etc,a possibility for such, and doing so in harmony with the culture, climate etc of the town or village district I guess builds a place for them there, a track loosely along which others too can find such good sides to what they do and how they live there. The sama also in what comes to ways of doing: the district supports some good sides and basic skills and healthy spirit add to the variety, add wisdom of life to it and increase skills.

A55.   23th of May 2019
Moments with a good atmosphere are a side of your life that you can learn to cultivate. My advices about healthy ways of living helpto bring a better atmosphere more often and to more sides of life if you follow them . The skills of living the weathers and of admiring the nature bring easier moments of good atmosphere . Most happenings are planned so that they would give the visitors also a good atmosphere. Things that you like as hobbies or chores often have a good atmosphere at least for part of the time when you practise them. A good atmosphere is often something you come across when you wonder somewhere or take part in some activity: some part of it is just running unusually well and peopler enjoy their time there. Different places and different activioties have a different kind of atosphere. But often an atmosphere does not stay good if you try to grasp it, for example take a video of the people doing something, since then you are not yourself fullheartedly taking part in the action but isntead confusing it with some viewers who are not familiar with or not fond of such thing. But on the ther hand when some place or group has very much some characteristics, it tends to offer that kind of things to many, so it is just a question whether you like it or not. But often things have a better atmosphere as hobbies than as full time endeavouras. Healthy ages old ways of living like your best wisdom and the voice of your heart and soul says are where you can yourself build things/activities with a good atmosphere. A not at all good atmosphere is either not good for the thing done or a mark of there being people with different interests influencing or a mark of a lack of energy, for example exhausted or unwise.
Especially for those who lack skills people often recommend factors which can increase skills in the art of living: music, religion and good food. Good food can ease the mind and get people to a more good willing mood and can bring energy with which things go easier, for example some like discussions just after eating and some use a full stomach to bear disappointments or unpleasant things quite nicely, but in the other hand it would be better to survive without such negative sides. Music is most often praised, you can learn wisdom of life from it and you can have a CD or radio playing music at the background while you do something, or just have a pleasant moment.

A56.   25th May 2019    I am not fond of sending this gnome text to different places. I do not have the faintest idea why I ought to do so. I do not think this as as good text as my other texts. Propably you haven't read them. If you think that some would like this gnome text, you should send it yourself to them. Or I will just press "Delete" on this whole text.
I tend to write about widely interesting subjects, so my text about gnomes ought not be with especially wide audience, and not of very big signifigance, even though people sometimes need tales and hobbies and a positive view to their work. For example my thinking course may have affected lives profoundly all over the world, since thinking is needed a loyt in life. Lately I have been writing mostly about the seasons (and composing pieces of melodies to it's spring part) and cure attempts to illnesses. I have also written about the future of computers, about the future of the world and about how to learn talents and skills for and change to one's dream job .

A57.   26th of May 2019   Maybe when people tell about their culture something that there isn't much to tell, they tend to tell about things in that direction that generally interest people in their environment, and so it is in a sense quite interesting and in a sense very much like how they live.

A58.   (I have on some years knitted woolen socks and mittens: knitting tips )

A59.   A place or an activity being sheltered is something like a hobby that people like: they come of their free will on their free time because they happen to like such, have a good time there and go away much before they would have gotten bored or too tired. So they support a thing like that in their lives and other people too have hobbies that they like and they all value the possibility for such and so there it is arranged and sheltered, since after all it is a quite small thing to arrange, and makes lives better since people with hobbies are likely to be in a good mood and so all get better along when people have such way of expressing their nature, their likings in a way that fits together with the rest of the society. But the good effect has to do with you liking your hobby sincerely, it would not work for you with somebody else's favourite things that you do not happen to like. With jobs it is the same: some need that job to be done. If you happen to like such a job, it is good for you, but otherwise not.

A60.   28th of May 2019   I have the impression that in England something like this gnome text of mine is longed for: tale like things in everyday life, yet realistical and explained rationally, not forgetting the needs of modern city life. I guess that the English would also like to read my other texts about the rationality of feelings etc.: see the video earlier in this text and the video playlist on the subject on my youtube channel . There are also texts about learning good quality rationality: see my thinking course in the beginning of this blog. See also my other texts.

A61.   (A picture from (one of) my earlier homes here in Savonlinna, Finland. I am originally from Helsinki, which is the capital of Finland, North-East Europe. At that time I made advices for learning to play and read notes And a piece advice made here where I now live, about learning to compose music: about how to learn to sing like the atmosphere of the moment )

A62.   4th of June 2019   As far as I know, gnomes are not much associated with magic but somewhat though especially of Christmas kind of magic like finding newly knitted woolen socks at home or something else done nicely for living, for better life, especially at home circles. And traditional ways of living have wisdom learned from living with the nature, and that wisdom has strenghts and good spirit, a superior level of skills yet peaceful like a grandmaster or grandfather, I mean mostly peaceful but not in trouble. Of learning from the nature, please read this:
"I am not sure of this, but my impression is that each weather, also in widely different climates, is best lived in a way which you find when you pay central attention to some fine whole of the nature, like an atmospheric branch in nature, that is especially spirited in it's view of how to live such wetaher and to which heights one's wisdom of life, skill, virtues of character and enjoyment of life could so rise,for example on some animal of the wilderness, and from siuch viewpoint pay attention to it's view on the ways of living: that is what is the way of living such wetahers and such temperatures, maybe such days, evenings, nights & mornings. Follow that advice and search for a new advice when the weather is clearly different."
Of how teh nature is benefical for wisdom and high skills, you could read my translation of the beginning of Kalevala in a way that is independent of the climate: . But it is a wise old book,poetry, not very easy, but one can read and understand it as a kid since it is kind of tale like in it's way of telling about things.

A63.   For these modern times I think a gnome like things for being outdoors and admiring the nature are running shoes and a breathing windproof rain coat that is quite loose and has a quite bighood for using against the wind.

A64.   Of eating a good basic advice that makes one feel well and stay healthy, without any problems related to foods, is to eat fresh good quality food according to the food circle which says that you should at every meal eat at least something of each of the five groups of types of food, but how much of each food, that must be determined by how you feel that you would feel well for the next few hours and be healthy in the long run too: 1. fruits, vegetable & berries, 2. meat, chicken, fish, soya and some types of nuts, 3. wheat products, like musli, bread, (propably?? also pasta, potatoes and rise), 4. milk products, and 5. butter, oils and the like.

A65.   Trees need all their branches, but sometimes a storm wind makes some branches fall and one can find them on the ground even much later. Often curved pieces of branches may look magnifient and serve as a decoration indoors if one wants a more complex,more profound, more ages old view to life. Often such fit together with pictures and art. Such do not need to be big at all, often without bark is nice, and a coloured stone (dry stone does not have strong colours, usually) can serve as such too, or a photograpf, some like especially pictures of flowers and of the summer. A branch, stone or the like from the nature is like a fractal: always new things to find, the more detailedly one looks at it.

A66.   In the old times people spent lots of time outdoors, so propably they did not feel so cold indoors either. If it is cool and moist indoors but quite much colder outdoors, then even if it is raining, open a window and ventilate quickly a quite big part of the room's air and while doing that keep woolen socks on feet and a blanket around your feet, a woolen shirt on too, and then shut the wo´indows etc and keep the blanket etc and let the warm air near the roof of the room warm quickly the new cold and so much more dry air in the room and so in a few minutes you can have a warm room.

 (A picture from my window some November day of raining water mixed with snow, and another of early summer cool day..)

A67.   A good way of thinking is like looking and observing structures and what the things are and what their atmosphere & other features and place in the world are, and forming a landscape like view with these in it (see ). In addition oneought to have the ordinary civilized wisdom and follow it in practice. Wandering in a landcsape and living one's life with one's picture of the world helping to guide one's actions are thus connected.

A68.   5th of June 2019
About growing to a hero like level of skill

A69.   Speaking of heroes, my dogs may say "Vuh!" on the door but they have also a friendly option available, sometimes they get scared and go and hide or flee. So that is a very different situation for a guard than fighting for life which is kind of desperate, not so full of options and skills of getting along. My Japanese spitz once fought with a German shepherd dog, lost but unwounded.

A70.   One thing which maybe would fit gnome like life is listening to rock music played in the radio: how tough realism opens to good life via wisdom of life.

A71.   Sometimes some fascinating roads in life are available only to you even if they appear to be available for all, like an interesting hobby's guidebook in a library, since just you have an eager interest in the subject but others do not have the motivation for just the same things and their insight is different.
But reading a hobby guidebook very detailedly school like thoroughly through isn't usually the best way to read it. Better to leave more room for insight and having the hobby in practice: read the basics from the beginning and then mainly just some fascinating opening(s) leaving the book open there and leaving room for own insight, dreaming, deep thoughts, own thoughts about ways of connecting the things read etc, kind of being led by the fascination and being supported by the skills taught in the book like in a manual about slightly different subject.

A72.   "The blue in the Finnish flag refers to objective thinking with a view of the whole. The white in the flag of Finland symbolizes good moral. These are not atmosphere colours to follow or otherwise pictures of the Finns. Instead they are useful additions which are often needed in life. If you just live your life or do something, just following your wishes often does not bring a well working result. But if you add good quality thinking to support it and take care that the effects are good for life in the society and in the world, in the individual lives of each with wisdom of life, then it usually happens that all can just freely according to their so corrected wishes live their lives, according to their emotions, likings and wisdom of life. And so these two colours in the flag of Finland are a reminder of what is needed in addition to just living your life as you feel like doing. So invest some work in these virtues and life just smiles."

A73.   What the town environment, garden areas and also countryside are like is partly a question of skills: in which way to leave trees :

A74.   I quote here this famous old poem of Eino Leino:
"The Song of the Sage Väinämöinen

There aren't many joys given to a human child:
One the joy of spring
and another of summer
and third of high, clear autumn's joy.
Plough, saw,
rest at last in peace from labour.

There aren't many sorrows given to a human child:
One a sorrow of one's heart,
another worry of living,
and third of high, strict death's sorrow.
A friend betrays,
life leaves you,
magic is hero's only work and enthusiasm.

Why would sing I, to whom kantele was given,
other joys
and other sorrows?
I cannot count the stars of the sky,
neither the fishes of the sea,
not the flowers of the grasses.
So I sing of what a human is given to sing about.

Men should not sing knowledge, skills,
not bring forth them.
A hero is allowed
to sing only, how years change and weeks,
how sparks get lighted
and dimmen away again
and how goes the law of death and life.

All else is just glimmering of the sky,
splash of the waves.
A hero ought to sing like the sea,
as great, holy,
something to be afraid of,
tender like the resting night over the lands.

There are many songs, also many men of songs.
There is one song
above the others:
humans' ideal's, spirit's strict song.
Peoples disappear,
what does not disappear
is the might sung by a great one knowing the soul of one's people."

Eino Leino (My translation)"

A75.   From my text about the seasons :
"If the spring time's weathers in April feel uneasy, either too varying or too much always the same, I guess it helps to use a varied rythm in wandering outdoors and in life otherwise too, so that one sees what works well and how heat regulation and changes in ways of living according to weather and need of variation in life make one's experience of life melodical.


A76.   From my text about healthy naturaö ages old ways of living :
"110. The point of view of some men is very much according to education, kind of narrow and not so intelligent, not adapting to situations and not understanding the rest of the life in the society. It would be good to vary one's way of doing and one's way to approach things according to common sense and according to the situation: sometimes it is good to be practical, sometimes one needs a good memory, or educated thinking, common sense, motion, feelings or whatever suits the situation. Likewise when working it is good to notice the landscape of life at large with it'sphenomena: with it's social contacts, happenings, journeys, approaching holidays etc. Like that one can train one's common sense and one's understanding about life.
This way a more skilled person can learn to vary the rythm of writing on computer keyboard, so that one feels somehow more comfortable and the sound is nicer, better suited to other things to do and to listening one's own views."

A77.   In building new and in repairing the old, it is important that the worker has a good insight into the wished for way of living, so that he/she has such way of living right at those seconds or minutes that choices in the construction work are made, so that one can choose what right then appears nice (exact space, colours, materials etc), good to live in, and keep that choise, make it so and then the end result naturally will be good to live in that way. But of course one needs skills too: , the cooking tips in this blog are also good for learning skills at large and the advices of learning talents and skills for one's dream job may often be useful if one likes one's work .
The texts on these links ought to be very useful lessons for other skills too!

A78.   Of music, I like the harmonical choir .

A79.   18th of June 2019   Of wisdom of life I have written at

A80.   30th of June 2019   If the world is of spirit, you can sometimes when you happen to meet something gnome like in your life, in your environment, you can maybe wander to a gnome like world for a while, like for example meeting the weather when you go out and wandering for a while in a world of weather and nature, maybe adding wisdom of life too. Likewise if you run into trouble, that may keep you lingering on a not so nice perspective, as if all were spirit. But if you search for things that usually help out of trouble, like music, religion, better life, civilized wisdom, maybe the medias, then you typically can wander to the worlds they create and leave your troubles behind. Often this demands some energy, so having eaten, preferable good tasting food, often helps doing it's part and bringing life to a gnome like direction, kind of wirh less nuisancies or with less burden from them, more fractureless, more free to invest on hobbies, personal interests, etc, each having theirmoment, their worlds, which can become parts of your daily life and if you much like them somehow parts of your character too.

A81.   2nd of July 2019   Many who have some dream profession already as a child learn many kinds of skills to support it and see it's place in the world as important, so that in a job like that they are kind of building that kind of things to the world, and if it is their job they may succeed in it even if others who invest less in just that area of life would typically fail. But it demands that the job is not too closely according to instructions but instead relying on the worker's skills and independency.

A82.   "D13."About how summer is benefical for one's understanding
In the summer time it is easy to reach one's best skill level. In the summer there is holiday or at least the value of free time is emphasized, and in addition the nature is at it's most flourishing. Warm weather that is good to live in more relaxed ways, makes one let go of stuck habits,which are partly a consequence of a work like stuck way of doing and partly of the bpdy being tense in a stuck way, and so as one relaxes and changes to free time, one's attention widens to include more perspectives and the rythm of understanding changes fromstuck work like to catching new things and searching for meaningfulness. One's experience in work like objective thinking makes it easy to go through objectively those new perspectives without it taking much time. The flourishing nature together with healthy ways of living brings in the atmospheres of plants branches a model of successfull solutions and successfull ways of doing along the lines of healthy natural ages old ways of living. So as one looks at the nature or has just admired the nature, one catches easily and understands better than usually such subjects that the nature is a model of. Getting motion, for example swimming, brings an ability to take into account varying temperatures and other situations: there I noticed that and here already now I have taken it fully into account and live according to that understanding without problems, sovereignly. SSummer time's relaxedness and the varying weathers cause that one does not get stuck in the new things either so that they would be a burden, but instead the body changes to new mood and the mind to new things, to new things to do."


A83.   From the same blog, a short piece on a summer theme

A84.   "2nd of July 2019   In school we were taught that tyrannies usually had a bad effect on the nation but there was one exception and that was "valistunut itsevaltias" enlightened sovereign ruler, which meant somehow wise and good for life, yet kind of tyranny but it had a positive effect on the nation so such ought to be supported, and the teachers said that that was their goal: they sought to educate kids so that they could be sovereign in their lives in a way that well fits into a society and that they would be so skilled and wise in their work that they could be kind of sovereign rulers in that what was their dream job that they had chosen, and of which maybe experience with adults shows that an individual often isnät interested in a good quality way in anything much wis´der in scope than what could fit as his/her work, so they could not be sovereign rulers any wider but there could be many enlightened sovereign rulers in a society, that was not a problem, instead it was an advantage they sought and kids liked."

A85.   So, a gnome like way of doing is born of a sincere interest in the subject and that usually means that the things have not been made according to a rigid timetable and detailed instructions but instead what has been done has grown from personal interest, of wishes of the moment, of what makes sense in each thing, and typically there have been others too to carry a part of the burden, to help in this and that. And so gnome like skill and a gnome like incluination to something is born from several interests with at least some skills backing them up and some knowledge too, a fascinating and refreshing union of several areas of life.

A86.   Of how wellequipment and other things bought fit into their purpose, matters a lot how much time and interest you invest on them. You should visit more than one shop to see what the shops are like and what kinds of things they offer. If you support the ways and values and skill level of the town you live in, then there ought to be some shop that sells things targeted to people like you, but it also means that you ought to buy from your own price level and according to your interests and likings while taking into account what the town's culture is like. If you buy just something, it is quite likely to go ashtray. But if you take a closer look at the material, tool or whatever it is and at the different sides and possibilities of usage of it, "oh it looks like as if it were..., coukld it be that it could be used to...", and use it according to it's spirit, while maybe ready to go to the shop again and buy something extra which needs time to catch the new ideas and adapt to the changes inplans according to what the more skilled whomanufacture the things know of good ways of doing and of using them. I guess that it could be likewise when choosing an apartment or the like.

A87.   5th of July 2019

A88.   12th of July 2019   "419. If one longs for much more fracturelessness to one's life and one's living environment, one maybe gets it if one lives in a landscape dominated by the atmospheres of single trees, and takes the atmospheres typical to their three species to be an advice of life in the weathers and also more widely a source for one's happiness. This somehow in connection with Finnish civilized ways. The ordinary tree sopecies that are natural in the climate of Finland, and abroad the tree soecies natural to that area and it's climate."

A89.   " From the point of view of a human, I would say that lack of money causes forced situations to humans, propoably to farmers too, and that causes harm to both human´s and animals. Forced situations get fewer and less harsh if you yourself are along the main courses in life that people on that district usually hope from their life and from the functioning of the society, and which values they value, which ways of doing etc, so in other words if you are in harmony with the surrouding culture's flow that you take part in, which maybe is mainly a question of making choices according to your dreams, so that you are more sensitive to the dreams of others and consequently to where and how, to whaty and which way you get support and what you on the other hand should sensitively avoid." 

A90.   Of religion I have learned across the years that it is both learning abouthigh ideals, wise states of mind and benefical effects. And on the other hand fixing problems of the not-at-all skilled, of the tired, of the ill and of those in trouble, which is often just referrung to wise solutions that are basic answers to many life's probmens and taking care that the environment and the situation are good for wisdom: havung eaten a meal, having some nature, some free time, something to look at and admire like handiwork's materials, nature decorations or the like, kind of basic things in life which to value to get refreshed and recover well again.

A91.   13th July 2019
"Autumn vow
There is a song called something like I guess we have to say good bye to the summer. I altered the words:
"Though we got to say good bye to the summer, darling I promise you this: I'll safeguard all my loves, every time in practise, vowed with a kiss. I guess its gonna be a long snowy winter, but darling I promise you this: I'll safeguard all my loves every time in practise, vowed with a kiss." (Obs! "My loves" here does not mean sexual love but instead likings, things that bring a good mood, healthy spirit and give forces that carry over the winter time.)"

A92.   27th of July 2019
How one gets room and peace for one's hobbies, personal interests, personal choices of life, personal style too, comes from following the rule "Live and let others live!" and trying to get others to follow it too: . In addition one needs civilized ways and healthy spirit & healthy ways of living .

A93.   9th of August 2019
As far as I know, in the beginning of the school year parents and maybe some other adults too take a look at their kids' new school books and try to estimate if they are worth studying, if they are what one is supposed to teach children, what wisdom says about such. And generally they are quite happy with it: read quickly, leisurely, like reading a novel, following their interest in the subjects and the meaningfulness in things, so it is in a sense a quite gnome like way of studying. Of course most of them have studied them already years earlier, but on the other hand, if such are new things for the kids they still ought not take very much longer, at most say a hundred times longer for the kids to study. And so, if it was a quarter of an hour for the parents, it would be something like 25 hours, less than two weeks studying for the kids. But kids study in some other way, getting bored which is typical what happens when things go much too slow, and doing things like rigidly adviced which is laborous and does not feel nice and is not motivating. So I guess that one ought to copy also the way of studying: to study in free ways, out of an interest in the subjects, much like a gnome does. But if one has more time left, one ought to have hobbies too, to not to just sit and wait for parents to come home from work, but have something top balance the school work with.

A94.   17th of August 2019
Quite much home bound life is often more comfortable anf works put in some respects better. The manufacturers of artifacts have thought that you have just that hobby that the artifact belongs to, and so they have thought that you invest time and peace for that hobby, and so it works out better if you are quite much at home by yourself, being free to do things in your own ways. That is easy to notice about a musical instrument but also the manufacturers of other good propably have lived alife centered on those areas of life, and that is seen in the product's style, in it's uses. If you are much away from home, many people are just bypassing there or doing their work and so you get from them influencies of somehow being out of the center of your life, even though some may like being out and that influence ught to be good. Also home bound life gets better f one sometimes has a hobby: something different that one likes, in some other place,learning new inspiring things and meeting like-minded people. Then one can when one returns home start all fresh and new, with new energy.

A95.   Some think that plants too are somewhat gnome like: they live in the enviroenment making it pleasant, have different styles and even their own wisdom that one can learn from each plant species via the sense of atmospheres, an understanding about life. But some think it tough that when plants die they become the earth that other younger plants grow upon, but there in the earth there are some pieces of straw left like the pieces of older generations' wisdom that the younger ones managed to grasp and value.

A96.   22th of August 2019   I have been sending this gnome text of mine to different places. I have planned the text for giving a glimpse of traditional kind of life and a connection with nature for those who live in towns, a life influenced by computers etc, who long for something tale like to their everyday life. I have been amazed to find that I get the impression that Amazon and Borneo rainforests would like my gnome text, since that was far above the gola, but I guess that is how the Finnish culture carries well, and not the effect of my own texts like I have gotten used to. But anyway, it so seems that one can continue on this gnome way of life quite far without going ashtray, at least if one is interested in the nature,but much of that has to do with Kalevala and the Finnish culture.

A97.   23th of August 2019   Can it be that when people take refuge in something, even if they seek it as their pilgrimage, they tend to rob it barren as the time passes? Many take it as a gift, many think that they do not have own wisdom to give in return and help to carry the burden, and many are just so desperate they grasp whatever hope there is. But they do have cultural wisdom, some have personal wisdom of life and strenghts and they do have the ability to pray and turn to wisdom. So they could each wish for their cultural wausdom to carry some poart of the life there onwards, their personal wisdom helping a little bit and religion and higher civilized wisdom carrying it toward hope of a good future. And so it would be a place of recovery for all instead of a robbed place.

A98.   24th of August 2019
"The map of Finland looks like a maiden. Where the ear should be is a great lake that is suite much of a bomb shape.The Santa Claus is said to live in the Finnish Lappland in Ear Lapplandhill. Was he bombed? In our hearts there is the motivation to continue giving presents in the Christmas time and the tradition goes on, all over the world.
These both make one wonder is bombing the headquarters or famous sounding places as starightforward question as one would guess?
Also, having taken part in quite many groups, how usual is it that professionals are fed up with the subject and those creating the demand of it have just about never heard of it being a possibility for them to have suhc so much?"

A99.   25th of August 2019
The other place maybe bombed was Arkangel, a small place in the middle of nowhere in northern Russia quite near Finland, known of it's bird waters of the shape of angel's wings pointed toward where Santa Claus lives in the Finnish Lappland, as if it were children's letters to Santa Claus, wishing for presents, almost arrived on their way to Santa Claus, and so the children claiuming to be very well behaved, almost like angels, like once a year only, to get many of the presents they wish for.

A100.   "White is just a colour, like other colours. It fits for example a landscape that has different colours.
The white colour goes lightly with joyful light colours like with a little bit of red, which lightens the burden, makes it easier.
All animals and all humans, regardless of colour, are demanded to behave ina way fit into a society. That is good enough to be white. The white colour does not set special demands, except that if it sometimes gives higher position, then one ought to carry responsibility about how one affects things in a such position.
The white colour isn't grey, one does not need to do lots of labour or serve. The things that one needs to take care of one has better strenght for them if the basic current of one's own life is strong and undisturbed, for example healthy ways of living according to one's likings and wishes for the moment, plus basic life typical to dogs, that dogs like.
 "Live and let others live" is a good type of moral and of getting along and getting room to live in for oneself: each one sovereign like the branches of park's trees, one must onot interfere with the branches of others, with their own life that is, if they do not unfairly disturb others.
Think what is like ages old life according to the nature of humans and animals,our ideals are born from it, think how that way of life with it's parts touches your feelings and use that as your motivation when you need some courage but the situation isn' t too demanding.
A guard dog ought to have always along the view of ordinary good mood quite friendly life.

A101.   Sewing clothes without formulae, with just your dreams guiding you, an easy lesson, but it is for everyday life and higlights, not for acting or stories,

A102.   "Harmonical choir with beautiful, touching sound
Sing according to your idea of how the song is music, fine, magnifient, touches feelings, beautifl. And not according to the notes, keep your idea of the music at the place where notes used to be. And listen to how the voices of others together with your voice reach for your music ideal and theirs, in h natural harmony of ideals."

A103.   3.9.2019   Gnome like life interests many but being a gnome seems defenceless: some term it soft, some want to reserve it for themselves inly, only for the robust and evil, or want to remove it as nonmodern or as not so army like. So it may be that there is someone else who wants to be called a gnomew more than you or the people you know. It may even be that gnomes exist and the place of gnomes is reserved for the tale like spiritual beings called Christmas gnomes. One cannot know, unless one has seen them.

A104.   18th September 2019   As I have learned to communicate with dogs and other animals, I have öearned to notice that a certain plant or animal may have a style like a character that is suited to certain place or to certain thing to do, and that such can via time or in the company of others change. So some seed, plant or animal may look like suited to certain area while the neighbouring in the same species to another area. Andplaces too, if you wander there like fascinated about tales, may look like as if to certain place would suit a certain type of tree, and tyo another another kind, and the place so have a fascinating atmosphere. And maybe one can so also learn how to care for the young plant individuals etc in such a place. One can learn such langiage from animal friends, music, painting, religion, fascinated handiworks and tales. Maybe also humans have a character suited to certain kind of place or activity, happy with just such, while the neighbouring in other hobbies, other jobs to be.

A105.   19th September 2019   Gnome like life is in the shelter of something or of some people like some part of the society. Writing about gnomes on the other hand ought to offer some kind of version of such shelter for others, whether just imagination or wisdom of life. So writing, singing or painting about gnome like life is in sight of many and so isn't gnome like job but instead should have some source of shelter that one can offer to many, like objective thinking and skills offering things in the wolrd in whose shelter a gnome like life is possible, or a religious person teaching about religious life or an elderly person telling wise stories. Burt of course all do not have enough wisdom for the task and so they do not offer much shelter or not to so many fairly.

A106.    Courage often is related to having many options, many sources of strenght and survival in such a situation. So that one can behave in meaningful ways, not desperate. Grandparents tend to have many strenghts compared with their grandchildren, not all strenghts in sight of the younger eyes. On the other hand a younger generation person behaving in an ok way may have the shelter of the elderly. So I guess that in the old times the older generations thought in the times of war that some places have such culture or location that thewy beling to certain nation or group, while other places with different culture etc belonging to another nation or group. So they could offer to the ypung men in army a shelter to conquer certain places and retreat from others, leabving some untouched. So war was not chaos but instead guided by the wisdom of the older generations in all nearby countries. There were still rules, still civiliced wisdom and peace as a value, yet a possibility react in a straightforward way too, in a way that is good for good quality work and peace.

A107.   "My method of solving large scale problems
I have been interested in solving large scale problems of the world for years and also learned some method that often works well. I have lots of experience and skills in objectuve thinking.
One should see what are the parts of the situation, it's main elements. And then observe each of them in their natural place in the world, undisturbed from their ordinary context and their ordinary life, ways of thinking etc. That is a way to understand them. Then one should place them each to their right place in a well working healthily build society, it's daily life. And that often works out as a solution: well working society, ordinary daily life and the elements as parts of it. But it demands a good view of what a well working society is like. Often one can find the correct place of an element by thinking via the ages old healthy natural ways of living and being a part of a society and of the wide world, and placing the element seen in the light of these values to it's right civiliced place in the society and the world."

A108.   20th September 2019   When one is about 20 years old, one has gone through school and maybe some professional education too. One has some experience of life and some adult life already. But learning does not end to that. Instead most want to learn some new skills as time passes, and so they read something, study interesting things, increase their understanding of the world, of different cultures, of social life and of wisdom of life. And so in for example another 20 years they are quite much wiser and have a different point of view and a different approach. And that does not end to that age but in their 60's or 80's they have still learned much more, often about learning too so that they can understand things wider with practical sides too and with insight, and so they have become wise old people via their interest in the woirld and in life, in learning new skills as the time passes.

A109.   21th of September 2019
 Please read my other blogs recommended in this text and/or the other texts in this blog, if you like this one. Those are mainly of subjects supporting free time and things like that. It does not make sense to copy them here, since if you like the subject you can well read it from it's own blog. Besides, those may be tale like sounding things but those are real skills, objective, give possibilities in life, while this text is just about a commonly liked tale figure. Please follow the interesting links in this text!

* * *

A 110.   11th June 2019   Please observe that this text seeks to make gnome like life possible in the modern towns. And the text has many links to advices on learning skills. So it leaves Finnsih kind of gnome like life possible for the reader, contrary to ordinary gnome stories, figures ect wehich are jsut tales, not wisdom of life like new skills. Also gnomes of other countries may be widely different in values, ways, looks, style, amount  and type of happiness, skills of harmony, social goals, etc and in their amount of realism in the modern world.

A111.   22th of November 2019   I do not know much about gnomes, I do not have insight about them, I just like the tale and happened to write thios text about gnome like life. But I have experience of most of these skills and have written the teaching material about them, knowing what they are like in daily life and hw one can learn them. I just do not know what happens if one takes a gnome like bunch of them and follows it in one's daily life, especially if ir is in some far away country that is very different from the traditional Finland.

* * *

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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Skills of Christmas gnomes 2. Hero like skills

Tale like fascination in everyday life, Skills of gnomes 2., Gnome like life in the modern world

I wrote a long text with lots of advices in skills about the possibilities of and skills needed for "Gnome like life in the modern world" . It is some 20 pages long. This text here is just some additional remarks loosely on the subject.

B1.   I again took a look at the book Tontun vuosi (=Gnome's year). This time I looked more at the pictures, since I noticed that they connected gnome like traditional life in Finland to far away places with such features in their culture and daily life, so that it kind of allied anmd searched for possibilities of such life in the world. But on the other hand the pictures still looked fatally ill.

B2.   Quite in the beginning there was something about a gnome that owned some place and dictated how one was to behave there. It sounded like a subject that does not work out iun these modern times, or works in a quite different way. Usually what dictates how to behave is culture, some profession's ways and skills needed for such thing to work out. So one failös if one does not follow such. But a gnome like person is one who likes such culture and such professions, is kind of in their shelter and enjoys her or his time there and so does also some job but is not the biggest upkeeper of the thing and not it's original founder.

B3.   Very much the book now left a taste that it does not create possibilities for those things but just advertices things past or things possible only for some. But can it be that things like tales and religions demand in order for them to work at all or almost at all that you do not believe in them but instead read kind of doubtful and trying to stay objectuive and then find in your good quality picture of the world thing in that direction that are really magnifient and work out super fine, you kind of had the religion as a guide to find such things but youy did not find the solutions via bla-bla-bla reading it though  but isntead via following well your civiliced wisdom, obhective thinking, wisdom of life, such highlights of your experience of life etc.

B4.   I was sometimes after my long gnome text left wondering if some famous songs or some of my melodies would also fit the gnome subject. But the problem is that they are usually connected with the weather and nature and so vary from culture to culture: one should just get to know the wisdom of the traditionla culture of the nation, it's weather wisdom and songs. Anyway, here are some which bring some fracturelessness:
Puolalainen nuotiolaulu
 This mnelody of mine I wonder if it could help tro mourn an atom bomb, since the tress are wise and healthy.

B5. But anyway, my view is strongest where one does not mix tales to it, and that is just about all of my other texts. And there are very many of them, over 80 blogs. Please follow the links in my gnome text!

B6.   15th of January 2020   About gnome kind of magic like the atmosphere of a certain place
If one has wisdom of life, one can when passing by or meeting, offer some tracks via which the life of the other(s) goes pleasantly. Like, if one liked the weather outdoos, found it pleasant and spent some time there, one can when coming in offer a view to how the weather was pleasant and what was enjoyable to do in such a weather. Sometimes also when one has experience of life of some wisdom of life carrying, one can offer an example of such to others in a similar situation, like for example dream job and hobbies.

B7.   "15th January 2020
In cleaning one's home or other ordinary environment, I think it is important to not to just remove some things and leave the place unkept and nasty feeling, but instead tidy at the same time, like cleaning the floor from scrap, dust and dirt and then placing the carpet like is nice for living. And for work habits it is important to have a good mood and energy, enjoyable motion, so tat for cleaning the floor for some it is nice to be agile and clean on one's knees, changing agilely place, while for others it is nice to fing a well working equipment with with you can clean the floor standing and walking around, with calm quite pleasant motions and a good mood. "

B8.   Raining snow, streetlights here and there

B9.   A modern gnome could learn to solve environmental questions. Paying attention to approach, a question is easier to talk about than the same when termed a prblem. If some things feel or sound likeideals, maybe they sound so because they tend to have many good sides, which now could be used to find solution attempts to enviornmentalk questions.Convincing associations from them to the objective picture of the world and to practicak kife coukd give at least partial answers that others too agree abouty.
In Finnish

B10.   17th January 2020   I was watching some news video from abroad. The khhrraahhh-like sound made me think that something is a mess if one does not see how it consists of healthy natural wholes, like plants, parts of what the weather feels like, the atmospheres of different places, body's heaölthy finctioning etc. If one pays attention to such wholes, then the experience of much more pleasant and harmonucal.

B11.   18th of January 2020   In singing, drawing, painting, poems etc one's experience of daily life is rich of different tones, different atmospheres, shades of colours, variations of forms, especially the nature, if one does not put them to theory form but lives one's life and just enjoys the senses and has wisdom of life, and practices sports too, just out of the joy of moving and of the good mood and energy one so gets, not as an achievement of social points or act of some kind. Such is good for quality of work, wisdom of life, skills at large and enjoyment of life. But one should not try to remember those things in a theory form and kind of life through it since such isn't good for happiness or new skills. Natural rythms are important for happiness, likewise natural healthy elements of life in thier right ages old places in life and in the world, meaningfully, contently, happily, in a well working way that gives freedom for healthy civiliced kind of life.

B12.   Christmas gnomes kind of sleepy, warm, somewhat soft appearance is a result of school or work being a burden in November and December, and so handiworks, cooking, making home nice, warm clothes and Christmas preparations offer somewhat like music a relief and rest from the burdens, a form of comfortable free time. Hobbiues are for many such around the year if they are something like handiworks or cooking. Tradition offers shelter, ways via which achieve higher. A soft appearance isn't the smae as a gnome. More like liking something, some place, activity, company, is gnomelike if it is good willing enough to fit a civiliced society, like for example all human raletionships ought to be lived in civiliced ways and if that does not sound nice, then taken much more distance to such persons so that one behaves in civiliced ways toward them too. Civiliced behaviour allows defence and allows freedom, to others too.

B13.   22th of January 2020
This piece is from last December, somewhat gnome like, I think.

B14.   23.1.2020   Another attempt at solving environmental questions. It together with a landscape like view that observes structures can teach good thinking skills for animals.

B15.   25th January 2020   There is often misunderstandings and evil connected with whether ine says "gnome like" or "gnome like role, since the first has gnomes as a hobby that she/he likes, and the other one means that one considers others too much gnome like and feels that one is forced to act much more gnome like than what one is while one in fact opposes gnome like things. Sometimes thouigh kids and young persons say "gnome role" when they mean learning by copying something about gnomes that they like and admire.

B16.   26th of January 2020
"Shelter like here in my home in Savonlinna, Finland, is a question of choosing the biggest factors of one's life so that they kind of shelter the kind of life I want to live, like for example what kind of job and choosing things benefical for it, and choosing other major activities in one's life so that they fit one's character, and choosing where one lives and what one buys and what one associates with so that they shelter these: are planned to give these good possibilities, like good quality equipment chosen with time and used with dedication. And then trying to find in one's life wise solutions, and living in peace with the rest of the world, even if not always with all the people one associates with. Food, religion, culture's ways and values, music, work, supported habits (hobbies) give shelter too."

B17.   28th of January 2020   If there is something big wrong in the world, one often gains a quite serene place if one does not spend much time pondering about it and worrying but instead tries on one's own behalf to not to worsen the situation at all, whatever it is, and that means following civilized wisdom, living an ordinary life and doing positive things.

B18.   It often happens to people that some side of their life seems to need tough realism. One can then at the excuse of value-free optimizing use a way of thinking which describes structures, like engineering and the sciences do, and is so surely objective. One can then use a common sense like seen view of the landscape one is in and of one's life and of the world, with the sense of atmospheres and daily life's understanding too, and that is a view that describes structures and often does it well, and so it can widen a lot the view which describes structures in one's thinking, and at the same time bring ordinary common sense and ordinary daily life again to be the major current life runs along, often peacefully, but this time with good objective grounds and tough realism as a part of the message of common sense backing up the ordinary peaceful life.


B20.   " Instead of tidying small detail one should have attention in the spirit that one aims at having in the room, if how the room would be nice. Drown in that spirit, do things that fit well together with that, see that view richer and as more dominant. Then place few things, or even more if it goes well, according to that spirit, for example some area of the room, or bring clothes of the beginning season's weathers, things needed in it or the like, for one to have some spirit, some element which creates pleasant being and well working spaces. Where it does not work out so well, leave things undone this time, at most taike away some thing with nasty spirit, and leave rest later, to be done according to other factors which create pleasant life to those things which are not well taken care of by for example the window with it's view, plants on the window, curains, things there, light, shadow by it or the like."

B21.   People meet many different kinds of situations, subjects and approaches in their daily life. They are not always sure, which is the correct approach to each, and so they take different mentioned factors and social things into account. So if you follow some chain of thought in some discussion thoroughly and aloud, they are likely to remember that that was one of the subjects today and so they are likely to be in that context in that matter with you in the near future too. But if the thing was nasty or crime or something to be avoided, you could have left the chain of your thoughts unsaid and preferably unthought and unmentioned, and chosen something positive instead, so that to choose that option in your social life. People do not live through a school perspective, even though many use such too, but instead they kind of float from some social matter to another, so that if you choose an easy alternative like going to meal or repeating something agreed about and supported, you are likely to achieve a better result, especially if you also have some subject of yours, like a painting hobby for example.

B22.   29th of January 2020
World is of love (a mechanical model)
Paradise theory: theory of the healthy world:
Video introducing paradise theory
My book "2013: Paradise like era"
A shorter version: women's values calculated for men
Curing future threath scenarios

B23.   4th of February 2020
If you like the weathers and nature in your own country, maybe you would like to learn to compose music by yourself. Please read in the same text, on the above link ( ), in the beginning of the May part a text about singing spring. It teaches how to transfor a fascinating atmosphere into a melody."

B24.   About giving birth this advice might work well and be quick and painless. At least it always comes to my mind as if people had lots of positive experience from it. For example it came to my mind to translate it among the first of my curing guesses.

B25.   11th February 2020   "And so think my dogs too that the young worms etc choose theoir own colour  and if somewhere humans value certain coloured insects, such insects come to see them, like earlier when near our home there was a meadow and quite near lived a young girl in the first classes of school, so in the garden came near to me a green fascinating looking insect somewhat like a dragon ins tyle. I do not know, but when I was thinking of the weathers, do they feel different for different people, are they different, can the nature so be different too, that an individual can by choosing a different road in life, different approach and values find a different relationship to the nature and a view to places near to one's home? When I last autumn read the Beginning of the Finnish national ephos (collection of old poems transmitted from mouth to mouth, mythical stories) Kalevala, it created a completely different view to the trees outside my window, much more fasconationg, and so I choose those places to look from to be my usual ones, for me too keep some of that fascination in my daily life."


B26.   From my knitting tips
22. About errors, repairing and learning
  In avoiding errors it is important to notice that some things demand much more time and need their own peaceful space. Planning is such. Likewise estimating right places and right ways of doing. Spotrs talented people invest in moving maybe a thousand tomes more each moment than ones withotu such taloents, and so they do better in sports. If you want to get over some problematic point, keep a pause, breathe freash air, eat something, maybe a fruit or so, rest and do other things for change. Form a picture of your goals starting from your dremas, not according to a ridi´´gid form. Collect practical skills to your support and some kind of emotional touch and an eye for teaching that yu can apply to yourself. Return to those points which succeeded and find good ways of doing and the minimum amount of energy you need. Try again along your dreams with a good quality in practise. Don't copy your old failures and the viewpoints of too clumsy ways. Think starting from the ideals what would be a good way to solve proiblems.
  If some point, for examle a loop, is difficult, don't copy technically but instead pay attention to what virtues the skilled ones base theirt success in, for example agile, with sharp eyes, with a sense of atmospheres, calm, doing things in good ways, and cultivate those for example first in some other action where one can learn them and rememeber again, and keep the practises short, fpor example 1-5 min and with pauses in between or some entirely different kinds of things to do."

B27.   The diffeerence between people with high skills and low skills is in the long run in whether you always aim at higher quality or say that this quality is good enough for me, I do not care to try more. Since peole learn new skills as they age.

B28.   13th of February 2020
What people have as hobbies or are interested in affects which things get invested in. So even if it seems quite impossible,it is possible in towns add a tree here and there and maybe a park. In the 1800's or I do not remember when in the capital of Finland Helsinki there was a plague that killed was it 2/3 of the population. So they took away maybe a third of the houses and planted parks and trees roadside in the center of the town too, since such together with decorations of the houses is enough to remove plague. So if nature is needed, maybe there is a place for it also in the modern world.
About such grounds

B29.   14th February 2020
One often gets company and support from those who share your present ideals and goals in life, things interesting and values & hobbies. And not from those whom you are used to but long for different roads, long for new options that they do not agree about.
People often get well along with people who share at least a few similar interests and have roughly the same skill level but have some different strenghts, so that you are not in trouble at the same time but can instead offer support.

B30.   "An attemopt at a kind of love song

   ... Was thinking of fixing love songs so that one would get along well, kind of happy life for oneself and liking the other and then again making sure that one has happy life so that one does not get tired and into argunments but instead has energy,g ood will and a good mood."

B31.   15th of February 2020 About finding adate

B32.   16th of February 2020


Wishing well for the world is benefical
Listen to your sensations, compare how well do not feel and especially what you estimate how your health would develop in the near future, would you fall ill and/or get into accidents or feel well, if you either wished well for the world, kind of very beautifully with healthy spirit, and tried to follow that line in your life, even if that does not affect much, or did not care about the world and did not wish well for the world at large. Wishing well for the world makers one wished for the in the world, as if people would wish you to stay healthy, kind of feeling well because people like your course in the world, energetic and wihtout serious obstructions."

B34.   "

29 points of view which support the paradise of healthy world


K. Gibran (a famous writer from Lebanon): " I have chosen both the joys of this world and peace in the world to come. Because I feel in my heart that the Upmost Poet wrote just one poem and its structure is perfect."

The concept of health is good for fitting together all the different viewpoints:
1) POWER (health gives strenght),
2) BENEFIT (health gives a strong and well arranged working force and consequently a high standard of living from which to benefit, healthy goals give a strong motivation),
3) FREEDOM (live and let others live is a rule to follow in order to achieve a maximum amount of freedom for everyone and a healthy society in this sense),
4) CONTROL (the health of practises makes people agree with the practises and creates no opposing forces),
5) life according to FEELINGS (healthily according to feelings is a part of the full health),
6) MORAL (moral means guarding the good health of the whole world, evil means needless breaking),
7) SCIENCE (a healthy animal is the fittest),
8) most RELIGIONs (a healthy world / a paradise and good moral are things to aim at),
9) COMPUTER logic (healthy = fully functioning = times 1, broken = non-funtioning = times 0),
10) COMMON SENSE (health is a common sense concept which all know well),
11) the UNBRINGING OF CHILDREN (those who bring up children are typically for healthy ways of living and good moral),
12) the views of the TRADITIONAL Finnish culture and propably of most other CULTURES too (it is good to cultivate good health and stupid to break needlessly),
13) a view capable of HANDLING LARGE INTERCONNECTED SYSTEMS (health is a good concept which can be generalised to all kinds of systems),
14) a SEXuality oriented view (what could be more attractive than health and happiness),
15) the points of view of aiming at MANliness or WOMANliness (healthy natural life according to emotions is what the charm and capacity of each sex is based on),
16) the view that NO MATERIAL WORLD exists (the wholes stay unchanged and the truth about healthy versus broken functioning stays valid),
17) the wish to PROTECT NATURE (health of the world means among other things the protection of nature),
18) the wish to DEVELOP TECHNOLOGY (a healthy life in a nature environment should bring the best ground for theoretical intelligence - see my pages and and
19) the need to SECURE THE FUTURE.
20) a picture of humans according to which there is NO need for anyone to do experiments on humans like those during the HOLOCAUST
21) the hopes of exhausted WORKERS NEEDING REST and variation to their lives
22) the dream of just about all SCHOOL CHILDREN of more life and less dry school like things (see my book Work Efficiency and Likings for the rationality of feelings and the role of atmospheres in thinking) (This is my weakest point.)
23) the goal of solving the FIGHT BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL in a positive way via the concept of health - which should give you what you want or even more...
24) the SOVINIST point of view of wanting everything to be well grounded on hard values too (see my two books!)
25) the FEMINIST point of view of wanting respect for women's values: for feelings and moral (see my two books for the fitting together of these last two!)
26) hard WAR like rationality i.e. pure power play like if evil got to rule the world and there would be a fight over who is the strongest (health gives strength)
27) a view completely according to feelings and even the sense of BEAUTY
28) It is a view that could PREVENT people being CONTROLled BY the force of TECHNOLOGY etc. in a way that is in contradiction with the freedom of individuals or moral. (Health of the whole i.e. high moral is the most beneficial way to arrange things.)
29) ONE'S OWN GOOD, so that the harder one reaches for any goal or the harder one is pushed toward any direction, the more moral and positive for happiness one becomes (Health and allying with the health of the world = excellent moral, gives the strongest allegiancy.)

All these 28 viewpoints support the global paradise of a healthy world as the very best option when wacthed from that point of view.

Why happens this to be so? Is it just an unlikely coincidence? No: it is a truth which we can well trust since the EVOLUTION has shaped us so that our health and health of the society are what our nature, our feelings, instincts (= directions) and understanding (= a map, directed only because we have the goal of answering our needs which the feelings and instincts too help to answer) together, guide us toward and what gives us, the society and the world at large its best possible functioning."

B35.   18th of February 2020
"66. Sparklingly fascinating human relationships
If one is one's true self in one's human relationships, in one's everyday life encounters, the others too have their characteristics. So if one goies along with them somewhat, the amount like most fascuinates in each type of characteristic, always only for a few minutes or like feels best for onself and is natural. Then one can from one's human cantact each one learn something about life, even if one were different from the other one and even if the others were not so wise and fascinating ordinarily.
So one learns about life, lives a fascinating everuday life, and from each person one can choose which characteristics are like what I am interested in and which get löeft further away. In this way one sometimes gets sparklingly fascinating human relationships, but that means that one should not be rigid, formal or lie to oneself.

67. With things it is the same: if you can yourself choose the distance and how much you associate with them, things are much more fascinating."

B 36.   "72. About sorrow and strong feelings
Ic one conceives one's perceptions theoretically and like the build environment, one's life is left somehow flat and it's rythms artificial, and so it's flow does not have the strenght to carry strong feelings, and so strong feelings throw one out of balance uncontrolledly.
But if one instead lives a practical life senses open and the body sportily muscles carrying strongly, then the basic flow of one's life is strong and it's rythms vary a lot according to each situation. And so then a strong feeling is like life's mood, like life's weather, and does not bring uncontrolled out of balance reactions. Then strong feelings do not feel cumbersome but feel like natural ways to experience life's biggest questions and to live strongly."

B37.   "

Old times work happiness in nowadays world


"Old times happiness in the present day world
From my blog

 "It ca,me to my mind from the sentence "The sailor was fully sailing, meaning fully drunk." that here the drunkenness and sailing, I guess on a wooden ship waved by the waves, got mixed. In these modern times people tend to think that on the sea many drank lots of alcohol, but aren't he impression at the same time that sun is shining warmly, ship moves nicely under the feet, it is a quiet atmosphere, peaceful, moments full of happiness. Can it be that in the odl times, when the sailor on his on as a kid got to know the sea or lake, he was there associating with boats and waves having moment with a good spirit: the sea as an elelment according to the human nature, as a phenomenom that is huge and has a spirit of itäs own kind, the flow of life according to it, the way of life at the sea which maybe opens when one without education, via such expereincies that touch the s´instinct nature and teach skill gets to know the profession, guided by, maybe dustant, forefigures that are fascinated by it. Edication on the other hand brings an approach that has a different spirit, breaks the atmosphere and so one loses the spirit of things and does not feel as nice. But could my thinking course ( replace educated thinking by common sense that is at least as objective but easier to carry along, and in addition for example beneficiality based moral: do useful things, build better living conditions to the society and the world + "Live and let others livce" i.e. it is ok to be selfish in ways poosityive for happy life but not to mess with the lives of others, except fairly is ok (see and so keep both the good sides of education and good spirit in things, in things done. About learning skills on one's own, see ( ""

B38.   "

About kalevala

"I bought Kalevala as a book to myself and read some of the beginning. In the competition singing of Väinämöinen and Joukahainen I was surprised to notice that Joukahainen did not lack skills so much, but instead Väinämöinen sang him to be things like the glow of the nature, to the marks of great skill in the nature.
   "Hat from the head of the man he sang
   to be an erect front edge of a cloud;
   he sang mittens from his hands
   to be leaves on the cover of pond's water,
   from that misty blue
   to be clouds in the sky,
   from his belt a fascination of a new wife
   to be stars scattered in the sky."
So I was left to ponder, if I as a girl thought when reading kalevala that that is what can happen with great skill: one loses position, propably via losing communication connection when one no longer speaks the language of men with more soldier like style. That I would take care to not to fall myself into that pitfall. But at the same time I thought that I could nearly reach that high, to that style in achievements. Now I think that it is like having met a bird: with it's song it makes forests beautifult o wander in, green, there is much soldier like wisdom in it's voice. 
 But so, how did I think I could reach so high skill and quality of life, like the reddish glow of the grassas in a forest etc. One would have a healthy way fo living or a healthy touch of one's own which would cure the way of life healthy again, to ages old. In every thing one would see the parts of healthy way of life which are as an idea in it, and so the deed when sees alike as others' deeds would be healthy on one's own and on others too, and so one could continue with healthy psirit from that, each one, whole society, and partly the rest of the world lear from it. ( World is of love (a mechanical model) ) ( )
One would have skills of one's own, one would have found one's own roads in life, it would be good to be an individual, personality, like oneself and strong, enjoying being an individual. And so human relationships would be in a way clishee like and in a way with a healthy spirit: one would have the strenght to have an opinion, do meaningful things, carried by the values of the society, things with healthy psirit carried by the actions and values of the society which have healthy spirit which would have strenght and content to life.
And one could get strenght, skills and integrite with opinions from being soldier like: to defend something, to invest in healthy courses, copying fro little singin birds and fromother strong wild animal persons ( ). One would be healthily spoirty, doing things at the practical level, with a good understanding achieved via adfmiring the nature and feeling via beautiful values, caring for the world, approaching life with feelings, motivated to the sphere of life and missions of the traditional way of life, with feelings and with a good understanding, reaching parts of the forefigures in nature of their skill level every now and then. (In Finnish )

My old video: if you can imagine a skill livelily, you can learn it

B39.   "

World Is Of Love (a mechanical model)

World Is Of Love

All action is based on what works i.e. on what is healthy.
The healthy is what our nature guides us towards,
what we naturally feel love for.
So the world, all it’s dynamics,
is based on the healthy, which we love.
On a flowery language: “The World Is Of Love!”

A thought by Hannele Tervola

Say that all man-made things which are
1) fully functioning,
2) optimized for many purposes at the same time and
3)used rationally wisely in the light of one's whole picture of the world,
are "healthy".
Notice that we like strenght, protection, speed etc., so we mildly love the healthy artificial things too, and the ideally good we would love.
This way the above thought applies also in the modern world full of man-made artificialities.

This is also a social skill: to see the place of each thing in the healthy natural original ages old way of living. That is a little bit the same as the social role of a stupid person: "Here am I doing this thing that I am motivated toward naturally, like you too can see in yourself the natural inclination for this type of things." and so the other one is slightly amused and does something along the same lines but one's own version, kind of catches the tune of doing. And so for some minutes things run smoothly and everybody is happy. This is connected to learning about healthy natural ways of living on all areas of life: enjoyable motion, watching beauty, enjoying friendly conversations, doing nice things according to one's likings, caring for the major matters of the world, reacting emotionally to different things in life and in the world, etc.
Reading poems can teach one to see the beauty and harmony in life, kind of like this thought here."

B40.   ""
Ages old love that lasts forever - about one's understanding of the world

I borrowed from the library poems of Aleksis Kivi (of whom we heard a lot in school and who is very much like teachers) and among those was the song Onnelliset (The happy ones),in the end of whoích were the phraces:
"and the humming of the valley sings
like the voice of an ages old love that lasts forever"
which brings to my mind the impression birdsong in the nature sometimes brings of harmony full of happiness that they sing about. That is the voice of humans and animals, of the living nature, of the agers old right way to live, it's way to touch feelings and it's happiness, of the way of living that varies from one human and one animal to another, but which has the same factors and same themes, ways it varies and wanders, but in different sizes, maybe in different subjects, happenings in life that touch feelings and learning wisdom of life from others, living at the same time in a landscape, having found one's own place in the big whole of the living kind, in harmony with other animals etc.

But in fact the last verses are:
"Here I stand with my lady
and the curly hair waves in the wind
and the humming of the valley sings
like the voice of an ages old love that lasts forever
     since the night has gone
   and glimmers the summery morning
     and the birds just sing."
in which one hasn't in fact told at all, how that harmony which touches the human nature is reached, but only mentioned the lack of skills of school pupils, arguments etc, that night and as a cure only the morning, or is it learning civilized wisdom, but the problem is that the same problem comes the next night again. And at the same time the birds sing wiser.

But about explaing the voice of the ages old love that lasts forever, I mean what and how, one would propably learn from my paradise theory book, I guess that from it's paradise part especially, but propably the parts before that would also be needed as groundwork:

From my Finnish blog about solving environmental questions


B42.   "
"I wander the paths of the forest

I wander the paths of the forest
on a summer evening thinking deeply by myself
and my chest enlargens of joy
and I sing, just sing.

There in the lush woods under a hill
it was strange a moment ago
so slight, wonderful
under the green leaves of trees.

I, a man, only know it,
only me and somebody else
and the lush wood's loving bird
and a tree in flower spreading it's scent."

Eino Leino (My translation)"

* * *

B44.   19th of February 2020
"Enlightenment consist of several things
Years ago I read books on Zen Buddhism andlearned quite much about Buddhism from them. But they said that enlightenment would be a single moment via which reach a deeper understanding, but what  have learned is that enlightenment demands several things: valuing th experienced reality, following feelings like choosing free time things freely and a job that one likes a lot, sports and healthy ways of living, civilized wisdom and civilized ways of good will that is healthy in spirit but positive for happy life and for individual freedom in harmony with the rest of the society and of the world."

"Do you want to improve the world?
I don't think it can be done.

The world is sacred.
It can't be improved.
If you tamper with it, you will ruin it.
If you treat it like an object, you will lose it.

There is a time for being ahead,
 a time for being behind;
a time for being in motion,
a time for being at rest;
a time for being vigorous,
a time for being  exhausted;
a time for being safe,
a time for being  in danger.

The Master sees things as they are,
without trying to control them.
She lets them go their own way,
and resides at the center of the circle."
From the Chinese classic Tao-Te-Ching, chapter 29 in the excellent trasnlation to English by Stephen Mitchell
If you read the book, do it without giving up your common sense and objectivity at all!

"There makes it's nest,
makes it's golden eggs:
six golden eggs,
the seventh one an iron egg.   (Six loved, eggs of happiness, the seventh of rationality to make them all of good quality and so strong and enduring.)"

* * *

This gnome text seems to be ready. 
Among the last quotations were my best texts, so there isn't much more that I could write in the subject. I do not feel like knowing much about the subject, since it is just a tale.

Skills of Christmas gnomes 3. Tale like fascination in everyday real life
Skills of Christmas gnomes 4. Oath like love
Skills of Christmas gnomes 5. Gnomes from the religious point of view



 Sunday, February 23, 2020

Skills of Christmas gnomes 3. Tale like fascination in everyday real life

Tale like fascination in everyday real life : Skills of gnomes 3. Gnome like life in the modern world

This text is a continuation for my texts about gnome like life in the modern world:
The original gnome text
and continued at .
In the end of the second part I quoted my best texts, so that there isn't much more that I could write about the subject. But here are at least some links:

C1.   How a well working society is build:
More texts about moral in oractice

C2.   (Some Finnish text of interest in this subject, maybe:
Haaveammattiin-blogi )

C3.   What I wrote today about nuclear bombs

C4.   The wooden bird with somewhat Eurovision song contest like style has the style of spring with in mind the thought what if I too could make music, for example sing from my heart. But I made the dark brown bird before I watched the Eurovision song contest the same day, and the light brown birds during that song contest week.

(In Finnish:Lastulinnun ohje
Tulta leiskuu harmaahapset )

C5.   Get a touch of how to compose music
Advices about living the four seasons, a long text with melodies

C6.   What fits well together with a gonme like way of working, of doing the chores of one's dream job or at least a job that one likes, is the traditional view of the task of banks as upkeepers of the prosperity in the society and in the world.Investing in valuable things, doing work that produces better life, doing things in meaningful ways, having skills in using the money, succeeding in buing and in building and otherwise using the maney that one has, even if it is small money. Not thinking of large figures as numbers only (is the money from abroad or from not valued work if it is just numbers?) but instead of as the valuable things that produce good life in the society, much like is the idea in having pictures of famous highly valued things in paper money.

C7.   In caring for the affairs of the world Finns have often wished for international negotiations, which has typically caused that the people negotiating are not interested in such a minor place's views. But if we Finns ourselves are interested in Finnish views, we can invest work in those subjects and produce ready material about how to solve things in the Finnish ways, so that if need arises, such answers exist and there is material that one can read and use them, for example here in the north. So there is no need in that for Finns to manage to rule the world but instead it is a question of offering volutary labour here in Finlandand having ready solutions in matters of interest here in the north.

C8.   In skills how detailedly right you get depends on what kinds of visual stimuli you have and have lately had. If you look at empty rooms with walls and floor of even colour and maybe a table or so but without things to look at deatiledly like nature decorations for example, you get things only roughly right and if you need to choose between options, you get it only roughly or vaguely right. But if you have wandered on a path in a park and admired the beauty of nature and if then the things you do have natural detailed sturcture like for example a fallen tree branch as a woodworks material, you at the same time as you move your hands in shaping the wood you see it's natural structure, its patterns, and slight movements of your hands are easy to discern compared to the patterns next to them, and so you have a sense of atmospheres too and so you can discern between different ways of doing and so you learn new skills all the time. And such is the usefulness of natural materials and nature decorations even if you do something else next to them or right afterwards. Music has often a similar good side.

C9.   24.2.2020   Quite many traditional things are such that it depends on your approach whether you find them to your life or not. Quite many people know them but them demands skills and peace and so you need to be motivated toward them to find them to your life, at least it is often so. If you bypass something just by noticing the central features, it is likely that you find only the present day main things in it. But if there is more life to it and different areas of life, then it may be that if you search with your heart you can find something of interest, somethiung rhat suits your life. But cultivating it demands dedication and peace and adapting your life to such goials instead of to the most obvious, and such means somer different social group to belong to. Like this you can maybe find nature and place to live in, if you search from a wider area something qyuite common there.
If you ask, why does it need to be quite common, the answer is that it works out as a part of your life better as such than as somethings pecial, over which there is a competition and so it lacks many of the good sides it ought to have or needs continuous fighting. If it is some nature view, much nicer is if there is similar fascination widely around there, if you use that as a criterion of where to live or where to spend frr time. If you belong to some group with similar interests and similar ways of living, you find support and shelter from it. If you are of a different kind, like often is if you have not yourself chosen the town where you live because of it's attractions, then there maybe is some option in principle but not in practice, like if there is some sports possibility but the locals are not inclined toward sports and so it does not work and no-one cares to repair it and take care of it.

C10.   ""Spring cleaning
When you get a spark of enthusiasm of spring, you can among other things tidy and make things nice at hiome so that you are along with the season with a happy mood. But in April one is usually forceless, so one has energy and good mood with which to leave things joyful mostly in March and May. It is customary to wash windows in the spring when sunshine shows the dirt in them.
In February at the spring side of winter it is good time to go through places that one hasn't had the energy to tidy for months. In March sunny days it is nice to clean in ordinary ways and to make places nice for spring. In April one does not tidy so much but one ought to live quite speedily and soften home in some ways by making places nice if the landscape behind the window is strenously grey. In May one already makes home nice for summer."
Please observe! This means enthisiasm about the spring, not about the tidying itself. Like: "It was so nice outdoors. The spring is already here! How can it be like this indoors? Wait a moment, I will tosss these aside and wash this table with a few round strokes,so that it is more like spring here in too. Now, look how much better! What if we should do this to a few other places too? If we just have the energy to it." "

C11.   25th of February 2020
"A melody: peoples cooperating in European way
Thinking of peoples cooperating in Eiuropean ways, in harmony of individuals and cultures
Thinking of the Eurovision song contest brought this subject to my mind, aversion of singing in a choir.

(Quotation added later, 8.3.2020 :)
"26th of February 2020   I was thinking of åepåle living in harmony in a way that is reflected in singing in a choir, or learned from it, and thought of people from different continents singing, but I do not know what it affected that it was just a thought.
There are three parts in this: 10/4 theory, 8/4 practice and 8/4 ideals.
Was thinking of the harmony of the choir, not nedessarily of it's melody.Could it work out as chords accoimpment?

5th of March 2020 These three parts would beif I remember right: 1. rationally, 2. in practical chores, 3. ideals. I wrote also fourth part and it would be: 4. collecting these to living ordinarily. It is half-notes: E, A, F and C.

C12.   26th of February 2020   How to see how one's environment supports the good of the society each their own way but from their heart:

C13.   29th of February 2020
(In fInnish: laajemman ymmärryksen palauttaminen matemaattisuuden jälkeen )

C14.   Also in this age of technologization and computers, there is room for real rationality, feelings and moral, for the ages old nature of humans and living beings

C15.    "Just a monet ago it for the first time in my life came to my mind that
the British maybe do not like rainy weathers. I have written about the
seasons in Finland and in that there are some pieces also about
pleasant rain: some melodies and a part in the summer part and maybe
something in teh autumn part too, but I am not sure of that.
For finding a weather pleasant it helps to recognize what kind of
weather it is, kind of detailedly like in arts, and adjust some major
factors like heat production, clothes & shoes, how long one is
outdoors, how quickly one moves, what one does outdoors, what are the
things indoors in between which you are outdoors, how much one looks
at what and how much one uses the sense of beauty, and the sense of
atmospheres, in which ways one is social in that weaher, how much one
is separate from the weather and how much along it for example feeling
it suiting one's character, what ways of living, moods and who enjoy
each weather, for example slight rain with sun shining, and how long
that experience lasts for them and is it a part of the fascination of
the area they live in. And so find the option in each that is good for
the weather in question for you and for your day today anbd it's
social relationships who too each have their weather skills and

C16.   1st of March 2020   Some years ago I sent this letter to Africa:

Fitting thinking and feelings together

About good wise ways to think:
All our observations, which form our thinking ability, are not simple
mechanical. Many of our wisest thoughts are on a more emotional
philosophical insightful way of looking at things. How to keep these
both kids of truths in harmony:
Each feeling marks some things important in our own life, in the
society or in the world at large. The task of feelings is to motivate
our practical action into safeguarding these things. So each feeling
corresponds to a thought: "This thing is important in life!". This
way, as our thinking tells why objectively these things are important,
emotional truths find an expression in schooled kind of objective
All of the tough value-free dynamics are based on what functions, i.e.
on what is healthy. In man-made things this corresponds to well
functioning, well planned and rationally used in the light of one's
whole picture of the world. The healthy is what our nature guides us
towards: toward the healthy we feel natural healthy love. So the
world, all it’s tough dynamics is based on the healthy, which we love.
On a flowery language: “The World Is Of Love!”.
Typically complex problems involving whole societies, but also other
kinds of problems, get solved via: Healthy natural ways of living and
the state of the world healthy. Build in your mind a picture of the
ideally healthy world. Compare other options to it with the help of
the principle “Healthy works better than broken.”.
In our nature there are encoded our principles of functioning: The
most natural on all areas of life while having a good holistic picture
of the world, functions the best: gives most capacity, intelligence,
social wisdom, well working social bonds, well working society, a good
position in it fairly, best state of the world, most happy life, etc.
The most healthy and natural is the most well working and harmonical.
It is also the most beautiful and touching: as music, as art, as
social communication, as truths and ideals,…
A wider attention can handle more things and handle them without
errors, so religious sensitivity, friendly compassion, love of the
nature, leisurely voluntary labour for some good cause in a group of
pals and holidays can increase one’s intelligence to manyfold. If one
way of thinking that you can use, can predict all the outcomes of some
other way of thinking of yours, then the one which observes more is
the more intelligent one and worth picking.
Many try to solve problems by trying what they can build from the
available parts. Religion solves problems in a much better way by
solving them solution centeredly:
First an idea of the ideal, which is like building instructions for
the whole solution.
Then an atmosphere according to it and a landscape of the situation
according to that atmosphere, which gives a practical holistic view of
how to arrange things in order to reach the ideal.
Then practical action in your own life according to that landscape and
atmosphere, reaching for that ideal. And trying friendlily and
idealistically to get others along for a good cause.
Thinking of the whole makes you solve most problems of application
already before you meet them. If you think of only the problem at
hand, you leave your relationship to the wide world unsolved and so
you run into extra problems and lot of more work which you could have
avoided via using a holistic perspective in planning.
Typically in thinking you eed two pictures: 1) the world is
objectively like this, all it’s phenomena and structures like this,
and 2) my life is like this, these are my wishes, this is my wisdom of
life and this is howI am going to live.
The healthy is what working ability and intelligence is build on. It
is also what gives us happiness. It is the natural direction in our
lives and in the world. The thought “I love Life, happiness and things
positive for happy life – like most of the others, like You too! So I
take them as my values in the world at large…” gives so happiness,
friendly social life and the most well working prosperous working
With each phenomenom of the world it is good to think what it means to
life: “children, free time, catastrophes,…” and feel accordingly.
These objective feelings in one’s picture of the world motivate one to
the wisest practical action easily and in well understood sincerely
felt ways."

C17.   2nd of March 2020
"A few years ago around Christmas I heard from somewhere - or misunderstood? - someone saying that she had chosen to have Christmas year around, that one can well choose so. My Christmasses haven't been so very good but I like Christmas preparations and the idea of arranging things good for life. So I kind of took it as one thing to figure out part time how one could have somewhat Christamas like good sides in life in different times of the year. Christmas itself is for winter and for surviving the darkest time of the year, and for learning winter skills. But on other times of the year one can similarly find good ways to live those seasons and weathers, those views to life and the world. And one can in the middle of work like things to do find also something that is some mixture of comfortable and active, good for feelings. And a kind of freedom to be an individual, have hobbies, favourite professions, interests in the wolrd. And a mixture of making home good for living, enjoyable and going out to the world, having healthy spirit and healthy kind of versions of things, joy oflife, even though I think that joy is a characteristics of the more sporty life, which I long for."

C18.   I had a dog, a white Japanese spitz boy, that somehow on the spiritual side via some mental connection with other animals helped the ill animals and somewhat also humans. And he said that there seems to be life after death, life that is often much like the life before death but some major factor like who are one's closest relationshipms, where one works or where one lives, had to change, for example an adult child to grow up from his parents, and if there was no other way for it to happen, the person had to die and from him/her maybe the closest relationships died or moved away or got a new wife or whatever. He said that there is a place for each but sometimes times change and there is no such place in the same place anymore, and so one has to move to new kind of life jsut where one happens to find a place for oneself.

C19.   Preserving cultural inherotage from generation to generation, also if there are lots of immigrants and/or times change

C20.   3rd of March 2020
I wonder if a good atmosphere somewhere like as if there were gnomes, is a question of there being some factor that carries in itself life to good life there, like nature and hobbies and maybe some culture that one likes are. And one comes across it in the middle of some other thing in life and it is refreshing and it is from the point of view of middle of action and it is though fractureless there anyway and so it offers energy and good life and a touch of something ages old.

C21.   6th of March 2020     Life according to feelings and peacefulness in the tough world
 "Beautiful things in the tough world
If the world sometimes seems too tough to allow well beautiful things and peaceful life according to feelings, pay attention to structures, look so that you see at the same time both the concretical structure that is important from the point of view of tough realism and of how things work in practice, and at the same time see the finer structure of the things, their atmospheres too, so that you know what they are like for skills and for life. So you can choose goo´d structures and your choices are good for skills too and for living your life and for life in the society and in the world, anmd so you can choose accprding to feelings, live a life according to feelings at the excuse of havimng followed tough realism."

C22.   My paradise theory book, please bladdre it through!

C23.   7th of March 2020
"About foreign interests
If a place is small and foreign interests many and mighty, there comes the question how to arrange things. Generally then one has to pay attantion to the different interest groups, to what they need, and in civiliced ways arrange such things on one's own behalf for those groups separately or if works well as some bunches, and especially for one's own groups. That means that one must maybe arrange such things also elsewhere, support some other groups whiuch arramge such, often abroad and in different professions etc. For example all material like suits one's own group in civiliced ways, but having specific occasions in which the other groups are taken tinto account. And if they ask for something else, refer that to the groups which arrange such, poften abroad, like for example travel is different from actors introducing basic areas of life in their own coutrnry, and documents telling of them in reality."

C24.   9th of March 2020
Gnomes are a traditional part of Finnish Christmas and Christmas is by far the biggest celebration of the year. Gnomes are a part of the whole December, of making Christmas preparations and of the Christmas itself. Christmas gnomes, which are often the family's children, help Santa Claus in bringing the presents.

C25.   11th of March 2020   Travel to fascinating places with a spirit pf their own maybe depends on whether you have chosen the destination(s) right, by their fascination.

C26.   But you can find some version also nearer, for example in some nice free time area near by.
Sometimes when you have a moment or two extra time and you spend it wandering and looking around, those moments feel like a richer time, rich with experience, multiple sensations and feelings. That is like meditation i.e. a way to happiness and skill. Those richer moments have something to do with it being just a few moments and not some long lasting labour. Something to do with it being like a twinding path from one experience to another, then to next ones and so on. A way to happier life if you can find it."

C27.   12.3.2020   Generally if one has some energy left one can choose in which ways one associates with things, emphasizing some things and some things carrying with wisdom of life, taking distance like feels best and keeping a moment's enthusiasm by not lingering too long in one subject, so that one gets a more pleasant experience and can get energy from the enjoyment and from healthy ways of living. This is maybe clearest about one's experience of the weather somnehérw where there is nature. One can similarly learn from rock music in the radio: how it suits the weather and the chores of the day.

C28.   13.3.2020   One way to be left in peace for a while is to eat good food so that one is warm and satisfied. People usually leave room for such. If there is a civiliced good-willing social custom in the society, following such and suporting it with having eaten warmly good food often calms down aggressive malicious people too. I guess they come think without it being mentioned that such is what they themselves need right then. Civiliced ways as a custom and valued professions are like shared hobbies and values and make it easier to get along with more distant persons whi share the same values.

C29.   14th of March 2020   The old Japanese poet Basho wrote books with stories that have poems in between about the same subjects, and so one can learn to read poems. Those at the same time teach some concretical view of using the senses and living practical life that is good for understanding how ordinary famous old poems are of good quality both intellectually and in what comes to quality of life, happiness. Poems fit well together with life that has enjoyable sports, nature, rock music in the radio, practical life, civiliced wisdom, something worhwhile to do in the world and moral & a quest for wisdom of life and a life according to feelings and one's best understanding, healthy natural life according to the ages old human nature and wishing well in the world.

"Old pond.
Frog jumps,
sound of water."

C30.   15th of March 2020   Using in one's life the point of view that a human being is by one's nature a being that lives in societies and that one wants a good society to live in, often solves away society level problems, since if it is used on a general level it creates an easy way for the different kinds of groups to cooperate in a society for a better world.

C31.   19th of March 2020   Civiliced wisdom offers answers that are theoretically looking best and worked well in practice, so that even if one does not know the situation, they typically work out well. It is often so that answers look different in style than problems, one kind of catches a different view of the situation and learns tyo cure things to normal.
People have many kinds of wisdom. Investing in just one kind of answers does not bring as good effect as trusting different areas of life.

C32.   20th of March 2020   If you love some area of life and have a good touch with it so that you could have it as your work, how often did it happen that after some age you got no chance to it, almost at all, and especially not as work? Can it be that even if you were young and with not so much experience, maybe you were a forefigure in it for an enermous number of people and maybe animals? People and animals likelearning all kinds of things in life and hearing about wise things in the world and nice things etc. So maybe in spirit you were not at all alone but instead for a wide audience, like and elderly person with wisdom of life maybe to all younger ones,  in the world can it be, or in similar cultures? And so your place is with that audience's support and not as someone who just happens to wants to do such.

C33.   24th of March 2020   If a person who likes some work, hobby, chores at home or traditional life is in some classification gnome like, there are very many gnome likepeople in the world, maybe as many as all human kind. Plus animals of course. So there are very many types of gnomes, like there are different cultures, places, interests, types of persons and ways of doing. So all gnomes are not alike and they do not deserve the same feedback and often not the same classifications.
This kind of gnome here in my texts is in the tough world. It isn't like a young person sheltered from the world by parents or people who like him/her or admire him/her. Maybe someone can get such shelter too, but the idea here is to find a place for oneself and for good life in the toguh world, even if one isn't the smaller one in the unwise shelter of others. But it is very much like a worker having found one's place in teh society and the society working well.

C34.   25th of March 2020
A harmony between birds

Another between humans but just somehow

C35.   28th of March 2020
"The Nätki suburb I live in the countryside town Savonlinna in eastern Finland has a fascination of it's own. It is much like a "Huaah!" like feeling instead of work as a burden, like is fit for a holiday travel destination and free time. I guess that mnay would like to learn these good sides and adopt them where they live, but not all.
* local newspaper that tells about the local highlights and no work magazines etc
* food shop that values comfortable ways and good quality fit for arts
* food helps to put work aside and brings room for free time
* religion 
* music but choose instrument or CD player with a quiet sound so that you do nto disturb neighbours
* my blog could bring more skills
* the weather too is a "Huaah!" like experience
* the advice "Live and let other live!" would help the harmony of the neighbourhood 
* Lots of time at home can bring an individual way of doing suited at home, listeing the one's own insights
* To follow the night time quietness of an apartmenthouse roguhly but allowing sounds of living
(And maybe my blog )"

C36.   30th of March 2020   When ants build thier pile like nest from pine needless, they understand about the differencies of needless and about building and the end result is atmospheric, well working and comfortable for them, and sonce it lets some light through propably beautiful too. Could it be that in building or arranging indoors humans too ought to have lots of material or things that are somehow atmospheric, good old time things or the like, so that when you place something somewhere, for example a wooden bench with the wood patterns in sight, it is at some end at the shelter of other things, a beautiful nice comfortable place there for someone to sit, a place of it's own kind andf natural charm of that place, naturally born, and at other places similarly, tha characteriustics of the places and of the things around create different kinds of fascinations and different kinds of spaces with different possibilities of using them to chores etc.

C37.   1st of April 2020   If life after death exists and is much like the life before death, so that one cannot say who died and who did not but instead people live at the same time as some others and at different time or different world than some others. It seems that for a person there is some space to live in and if that space ends the person dies, but in the life after death the person is in some space that is somehow suited for him/her, so that it is the same kind of life but some factor changed. So also one's own strategy of lofe affects what happens: did one choose a good benefical good willing civiliced (in civiliced wisdom there are the good answers to life's and world's questions that people want to teach to all the younger generation) that is good for possibilities of life, or not and dies sooner? So one could maybe choose with whom one'slife is synchronized and via civilized good will live so without big problems, and maybe also choose so with whom one is not synchronized and live separately as if in different worlds or at different time. Choosing profession, place to live in and other big choices in life also affect similarly: what kind of environment one lives in, whom one associates with and in what professions are they, which countries' cultural influencies one personally gets.

C38.   2nd of April 2020

C39.   5th of April 2020
When one thinks of how difficult it is to find fractureless old time things and live with such good sides in one's life nowadays, has one taken into account how global the world nowadays is? It is not enough to cultivate the good things of life and of the culture just from the points of view of one's own countrymen and of the neighbouring countries, but instead ne needs to tell of them to all the world, to those interested in this place and culture, who share the same fascination but are from very far away places, from all the continents: How exotic, would you like to live there? Some want to do so and so they travel and are content with their new place, it's ways and values, but they do not know that everything from all their age since child´hood and school, but instead need to learn them as new things, as things to value, as things that one can find here, as parts of the culture specialiced to living just here.And a part of the protection comes fromsimilar ways and values, similar nice things in life being possible also elsewhere, being valued in the wide world by some larger group.

C40.   6th of April 2020   Some things exist only sometimes or at least flourish only sometimes, when the environment is good for them, like for example things that need a big group doing it like singing in a group and having the peace for it, others supporting it. Likewise religion gets support from the company of others, from others sharing the same values and things done, and so it is quite natural that Sunday can be a more religious day than weekdays.For such to work the things done have to be valued and usually liked by most or all, while if you want to do something that is not so widely valued and liked, you have to do it on your own, as your personal characteristic even if it is superfine and skilled, since there just isn't the audience for it and fascination with it.

C41.   12th of April 2020 Eastern Sunday
If there isn'tmuch left of old time's things, some manage to live on their remaints without it being so much a road for others to follow too. Often some things exist only for some and not for others and the difference is whether they are like such persons that have such inclination and skills all the time and are nice to have along. There is a difference if you straightforwardly always look at things at hand from the point of view of certain areas of life, or if you have to make a new start to see them from that point of view, since such is a difference of professions. Also someone liking not-so.fine things may find it easy to find a place for oneself if there isnät much of such to offer, whole someone liking just recommended things mayube doies not find a free spot. Also not being a burden to others matters. Also it matters if one has a theory perspective with which to offer such to others too, especially to the younger generations and to people with such a hobby/dreams, even though that isn't exactly the same as others finding a free spot for themselves too, but such can help to recreate such possibilities in the society and somawhat in the world too.

C42.   In social life there is shelter of like-minded people, of ordinary ways and of the same group's ways. If one does not have such company, one can find shelter from the ordinary wished for basic life in the society, especially if one lives via the ways of one's own group that is on wished for ways a member of the society. Some activities gain more shelter from others than some other activities. Easily classificable wished for things that are easy to understand and keep in control of the society like peaceful ways and tendency to discuss thinsg friendlily gain more support than things that scare others like sometimes sporty ways outside sports circles. 

C43.   13th of April 2020 Eastern Monday
Many a dream and a dear hobby is fascinating and offers good life, but gets ruined if one thinks what if I could take this as my work, since a hobby gets supprt from all of one's life, of all kinds of things, while trying to make it one's work drops the other things away and makes always the same things in bored ways. This is what typically happens to those who would like to be painters or other artists and happens if you put too much extra time on your hobby, like for example some days in row instead of the ordinary an hour or two. Tiredness is one reason for it but the maiun reason is that there are too little other things in one's life, and that the hobby used to be their addition and not the other way around.

C44.   "5th of April 2020  During the last two days it has part of the time rained snow or the like. Today sun was shining but outdoors a dog howled as if it had not caught the weather but instead depressed mood coming from children's school. So I composed these twi chords for it the experience the weather nicer, even though I was indoors.

C45.   13th of March 2020
A melody of an icy sand raod for walking, but the main attention of course was in not falling and in avoiding falling badly.

C46.   "So what brings
safety to government officials?
Rationally grounded moral makes arrangements understandable also to
the selfish individuals and groups, see
Basic view of bureaucrats is that bureaucracy serves to meet people's
needs fairly and according to common sense witha picture of the whole
and civilized wisdom.
Different professions gain safety if they are according to people's
wishes what they with wisdom wish the officials etc to be like. Like
singers should have wisdom of life, police behave according to common
sense and people's views on what kind of moral is ´good to have in a
society, etc.
The Finnish behaviour rule
solves conflicts between individuals, groups and countries. It also
makes government agreed about and law too, if it is placed above them
according to common sense, wisdom and wisdom of life, with a healthy

C47.   15th of April 2020
If there is a possibility to learn something from someone or to do things together, copying detailedly like an actor does not bring enjoyment of doing and usually is not good for the quality of life. Instead one ought to keep much more social individuality and do in one's own ways, just enjoy the company of a like-minded person or his/her support with even more distance. Like, if one learns from bored worker, one gets better enthusiams if one makes one's own version of the things as an eager beginner, and later too keeps one's own views, since mist things do not suit others when copied detailedly, but many things suit many if people make their own versions of them, wioth their own motivation and wisdom.

C48.   Safety is among other things a question of what is your caliber compared to that of others if the others do not have much social eye, like enemies often do not have: are you a person that does not fight, like a cushion, or are you a person to take into account like adult persons typically are if they have normal capacity and experience of life, or are you somehow very strong. Some attack only the ill etc, since they may want to attack many. So it matters a lot to be physically fit, with good capacity and healthy. On the other hand a fight is not the only type of encounter you can have, even though it is more likely if you are very weak or very threatening. Persons sharing the same values get better along, persons liking the company of the other one get better along, persons liking doing the things at hand get better along, persons who get wished for support in nice ways from the other one get better along with each other, persons whose characters have a benefical effect on each other get better along with the things at hand too, persons whio value good life often get better along with others and with life.

C49.   I was wondering if people's longing for magnifient looking things could be somehow transformed into leading to profound good quality things and healthy spirit with good quality of life, happiness. If magnifient looks and style consist of features parts of the ages old healthy natural ways of living which touch us deep inside. Then they couldget increased profoundity and meaningfulness by searching for what would be ages old and healthy natural in those respects and cultivating such. And that would be made possible in opractice by cultivating healthy spiurit and healthy ways of living and doing. And so one would end uyp magnifient, profound and happy, with healthy spirit.

C50.   21th of April 2020
There is a viewpoint, an approach that teaches lots of skills of living and wisdom. It is being very much an individual, with healthy spirit and sporty and being thoroughky convinced that it is always good to live in ways that are good to have in a society. Old times life was much like that but some in the tropics, some acting and some too stuck with memorized knowledge do not like such ways around, since they are not that healthy in spirit and sporty themselves, but they maybe could learn such skills too via learning the weathers from the atmosphere of trees: variations of rythm like suits the moment, and that is near the touch I write about here.

C51.   In learning skills using that skills always according to common sense or only sometimes when it is easy, brings in the long run a big difference in how skilled one is in that, since the extra work one sometimes needs also teaches extra skills and it also teaches about what one can use that kind of skills in the world and to which things one needs other skills. So it makes one much more like a professional in that.
On the other hand easiness can be a mark of a good tactic, while cumbersome ways of doing usually decrese one's skill level much and bring bad habits, make one more stupid. So a challenging task is a different thing from working hard with poor tactic.

C52.   "22th of April 2020  

Two days ago my poodle who likes very much to read the local newspaper, buried his nose in the paper and mentioned Egyptian dogs which wrapped themselves in papyrus, like insects in a flour jar.

Now it came to my mind could it have been easier for the Egyptians to start writing if they had told of animals: of the holy insects which taught us to write?

C53.   If it has just rained snow and one talks with people that one knows about the snow, often all give a different impression of what kind of snow it was, as if they had experienced it in different ways since their heat regulation was different and their characters differ too, and because they were in different places at somewhat different times. But could there be another explanation: that the weathers are poersonal and depend on your attitude, as if the world were of spirit. Like in ordinary rain you walk more heavily than usually, as if somewhat depressed, since the light is dim and rain somewhat heavy too, and at the same time you walk lightly since the weather is good for plants and just a natural ohenomenom, nothing to wonder much. Or that when you think of only positive things the sun more often shines. So maybe you create your own experience of the weather or maybe the weather gets tuned to just you and your socvial contacts. So that also the global warming could be seen in a different light in such a world. When I was a young adult, iun the city center it sometimes rained a mixture of water with snow, while where people lived the landscape was snowy.

C54.   23th of April 2020
Each person gets via one's social eye impressions and influence from others' ways of living and doing, what they at the moment do. Such is meant to be observed via the sense of atmospheres, kind of as a part of the landscape that one is in, and as such it brings information and is a a pleasant experience. It is not meant to be followed like an advice or like keeping very much company, even though such errors arise if someone is much clumsier/stupid than you but wants tod ominate since their coordination is not enough for taking such things into account in a natural way and so they just keep sompany in some way amnd are often so even clumsier.

C55.   26th of April 2020
An attempt at unwoundedness when shot

C56.    If many places nowadays are more fractured and full of fighting than in the old good times when things were more peaceful and fractureless, can it be that it is at least partly a question of how the media, books etc tell about those areas, since if one looks at a documentary abotu some place and is then forced to describe that place's culture to others, it brings only a little information and if one is forced to tell more, it is just guesses and in vain, something which could cause the present situation. Like if in the Eurovision Song Contest the songs seek to offer something instead of being typical to the country they are from, it's typical life so that one could learn it's culture, with some videos etc too, but instead all in the same style and seeking to answer some foreign demand, or to offer other copntinents a possibility to something like European culture, so that the version isn't any more a picture of ordinary European life.

C57.   "Now I noticed that my poodle banjo has thought that if we will get another dog, like he wishes, my poodle ought to have only half of the space I have reserved for it. But it isn't so. If one has enough energy for another dog, it is a joy, brings it's own energy, it's own fascination, builds it's own space, if one's life has time and energy for it. It isn't lacking from the other dog, or then one ought not have two dogs at the same time. But it can happen that they do not fit together, and then one ought to keep them more separately, more individually, or then one cannot keep them both. But when I had a Japanse spitz and this poodle, on a walk my poodle part of the time run in circles and  archs while my Japanese spitz wanted to be cuddled by all elderly fat aunts that walked past us. They did not have the same needs and not the same things they offered, each one had their own place and when there was a cinflict of needs, one needed to protect both's space for living, freedom to good life and to taking part in life, to one's own individual way to live."  ...
I canme to think would it be easier with kids if they had a more free position: would be like charactyers of the type they wish for and that fit into the society, and not just social relationships answering in some discussion to what is your opinion. My poodle learn to be an excellent thinker, when I praised him for what he did well and told him that he had enermous potential, taight him my thinking course (a landscape like view that observes structures,see ) but did not follow detailedly it's thoughts, just praisen it for fine views."
Translated from my Finnish blog

C58.   "Increased need for sleep can be a way to adjust wisely to things. It demands first letting go of things and healthy overnight sleep so that one is rested and refreshed, and then one should rise from the bed and eat breakfast and preferable go out too so that one starts the day in an roughly ok way. And only then one can dream and adjust to things burdening one's mind. Dreaming is different from sleeping. In dreaming you lie comfortably as if going to sleep or like in the summer time leisurely in a garden swing, and so adjust to things which demand adjusting to like changes in life or challenges to rise up to. Each such situation usually has a starting level that isn't enough high, and one ought to form for oneself and for to help others too via social communication, a picture of how to lift the level on each area oif life at a time to what it ought to be for things to go well, like civiliced, with wisdom of life, having healthy spirit, healthy eways of living, with insight, according to feelings, listening to wisdom, fractureless and by it's shape fractureless like lying or summer holiday giuve a chance to . Ad after that stay for a whilke well for the feelings and cultuvcating fracturelessness, adjusting so that things get even more ideal form and that one gets used to such picture as one's usual view of those things. And then continuing to other things, to more active life since the thing has been handled. (If one cannot rest enough when one comes from work, do other things, at least something like watching tv or preferabvly go out and do other thingsm even talk about other things.)"
Translated from my fFinnsih blog

C59.   28th of April 2020
Here where I live in Savonlinna town, the apartment houses are three stories high and clearly lower than the trees by them and so the place has an atmosphere of as if sheltered by trees. Here are three apartment houses in a square that is open in the south-west side, and there is a forest patch between them and at the southern side of the houses, so trees also by the houses with birst singing in them. Next to the houses is a little bit of lawn and a yard road and some lawn also on the other side of it before the forest patch, so that also when it is dark it is safe to walk to the house. The forest patch is mostly pines, so that no one can hide there. But at the sides of the forest there are leaf trees, like is usual, which is more beautiful in the summer time and creates more a world of it's own of the forest patch. There goes a few paths in the forest. The road on the southern and western sides of the forest are under a slope and so the sound of cars are mostly not heard. A part of the yard is lawn for children to run and there are some swings and sand boxes for children. There is a parking lot on the outer sides of the houses and some trees there too, mostly by the road, and garbage shelters with roof in some more airy way, in more shadowy places. The distance to the neighbouring apartment houses  that are somewhat similar but different ins tyle, is roughly twoce that to the road in between and so from the second and third floor on the north-western side one can see sunset behind the tree tops abocve the houses nearly every evening.

C60.   1st of May 2020   Very many people want to have somehow a stronger position than the people around them, and so it often happens that they somehow do not like others being strong, but on the other hand they like their own loved areas of life, and so they kind of create room for others too to have such hobbies, and on the other hand they then do not pay so much attention if you have other strenghts that they are not so interested in. Likewise one can find room and skills in the professions and cultures that others like, while one's own such likings are maybe seen as oneä's characyerm as one' sstyle. If one wants bigger improvements to life, the culture and organuized society offer them: for example jobs for beginners in many different kinds of professions, and different types of towns etc to live in, hobbies, interesting and nice people of different types etc.

C61.   6th of May 2020   From an old blog of mine:
"Dance is at the core of being

Life Is A Song

The best way for objective thinking is to think by atmospheres.
They unify a pictorial objective holistic view with the wisdom of feelings.
Each observation is a sensation, an atmosphere tone.
The light coloured atmosphere tones we can express by high notes.
The darker and more down-to-earth atmospheres we can express as low notes.
Thus our observations form a song.

When we act, we have an emotional motivation for it.
That motivation is a melody.
And action according to it is dance.
This dance appears to be dance in its basic form.

To live!
Means to sense, to react and to act in the world, in life!
Thus natural music, the song of our life and the natural dance of natural action
are at the core of what it means to be human!"

C62.   In the news today I saw a picture of an old maybe northern Russian man with a raindeer in harness who had been transporting post packets during war time, kind of Christmas gnome like life but a very harsh view of just transporting artifacts in the war time in the winter cold.

C63.   7th of May 2020   Quite traditional kind of life in a static way and without much else, just boredom and always the same things to do often isn't so good life. One needs varied content to life, some beautiful philosophy that guides the world and life to better courses, I mean moral and wisdom of life and some deep wisdom. And also one needs motion like leisurely wandering, not being static, having the feeling of being alive, getting tuned to new situations and following wisdom of life, having an energy reserve with which to meet the varied needs of everyday life, and just having fullfilling hobbies that touch the ages odl nature of humans and animals.

C64.   8th of May 2020
"Coxy indoors
Just an attempt, a not so good day for me. Last part watching nature outdoors. In parenthesis the keyboard.
Seeks to be something like having bought something but the fascination staying for a long time. Picking nice things to be centers of attention and content to life, like listening to music. Here in a picture from a year ago my favourite poems borrowed from library.
And I meant finding peace for one'sliving even if there are factors disturbing the atmosphere, like today is 75 years from the end of World War II.

C65.   10th of May 2020   There is a traditional Finnish character trait called "sisu" which means to try and try again and again so that one gets the task done, for example wandered some distance or succeeded in agriculture. It is often also about learningf things. It does not mean suffering, even though the situations can be difficult, but instead it means new beginnings with one's wisdom of life and with short pauses of rest in between. The main thing is to try again and thios time with a better wisdom of life. Wisdom of life is such that you find it when you lket go of habits and try in healthy ways and concentrate on healthy kind of influences like for example nature and civiliced wisdom and feelings with healthy spirit. Tiredness and getting stuck to habits may obscure such wisdom, but with a short pause, relaxing to rest and can get more energy and refreshed have a fresh view and so one succeeds better when one takes the healthy spirited ideals in everything to be one's guide.

C66.   11th of May 2020

The video ought to have subtitles. Try to find their button.

C67.   19th of May 2020
One cannot learn civiliced wisdom from school books later on in one's life if one did not go to school at all, since civiliced wisdom ought to be the landscape one lives in, and if one starts only later on, it is just knowledge, not the picture of the world one lives in. Such happens too if the work load in school is too heavy and too unmotivated so that one just escapes from under it's message's way when one has the chance for that. School ought to give views to what the world is like in important respects and to wisdom of life, so that it is interesting and very motivated and becomes a part of how one sees the world, what one understands about life and wisdom of life.

C68.   In school teachers used to say: (In school the idea is to study) not for school use but for life.

C69.   20th of May 2020   "About women power
As a woman I have been delighted to see that many women have excellent skills and dedication for their work. In the university female students were often smarter than men. But such often happens when one is not taking part in rigid ways but instead more freely uses skills from other areas of life, like often happens when one is not so much raised to the same role, to the same tasks, but instead comes from a different background with high skills in something similar but not the same. On the other hand I have not noticed power going to women via skills but instead more via looks and some social estimates that do not go right. One should not treat women as if women were martians and impossible to understand. Women's characteristics are shown in women's looks just the same way as men's characteristics in men's looks, but women are often very different from men, so guesswork is not ok. One should just demand professional skills and ¨good work ethic, and not confuse positions of power with sex affairs. Power is a society level thing, while sex is a thing at the level of social relationships, which of course are also parts of the society and ought to not to break against the common good."

C70.   Only nice work is worth a lot
Good quality objective thinking is largely the same as looking at a landscape and

noticing the structures in it correctly.

In learning new things it is very important to be sincerely interested in the

subject: it opens us to notice a lot, strongly, clearly, remembering it well, with

common sense and one's whole picture of the world along.

Already from this one can see that in an interesting subject one notices more and

with better quality, and has more energy, and one so gets much more work done and

does not tire so easily.

Likewise emotionally motivated interests make one's attention better, even if they

were of free time subjects. In other words one gets wiser when living that way, if

one has healthy spirit and mind (

One can see from this also that if something does not interest oneself, it dulls

attention if done for longer times and so makes one much more stupid, brings a poor

quality of work and a poor work efficiency. Such tasks are often better taken care

of alongside some work that one sincerely likes, for example that a nice work but

10min to half en hour in addition going through something not so interesting,

without giving up good quality."

C71.   I agreed with the birds in the trees by my window that the next step from women power ought to be bird power: the power of the wise, of wisdom and wisdom of life. Some time later when the subject came to my mind, a bird in those trees sounded like the tuut tuut sound of the traffic lights, telling when to cross the street. It seemed to say that bosses' job is like that: there is power to command there but the task is very elementary, not varied. So it is: the task of a boss is mainly to keepthe basic job of the working place going, like for example the main tasks of education in schools etc, basic products in factories etc, and the more complex is just an addition or the task of an expert.

C72.    Nicer way to pay bills
"I write here about paying bills, even though it is not studies or work. But it anyway is a burden in theneck abd I have noticed that the reason for that is that one does it wrong and not from paying bills itself. So:
  In paying bills the wortst forefigures for it are those who do it or collecting payments for their work, since they discuss at lenght with just the ones who have difficulties in paying bills, for example find it very unpleasant or do not have the energy to try. In addition they do overly much of it so that they are just fed up with it. Likewise tense characters who claim to get overly well along with paying bills, maybe get tensely along with it but copying from them makes others feel as if ill, one would not bother since the good sides are personal characteristics of others and not suited for all.
On the other habnd, if one pays bills that one agrees about, it does not feel bad but just needed. If I for example want a magazine, I quite easily pay that twenty euros in time, and I am left with a feeling that I want the magazine, if I have the money for it.
But then if the magazine costs too much, for examle forty euros, I am left to bonder if it is worth that, when my budget then won't have anything left but for food, buss, electricity and of course rent. So being careful with money, investing time and effort for being careful with money, and making some kind of scetch for oneself about what things to buy, for which cost, helps to keep paying bills pleasant.
Not at all nice bills used to be school books, when I did not want to go to secondary school, my parents just forcved me to, and it sepnd more money than my hobbies, the ways of life of which I would have wanted. So for paying bills to be pleasant it demands for you to not to pay the bills of others that you do not agree about. Or you can pay something little, if the other one so wants, but no to ruin the whole budget by something nasty.
Compulsory bills like phone and internet one would need to get cheaply, so one is left in a good mood. Cheating, mistakes and extra pay because of beibg late leave a not at all nice taste according to how much money you lose that way. Like wise if you need to buy something extra to get something you need, since you would not have liked to pay for the other one, but such is forbidden in the law.
I used to keep book about my expences. It helps one to see what the money disappeared into and where one could easily reduce the costs. It just usually makes me wonder what I want to spend my money into, and so I usually buy a music instrument, regardless of whether I have the money for it or not."

C73.   "About cooking
Translated from my blog
"Better tasting from the same food
When you cook food or estimate the amounts of it's substances, and if you have earlier cooked the same or something quite like it, then you have an emotionally felt estimate of when it is fried or with which amounts of substances, it would have been at it's best or just as certain type at it's best. And when you take  to be your guidelines those emotionally felt estimates about time lenghts, cookedness, amounts of food substancies, about which elements fit well together, etc, then with the same amount of labour, time, money and foods you get better food.
Likeise if you have skills in other skills, ten rythming your actions according to emotionally felt estimates you can reac your best."
* * *
20.8.2018   I add here another cooking tip that is good for skills at large:
"264. If one does something in rigid ways as if work all the time, one's understanding does not develop into as good as via more complex rich ways of doing even the same work, much less than life skills at large would give. That is why it would be good to instead of a very detailedly followed single perspective, give room for a taste of life, for one to see where one is going and for skills to develop. So for example when moving food while cooking it one would not mix it to completely even but instead leave it more uneven, so as to have in sight some of how one worked, so that one can then notice that if I would have for example cooked thicker, would the taste and feel have been better, so that there is a richness of options in sight and one can see where in it would be good, so that one learns all the time new things, even if otherwise one would not have learned anything else otherwise than remembering past times and comparing to them in one's memory, but at those time maybe one needed different amount of different kind of food because od´f different things done, weather etc."

C74.   21st of May 2020   Gnome like things are tied to the place and culture amnd to who lives there. The place gives rise to certain kinds of situations which have certain good answers that the culture there cultivates, and so gnome like things of that type are possible there, tend to endure, are kind of alive and lively. If there is some other type of gnome likedness there, it maybe connects to who lives there, what are their needs, skills level in wisdom of life, etc, like for example children needing something to compensate school burden, to make it lighter, or if someone is ill or in a straining life situation, they too need something to compensate it with, to gain extra forces and refresshment. And what kind of free time fun tthey enjoy.
During the last hundred years or so the world has changed a lot, so that if it was said that in teh old times there were gnomes where people lived but that tjey died, it propably connects to changes in these factors there.

C75.   25th of May 2020   The Finnish original version of the first gnome text in this blog, which I then translated to Engliesh, which started this long gnome skills text.

C76.   26th of May 2020   I wonder how I got stuck writing this long gnome skills text, now for over one and a half years, even though I write some other texts too. The Finnish piece of text that started this isn't much interesting for Finnish readers, neither are it's additions that this English texct brought to my mind. But for the English text there is some quite large demand abroad. I read a lot of books, borrow from the town library and bladdre through hundreds a year, much like postcards, often not fully but with much experience in reading boks it is yet something like having read a book. I used to borrow from Helsinki town library books about Buddhism and poetry, which I liked a lot, here in Savonlinna town library there aren't the same kinds of books but I like to read arts books and often borrow books about handiworks, nature, travel, history and foklore. I also write a lot: about hundreds of subjects each year. But I have tended to have some blog texts that become very long: the seasons, dream job, healthy ways of living, staying warm and curing. Of this gnome subject it is good that it is both fascinating life and offers good life via ages old healthy natural ways of living, in a way fitted to the modrn world and to many readers. I have also tried to solve environmental questions, have made some 200 attempts at that in my Finnish blog , which is possible via my experience in objective thinking skills, and it feels much more important than to continue this already overly long gnomeskills text: please click the links to interesting blogs, that's the way to read internet text, no idea in copying them all to the same text.

C77.   31st of May 2020   Is one reason for me writing this gnome skills text that some, especially as elderly, have learned to make some kind of softening to their social life and it seems to help a lot their life but they do not quite understand why, and I on the other hand tend to have rational explanations for things accordingt o feelings. I think that the reason is that people have different strenghts, different views to life and to the world, different likings, professions and cultures they like and tend to follow, etc. And so just discussing makes things too rid´gid to allow for the differencies between the people who discus, and so kind of bypassing reasons for argument, maybe tasting bakery instead and taking kind of insightful view that yes so could it be and so could these people be fine people, leaves much more room to the views and life of the other one, and so solves problems too.'

C78.   People tend to turn to religion when they have problems that they themselves cannot solve with theirordinary means. But the reason they value religion and learned about it is typically that religion helps them to raise to higher skills and to keep up civilized values in the society. They also think that it has some kind of fracturelessness and fracturelessness is a thing to value since it is connected to health of practices and to the ages old human nature and to the living nature, to happiness, healthy spirit and a well working society. Like in other skills, in religion too some have those skills as memorised taught knowledge, while their own character is something else, and others may have a liking toward things like religion, and some have a personal insight to such skills but that is different from surely following civiliced wisdom in questions involving religion. So even if heart-felt religion and good will is taught to all and wished for, the reliable good willing civiliced behaviour & values in connection with religion is memorised behaviour for some and for some thier own liking.

C79.   3rd of June 2020   "603. The founders and important forefir´gures of different professions are typically by their basic tracks in life like that work's basic perspective and it's basic attitude, like for example the founder(?) of Kellog's rice crispies was by one's viewpoint like a good morning with rice crispies in a family with kids. Like if one in the summer time is on the edge of a lawn whern peopleplay some gameor some other hobby like that and decides to take part in it oneself too, get a spark of enthusiasm from them, likewise people with different works in successful ways have the spirit of theior work and offer it to others too. Since it is a question of the basic tracks of one's life, of the viewpoint from which one always tries to do something, something of the kind of one's work, it means that one does not have so many possible successful choices of work to do, maybe only a few."
From the Finnish version of my blog

C80.   5th of June 2020   A tale figure is not a good way to find space for oneself, since in human life the spaces for living are for humans and animals, for some gardens too etc, not for tales, not for people supposing they are like tales. The reality is much more interesting, from it the tales are born, it is rich with possibilities and with things to experience. I have never had a gnome like space for myself in my social environment, but I have had hobbies and interesting things to do, things I have enjoyed.

C81.   7th of June 2020   Sometimes when wandering in the nature kids find the atmospheric forms of hills, cliffs and vegetation by them to be like the forms and atmosphere of a sleeping giant gnome. But I do not believe it to be a giant gnome. Instead when one wanders to a nice forest patch, it has kind of round area with it's atmosphere and if it is comfortable like it often is, then it is somewhat like the atmosphere of a gnome from a Christamas tale. And if one climbs a cliff mostly covered with vegetation, one can wonder if there life mice etc there and is the place magnifoent looking for them, and it is also magnifient looking from the top of the hill, and maybe one can see an atmospheric cliff ridge continuing here and there, and so it is like a giant gnome but more like a nature place with a good atmosphere. But could one in the town too find compfrtable atmospheric ways to wander where there is nature, for example make a scenic path where there is nature, and that would be somewhat gnome like.

C82.   10th of June 2020
(I translate very freely:)

Left behind is youth - like a flowing river.
Already grey threads - sets life's golden handiwork.
I reach for the present moment -
life's joy does not come from pleasant company or wine.

Left behind in time - my strenght's proud days.
The love of my spirit - in ancient times.
I rose from the pit. - I doubt I can fall again?
The wish of all: painless moments.

We know: peace in the grave is allowed us.
Seeker does not find comforting rest,
cool wind speaks, sun is obstructed from sight by storm,
a red line is left: a forceless longing for beauty.

Drown in the sea - my dreams' hills in flower.
I am a poor man: expensive are the costs of songs.
I gave my all, I had the forces to be active - for a while,
the loves f my dreams I paid by my mind's sorrow.

I am exhausted - oh, to the roots of my heart!
Was I given too much - life's load?
Or am I one of those wo have the will but not strenght?
My victory - empty, the results of my work - my conscience finds fault in them.

So in the end - were without a good reason born, difficulties,
broken chains - burned, loved ships?
Now already did I fall - when my all was needed?
I was solidified to ice - when my wound got a scar?

Hopeless fight - against heaven's powers!
Kannel sings - song does not comfort it's child.
Frost night speaks - tune sings - with collapsing wings.
To the peace of my pit - like a dying beast I sneak.

Eino Leino   ( My nonliteral translation)"

C83.   11th of June 2020
"Happiness, ways of doing and living environment

"A stick there catching fire
shines for a moment, gets extinguished in the river.
Love dies also sometimes too,
only a memory is left in life's handiwork."
says a song.
I was left pondering that experiencing so rtongly and wit so healthy spirit life is rich and happy, somehow full. But it has the work of a log floater on a river with the nature as it's environment, natural physical work, company, meaningfullness from the point of view of lives in practise, demanding skill but not with a forced rythm. Earlier I used to think that such is born only countryside or at a summer cottage, maybe wandering ina forest trip. But after I have moved to live in a counryside town, I have gotten the impression that a farmer is somehow melancholic and in town it is somehow full, the antuer too present and practical professions as people's jobs. Could it be that one cannot reach the ideal fully countryside but somewhere where there is both nature and humand and lots of things to do? It is important for the things done to have anatural rythm and such asks for both a natural work and possibilities for choices. The feeling of fullness connects with fractureless wholes and to being according to the human nature, which demands among other tyings action with healthy spirit, meaningful things to do for each one inone's own ways, not acting one's way but isntead in ways that work out well for oneself, according to one's motivation and one's dreams, in ways that one likes and not for acting out. It is essential to reach the phenomena in life in their natural basic form that touches the human nature, but it maybe isn't when driving a tractor but instead in cooperation work of a group, by grandparents, on a summer cottage, on a wooden one-family house, in hobbies, in connection with motiuon and nature. A pet seems tocultivate these like a collector, a wild animal finds them fromone's own life inpractise. It has often been nice in work if one does in practise something nice and then work or civilized ways or some other outside factor like for example summer or nature or the good feeling brought by motion and healthy ways of living fills them to a whole somehow finely. And that life or that day is not left there but continues onwards like a twinding path, the view is not restricted but instead possibilities in life increase and skills to a lot. But that it would demand more people, more things to do, nature, motion, meaningfullness.

On a summer cottage the things done are often more pleasant than in town. If one for example brushes the cottage's floor to smallen the numder of pine needles on the ground there, the needless are beautiful, varied, quite unlike town's trashes and dirt. But I used to have a floor with a beautifult hin woolen layer of pine on top of itin town, and it wa sreally impressive looking, and it was nice to brush and keep clean, not at all as work like as cleaning a plastic floor. Are many things in town, like cleaning for example, adjusted wrong way so that they are a burden upon people. If one would adjust some other way, for example the putting thinsg nicely at home, and some things in the environemnt like a beautiful wooden floor, pleasantly, would things in towns be lighter to bear and life better? What one should change and how? Is it a question of the place one lives in? Here in Savonlinna town people know practical things well and fine style well, but in teh capital people were better with healthy ways of living and freedom."

C84.   "American indian horse from Finland in North-East Europe

"This is a some kind of clishee of the harmonious cooperation of a horse and a rider. I cannot resist teh temptation of trying if I could get it to work, taught to those who like horses. Here are only elements from which to build it.
The child sits toos tiffly in the saddle, because she herself is commanded with too much valuing of school. One should allow free time and doing things in one's own ways and listeening to feelings and sensations, room for them. One can learn sports talents from my advices at and .
In life one should pay attention to how moods and ways of doing affect how well things done go. And to what kind of things one can build upon good well working ways to do and good moods. Then when one rides one should give room for both oneself and for horse's movements from the point of view of sportiness and for it's good ways of doing and positive moods in connection with riding, and in cooperation attention and room for social sensations, and in one's own movements for experiencing strngly the senses and for good ways of doing.
The horse communicates largely via gesture language, for example thoughts via facial expressions and with one's being, which one can understand via the sense of atmospheres like a piece of art that changes from moment to moment. Usually animals communicate by ways of doing and by intervals of ways of life, and the one talking with an animal should ponder what do I notice clearly with this way of doing that the animal was just using, by living and doing with this way of living, what does come to my mind using those. That is the message of the animal. Then when doing so and living so one should allow room for variations in ways of doing and in styles and ways of living: use them when they seem good for some use or when it is nice to morally try them in something, especially if a friendly animal has just used them. So one learns a lot  of new things and the communication with the horse one rides rises to a new level."

C85.   "If one would like to celebrate Midsummer in the Finnish way but abroad, one could with the family eat some traditional food that is more countryside style, and then go out to a park or otherwise green area and sense the weather, the time of the day and it's light, the nature's beuty, birdsong and the like, leisurely, like is pleasant and has a nice atmoshphere. If one would like to go to some happening, a quite peaceful one to which one can take kids, maybe with violin music or the like: emotional, peaceful, traditionally inclined, sensing the nature etc.
If you like this, maybe you would like to read my long text about the seasons in Finland ."

C86.   14th of June 2020   Putting things to computer isn't always so easy, since the practical world conceived with common sense and by living in it, is much more complex than the simple theory that is easy to put to computers. Here one long list of things to take into account when trying to lead things by discussions on computers . On the whole it suggests that it is much better to think of the world as consisting of spirit than of a jungle of technical arrangements.

C87.   "For computers: feelings (goal oriented action is like the effect of feelings), rationality (the natural sciences and their measurements use largely math and maps) and moral (beneficality grounds on a mechanical language) objectively "

C88.   15th of June 2020 
The human nature has stayed unchanged while the world has technologized. So our ability to answer to the demands of working life, studies and the hard world and everyday life, is still based on the ages old human nature. Our feelings tell when things are according to our nature or not, and so what we love may be the strongest option in the tough world. In it is encoded the wisdom of past ages about what is a wise tactic in the wide world. Our cultures' highest achievements in terms of wisdom and religion reach for that direction. We feel it to be beautiful because it solves our problems and brings superb good sides that our skills have taught us to respect.


C89.   "After California earthquake?

In the news some time there was a map of USA but without the Californian peninsula. Had the predicted big earthquake happened and was it caused by a nuclear bomb? I tried to compose a piece about continuing onwards.

C90.    "

The first part in the melody is the most important. I am not so sure of the second and third part. The last part complates it."


So one should go with livelier way of life: light green. And one should with positive feelings, believing and praying take well care of the body, reaching toward the beautiful."

C92.   "361.In teh summer it would be important to swim in natuyral waters at least once, preferably a few times at least, since nature's waters have some small water insects that are very good for the skin and for how one feels and bring energy for the whole year. The water should be ordinary nature's water in lakes, rivers, the sea or rain water, so one must not dirty it at all, but should go well into the toilet just before and take a shower just before, be thoroughly clean. Already a few swimming movements in the water helps a lot for the whole year. If one cannot do that, it would be good to quickly spread water upon one's whole body by walking to the water, but without shampoo andwithout any skin cream or the like, also the hair but not inside the moug´th or bottom end. If in a warm countery one cannot swim in lake, river or sea water because it has too mcuyh bacteria, then propably the rain water would be good for this. If someone would take care of it and people pay for it because it brings well being for the whole year, it propably would be possible to arrange, if one would not let too many people use the same small amount of water since the idea is not tyo swim in washing water but in clean natural water instead. Even walking knee deep to the water and splashing water to one's arms and face helps somewhat."

C93.   16th of June 2020
From th text about the seasons
"The beauty of nature is partly a question of a way of looking. One
should be interested in the multitude and richness of forms and
colours, of the atmosphere of plants' growth whne looked among other
things along the way they have grown, the magnifient moments of bird's
flight, treen looked from near, the nature from the point of view of
an insect or bird where even a small branch or grass can be biggest
factors of the living environment, the atmosphere of the time of tha
day with it's birdsong, light coming through the leaves to a mist, how
one always finds new variations slightly different details full of
feeling and atmospheric for example in pine's surface and it's thick
branches, in the beauty of a forest lanscape viá trees, the different
atmosphere of each type of lants etc."

C94.   Gnomes isn't a subject I would know much about, but maybe some think that my other texts would somehow fit the subject of gnomes, but I do not see the point in connecting them to a tale figure.
But it came to my mind that maybe these texts of mine would suit the subject of elves, and since I am interested in animals and nature, that is an interesting subject for me. But in the Finnish tradition elf gnomes ("haltiatonttu") cultivate the good spirit and living conditions of some place that may be some building or it's part, some part of garden or some place in nature or the like. It is difficult to write about elves "haltiat", since an elf creates a fractureless pleasant atmosphere like a skilled moral person, while a gnome is more like abeginner. An elf is like ifchildren ask they mom and dad if they can bake something and mom and dad answer that it is ok if you then also take care of that other things too are well.
"Haltia" means "owner" but it is a version with good spirit especially. In teh forest an elf is an animal living there and liking to take care that things are well there. It cannot be a human, except maybe a maiden or a pair of laughing children or so, since a human is like in boots, is too robust, not in harmony with every detail of the environment there.

C95.   If one has a nice hobby that one likes a lot, it brings a good mood and when one comes from one's hobby, that good mood may affect the atmosphere atround and others too may think: "such a hobby is nice, what if I too would do something like that", and since it is just after the hobby, for example enjoyable sports, one has a good way of doing for that and so the others too get a grasp of that skill and like it. Similarly with weather skills: if one likes some weater and wanders some time in it or spends time in garden or the like and it is so nice and others too notice it then and right afterwards and so they too catch that skill and enjoy their time outdoors in such a weather. Likewise one can learn about wandering in the nature from those who enjoy such.

C96.   I guess that an elf like atmosphere somewhere with areference to build environment too, is an elf gnome, while wiht nature only might be an elf.

C97.   I guess that en elf pays attention to how high the sun shines: whether it is from a tilted angle or fromquite straight above, since such affects a lot what life is like there, what time of the day it is, which animals live actively then. The atmosphere is different.

C98.   An elf propably wants to cultivate the world and the society to a good state or some other big whole like that and not just some place, so the atmosphere is like cultivation and sensitive, atmospheric, respecting beautiful values, instead of just like the build environment.

C99.   A Finnish elf is not like a thin girl with wings "keiju", of the size of a meadow's flower, which I guess to be a description of insect and is often connection to problems of too thin and too fat.

C100.   21st of June 2020
Both for motion and for living the weathers, also summer, is a varying rythm good, like feels to suit the moment. Such makes one happier and makes one find out easier how things work out."

C101.   "Tree branches sing in summer wind, not just sigh: A, #F, D, A and upper #C (1/8 notes)"

C102.   24th of June 2020   If one needs to get along with some foreign country, there are typically people who have such a hobby and they have a nice view of what it has to offer. It typically suits them better than the others but still if you take some more distance and allow for differencies in approach, values, character, etc, there is a view there that can typically offer much and teach to get along, but it demands a lighter touch, less supposing similarity,less repeating exactly the same words, more like doing things with like-minded or freindly people.

C103.   26th of June 2020   "One learns heat regulation of summer's warm days from trees and from some smaller plants: wandering like the branches curve/edge."

C104.    30th of June 2020   If Santa Claus was bombed (see the first oart of this text 24th of August 2019), the question is why was he bombed? There is a rumour that he was somehow associated with bribery.

C105.   There is a story that if Ear Lappland Hill where Santa Claus is said to live, was bombed by an atom bomb, Santa and his Christmas gnomes, raindeers etc had some magic protecting them, and so they flew to the air like Santa Claus is said by some to fly, and the bomb hole got immediately filled with water so that it became a lake and there was formed an island in it with trees too and Santa etc landed there and were so saved by Christmas magic. It is said that in Inari lake there is an island that is a holy place for the Saame people who live in Lappland.

C106.   5th of July   If there is some work or even many work like projects that really need to be done and your input is needed, my paradise theory offers a good way of working and living, in wghich you do not get squeezed but do get the work done in optimized good quality ways anyway, see and teh book link there and the rest of the same blog.

C107.   10th of July 2020   "About the skill of dying of sorrow
I used to have budgeriga birds andI have the impression that if the pair of a budgie dies, the budgie dies oneself too. It is some kind of skill: when things no longer go well in life, when feelings say that one does not want to continue life without one's spouce, then the budgie has the skills of dying. I guess that it is something like stopping trying to in a reserved way with one's body to do well in life, for example by keeping one's limbs somewhat tensed, so that then the poisons etc preserved in them get freed to one's body and so that if one then wants just sink into something like depression and evaporate away from life and die soon away, then one dies - if one is a budgie, but could it work on humans too?
Here the budgie is left faitfully with what it loves.
But even though I had an old pair of budgies that seemned to love each other and we loved them too, the more social one did not die right after the other one. But some years earlier when I heard that a budgie has the skill of dying of sorrow, I said to my pets that it is a beautiful skill, I would like tyo learn it. And so I across time via my quite many pets that felt well, anyway got an idea of how such is possible.

Even if that would not work out, one could propably that way transform some of one's life toward the things that one loves, even if those were more distant ones, and leave some group of nasty things away even if others don't agree about it.
Years ago I pondered abotu suicide. My mom had chosen for me what profession tostudy and it made my life just horrible, but I did not seem to get rid of it. So I oincdered about suicide. I heard a piece of advice that if someone with cancer or the like has just half a year time to live, he/she ought to think how he/she wants to use it, and dedicate one's ölast times fully to those things, or like feels vbest for him/her. That heloed somewhat me to change profession: I begun to get positive content to life. But when that was not enough for really chamnging profession, I again thought of suicide and figured my own version of the thought: If I would think of committing suicide today, that would break my ties to the old spheres of life, I couldn't go to engineering studies anymore, and so if I would postpone my suicide half a day without telling anyone about it, I could go where ever I like most, like for example travelling in my home country or some happening of a different profession that I like, applying for a job that I would like very much, start a new wonderful hobby or buy with my money some clothes that would have a better spirit like the life I wish for, and wear them just like that - but couldn't go to old nasty spheres of life & old nasty studies. And so that difference to my old life again and again made my life much better and I no longer needed to think of suicide, sonce I had concretically much better life, for example much better professions. "

C108.   12th of July 2020   There are very many types of gnomes, gnome tales, gnome handiworks, etc in the world. So please refer to this text of mine as "gnome skills" blog text, instead of just "gnome", and maybe mention my name too and Finland.

* * *

Fourth part at
Skills of Christmas gnomes 4. Oath like love
Skills of Christmas gnomes 5. Gnomes from the religious point of view



 Monday, July 13, 2020

Skills of Christmas gnomes 4. Oath like love

Tale like things in everyday life, Skills of Christmas gnomes 4., Gnome like life in the modern world

This is the fourth part of a long text about the skills of Christmas gnomes and other gnomes.
The first three parts are:
Start from the part 1.:   (gnome like life)   Skills of Christmas gnomes 1. Gnome like life in the modern world (Finland)
Continued at with some of my best texts.   (high skills)   Skills of Christmas gnomes 2. Hero like skills
The third part is at      (some more difficult parts of gnome like life in practice)   Skills of Christmas gnomes 3. Tale like fascination in everyday real life

This is a diary like order of writing, so the headers refer to just something in the text and the rest is kind of randomly chosen, yet with some logic of what suits there, what makes gnome like life more possible.

D1.   "

1. Healthy natural ways of living are not a rigid rule or alike for everyone. Instead they are a group of things that are good to have in life and from which there usually is lots of good things coming if you catch the idea in them.
Feeling bad, dark thoughts, depressed, being ill, agitation, lack of energy, etc often are results of a lack of healthy ways of living. But how much you should do each thing in the healthy natural ages old ways of living, in that you need to try some amount and listen to what brings pleasantness and energy.
The healthy ways of living are a loose group of things and may depend on the climate.

2. The basic things in healthy way sof living are healthy food (eat many kinds of things like feels good) in which there is (according to the food circle advice taught in school, see point 215.) vegetablöes, fruits and fish year around. And pleasant varying sports, spending time outdoors and admiring the nature and a touch with the weather and going out just in daylight time.


D2.   "
18. What you daily excell in and get position from, what are your meaningful achievements and your successes, determines your profession to a large extend. So train just the skills of your dream professions! And avoid achieving continually in the demands of professional ability of such professions that you absolutely do not want tinto them. Show that you do well on other areas of life that are better suited for yourself."

D3.   14th of July 2020
"Women wishing for work like men's work
Some women do lot of evil, and often the reason for that is that they would like work like men's work, but when they are given such, they want something else, for example more social or wider ins cope, but refuse call it some other version, and so they again are given very boring men's work and so they get tired in a day or so and quit. They should pay attention to what expressions are used of each choice about w´how to do work, and change the exporession to suit their present view of what kind of work they want.
My mom liked her work a lot. And she had blue jeans, quite worn but without holes, quite nice looking, somewhat female but kept much like some men might keep theirs and not very finely. She also had a kind of ball shaped woolen shirt with dots (single knitted loops) of another colour. She had a hair almost to the shoulders witrh sorter above the eyes. It was kind of man like yet recignisedly female, very work oriented. She enjoyed her work very much."

D4.   How the summer is benefical for understanding
"A goiod understanding demands usually both warm (ideals, compare to flowers, + peace) and cool (heat regulation, objectivity, articulating grounds).
 On hot weather one usually senses the material strongly, for example the bark of a tree and the tree material inside the trunk of a growing tree, undergrowth plats with their leaves, flowers and raw berries, or for example the material of a newspaper, table top, etc. Such classifications are good for philosophy and for learning new talents: to which things one ought to concentrate, what is the center of attention in those skills.  Also the phonetical meaning of the phonems in a language use some such perspective, likewise how some indigenous people learn new languages was it in a half an hour or a couple of days, learn a new language well by learning it's view to the world and it's social perspective, which maybe when one thinks about it, is how a child is encouraged to be a part of that society by talking:
 A Finnish speaking one independently starting from one's own thinking perspetive and with one's own wisdfom of life, a Swedish speaking by paying attention to artifacts, an English speaking one encouraged to be socially a part of the social group as a person and a character, a Russian one to remember the society's theory perspective but to live in a way that values countryside life, a Japanese one to be one that does in poractice but has studied well the society's theory and taken it to one's heart, a Chinese one encouraged to do but to look how one does, a German one to be a society member that produces civilized theory perspective of the Steiner school type, a French one to live old time's countryside build miljo life, and a Hungarian one to remember taught things but to do like one's view of how is best quality and fascinating. (Just my guesses, I could not so well remember all languages that I know a little bit.) I guess that an Arab warns that outdoors it is hot and dry and salty air, better indoors but it is nice to spend some time outdoors ever now and then. An African (Swahili) I guess would like to continue traditional African small village life, accepting in addition only shop. A Spanish one encourages to live as an individual that leaves a bold space for feeling wisdom of life. I guess that the language of Tahiti gives an advice that listen and think with your best understanding which routes work best and do along them. Hawai'ian Aloha I h´guess would be from this view "Could we take it easy/calm?". A dog puppy is adviced by other dopgs to do by oneself, according one's own best understanding and wisdom of life. A bird youngster is advices by other birds to remember taught wisdoms and do oneself in skilled ways. 

In the summer it is good to lie on the grasses and look at the landscape and tree branches wavung uin the wind, so that one has there some kind of basic perspective, a landscaoe like view to be a model for pictures of the whole in objective thinking and in one's picture of the world. It is good that it does not interfere but is instead just apicture and in it somelife and it doe snot bother oneäs feelings. It is good that we´hen one looks the view is according to feelings: one learns that the goals of thinking can be and ought to be according to feelings, and at the same time eyes/pictorial thinking tell objective structures. It is also good that one feels easy and the relations hip to the landscape is without problems and in agood mood.
Also looking at the flowers is important: those connect to ideals and the atmosphere tones of the seen leaves etc, helpt o think how such would be possible in practice and teach virtues to it or help learning them."

D5.   15th of July 2020
 "In Savonlinna the weather is very different from the weather in the capitaldistrict. In the summer time there can be a coupleof weeks of heat ovet 30 Celcius daytime highest and then suddenly almost 10 Celcius as if a book had been closed, it reminds me of the song book of a singing course. In the winter time there is maybe -10C more freezing than at the capitaldistrict, the coldest mornings here in Savonlinna maybe aorund -30C but the air dry and somehow calm compared to the moist winter wetaher biting the face at the capitaldistrict. In the plant specias map there is a nose at Savonlinna: here grow also the palnts that demand warmner climate (the II Finnish vegetation zone, counting from southern Finland northwards). And it is true that Savonlinna is of it's own kind culturally, it is as if the weathers were characterical to it.Whena coule of years ago I heard of the cancer surgery of my papa, the weather went cold, there was a rain ofwater mixed with snow already in September, one and a half months too early, and it suited the mood. Many times earlierin the capital district when there has been something tough in life, school, studies, whatever it was, then coming out has the biting weather hit me to the face and somehow cured the atmosphere, has been an influence suited to the moment.
And if I have been talking about the weather with someone, someone has said that it is rainuing, and another one a little bit later that the rain already passed, already there is teh sun peeking through the clouds. It is as if we experienced the weathers from different points. Also on different areas tell that one village got snow so much that the ground was covered only so and so, and other got many centimeters of snow, all white. So has the summer cottage it's own weather, aech village and town it'sown, the center of the town more watery, places lived in more snowy.
To which extend we create ourselves our own weathers? Sometimes when things have gone evenly and there has been nothing special, it is as if the weathers had been evenly warmer, milder. And then if I meet some nasty work oriented engineering oriented person, there is windy, water mixed with snow, tough,rough, as if the nature too would hit one against the face roughly the same style as the nasty person. And then when I forget that, instead of the city center I walk the peaceful streets of the living areas, a coup of centimeters' snow covers the little travelled roads,it is beautiful and peacefuöl.
With foreign culturalinfluencuies it seems that the same kind of thing happens: it is as if the wetahers would develop into their direction. Maybe I myself live themin their eways, but does it mean that they for example knwo how to live weathers warmly if I do not copy from them but from their cultural wuisdom?

Can we choose our own roads? Will some road bring environmental problems and via some other things go well, relaxedly? Do we have the skills to choose right our ways of living, attitudes, ways of doing, ways of being social, our human contacts, values, our professions with their ways of thinking, the circles of our lives? Will we learn?
Scientifical results aren't as sure as one would think them to be. The thinking ability of those who enjoy sciences isn'tusually among the best. They maybe understand how measuring equipments work, but do they understand what the weather was like at each place when they hear different typesof persons in different conditions tell about what they experienced? Is there any certainty that the weather is everywhere the same? Isn't there more evidence that under socialpressure one does not get expressed through one's own view of what the weather was like, when someone shouts their own experiences, but instead thnks they experienced the same weather ind ifferent eways? But freezing cold snow is different from powder like snow: maybe some had freezing weather and smallbits of snow thrown to their face by the wond, while others had feathery buff everything white and still third ones had city streets with watery snow.

Translated from Finniah

D6.   19th of July 2020   The same weathers in the summer time can feel much more enjoyable if you have some skills of living the summer weathers wisely: In this text over 80 advices:
D7.   21th of July 2020   I borrowed from the library a travel guide to Greece. My poodle was glad of the subject but soon got tired. When I looked at the book it advertised things like monasteries, tavernas and ruins and food, and not much life. It was as if it were some working place which had some burden to carry. I wondered if the burden was the ruins,how to get the history to carry well even present day. I mentioned to my dog that if such is a burden, it means that it is't an uninterrupted cultural history, but instread has had pauses with nothing of the kind, maybe 200 years thought my poodle and lost it's tiredness. It also said earlier that if it is just history in books, people and animal persons  seek torise to that level themselves, instead of just following somelearned knowledge without trying on one's own to reach that high.
Also if the ruins tend to have the ground magnifient looking but no walls, pilars etc, yet those are of stone. Can it be that the pilars etc were not so fine looking, but were more like too stupid? It often happens with beginners that they have some magnifient insight that with ordinary present day thinking could lead them far, but they do not reach that far since they lack such organised skills in it. Can it be that also present day Greece achieves high in teaching the beginners, for example people coming from Africa, and that could be like in the early days of Greece, i.e. just like the culture carries well that is left in sight in teh ruins? Could it be that one could maybe reach that high all the way if one looked at the local trees while one thought of the subject and maybe also when one tells about it, kind of placing each though next to some curve of a branch or the like? Trees offer seen structures together with their atmospheres that often connect to the life in that climate, to it's good ways of doing, and often one can compare a thought with the atmospheres of a tree or a bush that has branches at least partly in sight, and so the culture's and climate's good ways of doing and the landscape like view natural in that climate come along with a good sense of structures, even complex ones.

D8.   22th of July 2020   "Two old texts of mine:

Free e-book:
Tough Power Benefit Calculations About Sex & Women: women's values calculated for men:

A shorter text:
Curing future threath scenarios:

D9.   "25th of July 2020   Kalevala as a word brings to mind the word "kalavale"= a lie about how enermously big fish(achievement) you have managed to catch, and the words "kalliit valat" = valuable loved oaths, which is something that kalevala's wisdommakes possible or more possible."

D10.   30th of July 2020   A traditional Finnsih song "Tein minä pillin pajupuusta" teaches high skill and superb quality via humblaness and ordinary life:

"I made a tiny flute out of a tree branch
surely it was only out of an ordinary tree, nothing special
hey, joyfully beautifully rings my flute
though only out of an ordinary tree

In the forest I play between late afternoon and the beginning of the evening
surely it is only at that time of the day
hey joyfully beautifully rings my flute
 though only in this time of the day

Cattle's bells also compete by their music with (the poor) mine
surely they only compete by their full music
hey joyfully beautifully also the cattle's bells
 only competingly play they heart touching music

The waves of the small lake splash and sing
surely they modestly ring the right tune just by splashing and singing
hey, joyfully beautifully the waves of the small lake
are modest enough to hit the right chord by just splashing and singing.
* * *
 In the Finnish speaking traditional culture of Finland there is the wisdom that by emphasising too much some rigid form, like I am good at this, you lose the quality of your actions. By remaining small and unimportant you all the time reach higher and get a much more fulfilling life and a better place to decide about things: your word counts when a good opinion is needed. I high is poor I with fine suffers from the company of the fine I poor is the right position for good quality work The forest is almost holy, so right it has everything in life. The cattle is closer to the healthy animal wisdom than we: they play more beautifully than I. But most of all the nonliving nature: the lake, has it right, since it is completely unspoiled by human ways."

1st of August   The above does not mean that one should not play in an orchestra. It just means that there is value in playing by oneself, like one's heart wishes and one's best understanding guides. Such makes one much more talented orchestra musician. It just means that one ought not be rigidly formal all the time if one has good will and civiliced ways so that one aims at the right direction also when on one's own.

D11.   4th of August 2020   I sent this gnome skills text to Korvatunturi, Ear Lappland Hill. There was a picture of santa Claus on a summer holiday, and it left a taste that santa gives more presents than I by writing this gnome skills text, and is more skilled and religious.
For foreigners there is a Santa Claus site at . If not a fairy tale figure, maybe santa is a priest or the like.

D12. 6th of August 2020   Some women create social tangles by how they associate with men and especially boys. They kind of like their ways and so they drown to each subject so that they lose sight of rationality and good quality and moral and the guidelines of bringing up children, and so they may end up in a danger of being beaten. If one wants to understand men and boys, one ought not drown in each subject of conversation but instead pay attention to what is the other poerson's way of thinking, see it as one picture as a aprt of one's thoughts/view, and see how good thinking ability the other one has: what he observes and what not, and what kinds of things he always errs in. In addition one ought to know his situation of life, what are the major factors in it, what kinds of social situations he tends to have and what tends to happen in them and what he so chooses as his tactic and what it leads to. And what kind of social pressure there is on him, what kind of place offered, in use, what he considers an imago question and how he handles such and what he so takes care of and what not,what does the situation look in his eyes and what objectively, what in the eyes of others. And so what is the society like and how are important things taken care of.

D13.   Some men do not understand women. The reason is that they think that all women are roughly alike and try to search for some common womanhood and so think that all women have all other women's characteristics, and that of course does not work out! Women aren't so complex. And individual differencies are typically bigger than the differencies between women and men. Different women are mostly characterised by the country, climate and culture they themselves are from, and what areas of life they personally feel inclined toward, and what are their skill levels, values and type of social relationships, and what professionm they are in and what situation of life they have in the biggest respects. Often men also confuse different types of women to be the same person, or alike because of profession even if they have different ways and different types of major hobbies, likings etc.

D14.   10th of August 2020   Kalevala is one of the most important bppks of world literature. People who have read it, have a better understanding of what good quality is like, and so they produce better quality and have a better understanding about the value of fracturelessness. So by reading Kalevala one's way of measuring quality changes, and that is a thing worth noticig: did you measure people, places, cultures etc in a way that took into account Kalevala's wisdom while earlier you did not. It is a possibility for growth in wisdom and fracturelessness, yet it at the same time does not value everything as much.

D15.   17th of August 2020   There is a tale that in places called something like "machines get broken" machines do tend to get broken, even so much that maybe one cannot use them. Some think that the might of nature might have something to do with it.

D16.   "...thought could be even the reason for God's existence and especially to the purpose of our existence, to the goals of God creating us.
I added the story here:
Once upon a time there was a God, not the highest one of all but an ordinary ruler of one world. The God was worried about the state of the universe since there was too much evil around. Beings didn't seem to understand why to not to be evil. So the God decided   it was the fate of the God   to try to cure all the countless worlds. In order to do so the God created a world, and created us in it, not to be spirits and capable of much like most of the beigs were, but to be of flesh and bone, and with a lesser intelligence, so that everything would be clear for all to see.
Now in this world we manifest how good is stronger than evil, because good means cultivating good health and evil means needlesss breaking, and because we all understand that a healthy one works better than a broken one. From a technology hell with evil around we have found a road back to the paradise which God created: it is the cultivation of good health of all scales. It is what makes us strong and happy and brings us the best intelligence that we can have. It is what saves this world and all the others.
One might add that if God created the world, God created it this way perfect."

D17.  My old video: World is of love and beauty

D18.  19th of august 2020   Come to think of it, I wonde rif the santa Claus gets it right to whom what kind of presents, or does it leave some bad luck to whom went what. I guess that choosing such is much like choosing what food to cook today: what nutritients are needed (see A64.), what makes life feel naturally melodical and brings energy for the things done, for a few hours at least but also in the long run what is good. In life generally that is more complex since people need healthy ways of living and things generally needed in life plus things of their favourite professions and favourite hobbies, things that makes them feel joyful and in a good mood, firendly and responsible, with healthy common sense and an energy reserve to meet what life brings. A good hobby tool makes that hobby possible in a good way. So it is somewhat also a question of what type of person the receiver is, something such type of persons find useful and joyful when they use it, and which also fits into the socviety.

D19.   25th of August 2020   Generally one gets easily accepted if one just takes care of one's job in a good way and don't rock the boat, just takes care of that things go well and wisely, in a nice comfortable and wise way, with wisdom of life too. Instead of trying to have an opinion about everything, gain power or steal the show. Maybe such attempts are a consequence of the world having changer so much and there being a need of better pictures of the world for many or even for all, which gets mixed with the need of individuals to have an understanding of their own along also outside their own areas of expertise, so that arrangements do not deteriorate into criminal ways.

D20.   26th of August 2020   From my text about cure guesses , "cure suggestions in them after the word "and"".
astma   "67. Difficulties in breathing and investing healthily in the main current of the society which has been said aloud  14.6.2015"
"A261. MStomach aches and correcting life choises tyo be according to feelings   24.1.2016"
"A344. Getting sudden attack of a disease and giving up the estimates that caused the attack    21.6.2016"

D21.   In borrowing from a library there is some wisdom of the town that one lives in that matters in how well one succeeds. It would be good to borrow just fine books that one happens to be interested in, maybe invest time and enthusiasm in like a hobby for a day or two or longer. Here in Savonlinna there are liked reasons to be in Savonlinna, like the summer time opera festival which makes this a good place to learn arts, and like summer cottage life which brings a contact with the nature and traditional kind of practical life. So the books that oen borrows are either from those subjects, good books in them, or get compared with such well liked good quality choices, and so one makes better choices, whether it is history or travel or novels or whatever.
Also,sometimes it is good to read books that one values but some other days are not so good, do not give rise to such a high level of skill and insight, such well running hobbies, and so at such days one ought to borrow some more basic book yet good quality, so as to repair the skill level of oneself and of one's living environment kind of via social influences back to the normal and even good quality, and likewise borrow something like nature books that are good for wisdom of life and good life and good possibilites of life generally, together with a nature hobby that is, for example looking and admiring the magnifient beauty of birds and trees, and so maybe after a day or two the situation ought to be different and one can choose again.

D22.   27th of August 2020   For possibilities of life the town that one lives in matters a lot. What are it's main attractions, it's location, it's favourite and main professions? What is it's culture like, which values, ways and skill level it has, do you like it? For those it is easy there to get room to and to learn about those things there. and

D23. 28th of August 2020

D24.   "What was Russian tsar like
As far as I know Russian tsar when he ruled was an individual interested in the upbringing of children and in getting people to do their work in a good quality way and to carry responsibility as parts of the nation. For that purpose when the tsar travelled he did or bought something done in a good quality way or otherwise so that it would make the local people do work in a good qualiuty way, use their own understanding and carry responsibility as parts of the nation - and this oughty to have been so that they in turn would have got other similarly to the right tracks for the nation to work well and people be healthy happy and free´ina civilized way. But I guess that this meant that the tsar did not have much power to command, more likely to listen to what professionals and wise people with common sense say. And the big things like trans-Siberian railway were propably the needs of the time by the opinion of many professionals and tsar was just the figure head in them, in a good quality way so as to get the nation to work well. And as such it maybe does not matter so much that he is not in power, but it disturbs the nation a lot if such deeds are opposed and not valued. Children upbringing is important for the nation and for the wide world, for the people themselves, for their happiness and possibilites in life, for what the society develops to in what comes to the quality of life and the skill level and wisdom in use.

D25. 29th of August 2020   These advices are about skills that I have found useful in life, but the gnome tale figure is somewhat misleading since it unifies softening with happy ways of doing, which is somewhat a contradiction, since happy or joyful ways of doing usually demand that one has freely chosen best ways of doing from several alternatives, which is typical when one does not need to choose only the softest alternatives. On the other hand these advices tell about the value of following feelings, so that such a goal does not disturb things done.

D26.   One could maybe continue thsi text in teh subject of happy life, but such advices are mostly in my long text about healthy ways of doing and continued at , but it is only partly tasnlated to English.

D27. 2nd of September 2020   "One ought not keep company to atmospheres. Keeping company like to humans makes one's rythm of life much the same as of the other person. On the other hand the atmosphere of for example of a tree near the tree is beautiful, when one separately conceives where is tree's atmosphere and where open space, and goes past the tree near by so that there first is open space, then at the shelter of the tree and then continues onwards, to life, to open space or maybe to other trees and forward, more like in a sporty way and like in cool than like with a full stomach and position oriented ways.
The effect of food to rythm is partly a consequnece of bodily functions needing time, partly a need for some kind of pause. And partly a consequence of keeping company to others who eat."
From my Finnish blog

D28.   "Oath like love" in the header refers to a way of life that is so good that one loves it and at the same time would not change it to something else since it is the best, and so one's love for the way of living is at the same time a practical choice that one would not give up and that one would fight for and work for. Such can be at least  for some part of one's way of life also dream job that one loves with natural healthy love and values and would not change to some other job. Healthy ways of living are such, the nature offers such, a good understanding with feelings and wisdom of life seeks to offer such and Kalevala is a book fromwhich to learn about such. That is something to do wqith fracturelessness, with ages old best choices and high ideals that are healthy in spirit. Kalevala teaches about making such choices, and the song Tein minä pillin pajupuusta teaches some glimpse of such quality.

D29. If one in these modern times has some problem with publicity, like feeling that many would like to ask the same question, a good way to solve such tasks is in my opinion to write it into the internet in a clear way at a general level for a wide audience all over the world, and not mention some details that could cause misunderstanding when for example boys read them and grasp them. Like for example the instructions for a gnome hat are in A1., except that there is one letter spelling error there and the instructions are short. For sewing instructions generally, read the third text of this blog . Good quality is important in such since it is very public, yet can be personal and mostly anyoen can read it.

D30. 3rd of September 2020   There is a much liked old Finnish Christmas song called En etsi valtaa loistoa, "I am not seeking for power or glory" that tells of the value of things themselves and of wisdom of life instead of grasping only tool like things.

"I am not seeking for power or glory

I am not seeking for power or glory,
I am not searching gold either.
I beg for heaven's light
and peace upon the Earth.
It brings Christmas which brings happiness
and lifts spirit up to god.
Not power nor glory
but instead peace upon the earth.

Allow me a peaceful hut
and children's Christmas tree.
The light of god's words
 in which my soul gets lighter.
Bring to homes, also to small ones
now Christmas celebration sweet.
Light of god's word
and some nobleness of mind.

To the poor and to the rich too
comes Christmas lovely.
To the darkness of the world
bring heaven's light.
I want you, I wait for you
you master of earth and heaven.
To the poor and to the rich
bring your sweet Christmas!"
(my translation)

D31. 7th of September 2020   If you have difficulties to get room to live in, invest in ways that have healthy spirit (since otherwise it does not give you room to live in) in the official main current of the society and of the groups that you associate with, the main currenty that has been said aloud and that is civiliced, some kind of wisdom of life. Sometimes it is just a little and sometimes much, depending on the subject, but it is how people think that one ought to live in the society and when associating with their gorup, so that it gives room to live in.

D32.   "The cahrm of a recording like an original recording comes from it giving room to things themselves. Instead of filming just about everything that appears to have a chance of success in the media, having manyfold amount of those things in one's life, having them in a spirited way, with skills and life skills backing themup, and using only tiny fraction of what appears to be good enough quality, so that the recording is just some glimpse of some richness of life and some areas of life of which there is lot to offer in practice for a wide group of people, and preferably for animals too since pets can rise some quality and skill and enthusiasm, some liked things to higher, more magnifient looking level, ordinary pets that is, not overused."

D33. 8th of September 2020   As far as I know all cultures do not emphasize the sense of atmospheres as much and some even don't quite understand what an atmosphere is. But it seems that all do have atmospheres and often observe them even though they may use some different words to refer to them. An atmosphere usually is a landscape of life in the living like for example what is typical for a certain time of the day, like a morning atmosphere for example and in it emphasized what works well for life, like for example if all else is badly often good food though has a pleasant atmosphere. An atmosphere describes rythms, sounds, major elements, typical light, beautiful features, things that touch feelings, life in the living like we experience it and value it. Merely going intellecta´ually through something without wanting to live in connection with such values typically does not have a good atmosphere. While moments of being drown in some action that one likes have a string atmosphere, are life that one reaches for, are fractureless for the individual. Being drown in some experience means that one observes it strongly and so atmospheres often affer very sure thinking.

D34. removed

D35. In Finland there is a tradition of hundreds of years of the old capital Turku declaring Christmas peace every Christmas Eve.

D36. Every year some days before Christmas Santa leaves his home by a raindeer sledge.

D37. 13th of September 2020   This is the 300th numbered entry of this text about learning the skills of Christmas gnomes, so I guess that it is a natural place to end the gnome skills text, especially since I do not feel like having anything more to write about the subject. I have just sometimes under the Christmas made Christmas preparations assuming the Christmas gnome role, and read two books about gnomes, and seen Christmas gnomes in postcards, celebrated Christmas and  sung Christmas songs...

Have a Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!
Kaisa Hannele Tervola and apricot miniature poodle Banjo, Savonlinna town, Savo, eastern Finland, North-East Europe

* * *

Skills of Christmas gnomes 5. Gnomes from the religious point of view



Skills of Christmas gnomes 5. Gnomes from the religious point of view

This text is fift in a series of texts about the possibilities of gniome like life in the modern world and tóf the skills of gnomes. The texts are in a diary like order, not according to the headers. Please start from the first one.
Skills of Christmas gnomes 1. Gnome like life in the modern world (Finland)
Skills of Christmas gnomes 2. Hero like skills
Skills of Christmas gnomes 3. Tale like fascination in everyday real life
Skills of Christmas gnomes 4. Oath like love
The whole blog

E1.   Christmas gnomes are connected with Christmas which is right after the darkest days of the year, a kind of new beginning that is so early that reliugion is the first one to grasp it, bringing hope of a better future. The darkest time of the year is hard to bear for most, and so the lighter days in the beginning of January are a relief for most. The tough times before Christmas demand a different way of doing, kind of softening, taking time for free time and for the comfort of feelings and for warmth, learning winter time skills too, and such is seen as the task of Christmas gnome like life before Christmas.

E2.   "Find religion from your heart
Stopping to watch a nature scenery you feel emotional beauty of such fractureless way of living and a sense of respect for such health. That respect is like a prayer: you can quietly say in your mind "please, let things be so well in the world!" and lift your wish somewhere high in the air for respect. So you have made a choise of values: a prayer unified with your whole way of living, a prayer that you respect in practise with your own way of living in your daily life as far as you can choose yourself.

Come to think of it, the wonder os existing, of sensing, of doing practical things in the world, of having social encounters especially with animals, it is something beyond our schooled ways of thinking, we cannot build such, we are a living miracle, so finely structured that our schooled thoughts fail to grasp it at all and we can just feel the contact with life with its' multitude of shades of natural observations of what life is like, how we and the world function. Miracle.
Do not follow rigid religious guidelines, instead make a healthy version of them and follow that, that one you will find in your own heart if you use just your highest wisdom in thinking and feeling what is healthy and what is not."

E3.   Highly skilled means that such area of life goes easily, almost effortelssly. One achieves much and does things with good quality. And for it to make sense from the point of view of life, also the way of doing, motivation etc ought to be such that they offer healthy kind of good life. Quite often people interested in developing skills and talents have some such features already as young, but more typical it is when one has got years of practice, and so many of the elderly are very much such. For such people to find a place for themselves in the societya nd in the working life, it is good if others consider it positive that someone offers a lot, kind of as gifts, and so with the extremely skilled, religion and the Santa Claus is a kind of saviour for their social life and for their place in the society, which of course is very benefical for the society, lifts it's skills level aa lot.

E4.   The elderly have typically found good choices in life, such that gets life more easy going and more successfull, while some other questions they have just found out that it is better to mostly bypass them, those were not their speciality, not their type of life, maybe not inside their skills. So they are mostly content with quite home bound life in chores that they like and are skilled in with tens of years of experience. And so "a gnome" can be a way of referring to an elderly person.

E5. People who tend to disturb the lives of others, often think that those who behave in a way well fit into the society behave "too gnome like", while others tend to call it just wise, life with some wisdom of life. Church supports civiliced wisdom and ways of living peacefully in a society and such is also taught to kids, so that gnome like life may be characteristec of younger people too.

E6. Wisdom of life makes life easier and more rewarding, even though not always without some toughness too, since healthy spirit is important for good life. Music that one likes, for example in the radio, teaches wisdom of life and makes one more intelligent, and so it may bring a gnome likecharacteristic to life.

E7. If god created the world, the nature in it's original undisturbed form reflects god's wisdom of god's creation work. It is the ideal for human functioning too, and a contact with nature, like for example life with pets, may give us better life, more wisdom of life and make us wise more widely.

E8. The church also takes care of the ill, who often need somehow softer, warmer, more homebound life with a take-it-easy attitude and something comfortable to do which might be gnome like things, since nature too is healthy and practical chores make one feel that one does something.
About cure attempts to illnesses, see

E9.   15th of September 2020   High skill is usually based on getting something right in a finely tuned way, and so it often demands some peace or benefits from peace. Such peace gives room to the things themselves so that one can get them right in a good quality way. Then it also teaches some such things for other skills too: how to benefit from peaceful circumstancies, and so a skilled person can sometimes offer fine views to others too, in other skills than one's own expertice.

 E10.   There is in the human nature a naturaö healthy ages old way to live a healthy kind of life and healthy spirit is important in it. From natural things in life, kind of basic life but a healthy kind of version/side of it and with wisdom and wisdom of life, teaches one how to follow feelings so that one's attention gets wider and more beautiful the landscaope around and it is natural so to follow feelings in a positive way, like music teaches one to do. And so one can for a while live in a panorama of music, in a panorama of life, and grow so in wisdom and in skills for life. But it is not always happy, not always a thing to reach for, since there are many kinds of feelings, also to big things in life and those things are not all happy. On the other hand, it is  a way of learning wisdom from one's experiences of life, a way which issupported by basci skills and healthy kind of life generally, especially sports that one likes and civiliced wisdom, the possibilities the society gives for good life in the society.

E11.   20th of September 2020    Maybe a gnome too could learn this way:

"Easy quick school for animals, especially pets and birds

 Animals which associate closely with humans, especially pets, ofr example dogs, sometimes ask if there could be a school for animals too. I have written advices about learning common sense like objective thinking and about fitting into the society, so here is my version of a kind of school for animals:

1) Thinking: use a landscape like view that observes structures. Good practise for this is looking at familiar scenes and landscapes with trees and some life in them. Trees and nature make observation ability better and join the sense of sight topgether with the sense of atmospheres, which is also good for thinking.

For teaching this to a dog that is interested in learning it, go outdoors to some peaceful enough place where there are trees but not overly amess. Do not strand face to face by your pet but instead side by sode so that it looks at the same landscape as you, and so you can look at it so that it sees it the same way and then you can walk to a bush, tree, street's side lawn etc like observed firstm, and that's it.

2) Fitting into the society: The advice "Live and let others live!" is good for this. Think of each person and each group sovereign as the trunk and branches of a tree in a park. It does not mess with the branches of other trees and those too leave it alone, to freely and happily live it's own life. Good will toward others is a good advice here.

 Another piece of advice is for all to work for better life in a better living environment, like work, hobbies, friends, caring for the environment, making the society good to live in.

3) Wisdom of life and healthy ways of living you can partly learn from how tree branmches curve topward light and what is their atmosphere, the mood it seems to refer to and the kind of life, and partly from sport and healthy kind of life on all areas of life.

* * *

There are also some other things that have often come to my mind when thinking of a school for animals, especially for pets and birds, maybe for mice too.

4) About teaching an animal to read there is a video about reading Finnish language at , but for it one must first understand spoken language, which often goes by associating with humans and paying attention to the situations and tones of voice, and later by remembering also the atmospheres of the spoken language. Finnish language is written like it is pronouced, but there are some differencies between literature's language and the words of spoken language.

5) The square looks of houses etc are a consequence of it being so easy to place two or more parts next to each other tightly and so that one can choose from nay options, what to place so. So one can build shelter from weathers and from dangers and use materials economically. Such houses also offer fiar chances for different types i´of individuals and a possibility for privacy. The square looks of houses are not good for intelligence and quality of life. For them it is good to look at trees outside the window. If life indoors feels tough, do not attach yourself to build things but instead only to the nature outside the window and to outdoors at large.


E12.   21th of September 2020   One gets influencies from what one does to the following things that one does, and so wise choices create more wise life and rotten or low-level choices make the following things quite impossible if they are not low-level too. Engineering is such: not so good quality thinking, likewise idiotic opinions and keeping company to or discussing with people who value people interested in engineering or the like, since such makes all views kind of mechanical, not so wise, and so one cannot understand the natural language of insight etc, of natural ways of doing and wise landscape like views that observe also feelings and atmospheres. Sports, nature, arts, religion, holiday with wise things of interest, music and following feelings & civiliced wisdom, also company of the elderly and wise books to read, help to correct the skill level back to wise and skilled. Here it matters a lot that one could keep things so well understood that sports are a part of life, things not too cumbersome and vague, and so one's quality of life would be better, one much happier and things done with a healthy spirit.


E13. 22th of September 2020   Talk to your pet profoundly about life and wisdom of life. It can understand a lot and so you build a good relationship to it.

E14. 28th of September 2020   If things are rotten in your enviroenment, it is often a question of you not fitting that place or activity, especially not fitting to the people there, maybe their skill level, values, characyer etc. Then things getting well is often a question of you choosing things very much according to your dreams, even extremely much, and using very good quality in them like is fitted for dreams, and helping others somewhat on the way, since they are not always perfect, but doing it so that things do not get rotten, i.e. use healthy spirit and civiliced wisdom. (If it stillis problematic, pay attention to having a different social group because of dfífferent profession or the like, and not sharing everything if the others are not likely to support. Often problems arise when you are too close socially instead of just civiliced distance with civiliced wisdom helping. You also ought to choose your own dreams and not from what others have chosen.)

E15. 29th of September 2020   Oh, do some want to know how to live a gnome like life in order tyo know how to live in a way fitted into the society? But those two are not the same. Gnomes are for the time before Christmas when it is very dark, it is dark when people go to work or school in the morning, and except the youngest kids, it is dark when they get to go home in the afternoon, and such life is hard because it feels as if there were no free time. So one needs a softening and the gnome soffer such. One also needs ghealthy action and the gnomes offer such too. But when it is not so dark mostly only the ill or somehow burdened need such softening. The good way to live in a way fitted into a society is to be healthily sporty and follow healthy natural ages odl ways of living plus civiliced wisdom. So it isn't gnome like in the same sense but it may of course include life accoring to feelings and a good atmospohere.

E16. 30th of September 2020   Boys and men being malicious toward girls and women is at least partly a question of thinking that boys and men are forced to get themselves killed in a war while women and girls not. But that is not quite so, since the benefit for a country of men going to war is to defend the country, to defend the good sides of it's way of life, circumstancies, values, for of government, skill level etc. And that in practice means that they have to have a some kind of army that is alive. A man getting killed in the war is no longer useful to one's country, so ´getting killed is not at all the idea of having an army. There are several ways of avoiding people getting killed. One is to avoid war but not at all costs. Another is to have so much skills that one does not automatically get killed, and here one must remember that you must invest on the skills of your own country instead of sticking to the skills levels of other countries, since those have different strenghts to help them. And you can fiught milder, not at all costs but instead in wise ways that respoect values and that safeguard against betrayals, traps, lies etc. So an army ought not be a question of getting killed, there is just the danger of dying and that is why one should count on skills and on the strenghts learned from civilian life, and not do stupid deeds. When kids are young, they rae typically asked if they would like to go to the military service when they are young adults, and typically boys always answer that they want to go to the army while girls say that they do not want since it is planned just for boys, but maybe they too want to keep such option available. So as older they are just asked, do you still want to go to the military service, have ýou so decided? It is important to have skills for life, but in a society that means also that those with skills have to take care of such things for the whole country, like is wise. But military matters interest just about all, so all have some kind of opinions and tactis an´bout them, but the opinions differ and so differ the tactics too, and so men and women choose different roads in life even though they all need to take care of the military things too, but being commanded by young boys isn't the way for a country to defend well.

E17.   4th of October 2020   Oh, one reasons for me writing about Christmas gnomes is that I have now for some seven years lived in an apartment number 24, and 24th of December is Christmas Eve when Finns celebrate Christmas among other things by giving presents.

E18.   5th of October 2020   I have now lived 11 years in Savonlinna, which is a countryside town in Savo in eastern Finland, and is famous for it's summer time opera festival in a medieval castle in the center of the town, and for the vast lake and forest district Saimaa around which has lots of summer cottages. So it is kind of practical life with arts and nature and some religion too. As I moved to Savonlinna, I had had a way of life and wisdom of life that brought happy life in such things, but as I have lived in Savonlinna, my life has been mostly centered in writing and I haven't been so happy. But today I tried to find that perspective of happy life, even though I have lately been stuck and stupid, but I gave it a try anyway and oproduced these two pieces:

F, D, very quick E, long A

D, very quick E, F, quick D, long A

But I do not know if it suits other places, even though it might,since Savonlinna is a tourist town. But anyway it is only about searching for that perspective of happiness, not about happiness itself.

E19. 9th of November 2020   "Saturday, March 24, 2012   A theoretical view of how fact language should be like music

Here is my view on how to develop one's way of writing toward musical
language that is at the same time best kind of informative fact
language. Maybe it could offer a dream to develop towards for many who
are interested in writing?
Fact lanaguage and thoughts describe the structures of the world,
which we observe via our experience and for which feelings give
emphazis according to their importancies and their areas of influence.
Feelings touch the level of our life in the living, giving motivation
for action and bringing content to life. From the point of view of
feelings the most impressive are the major features about what life is
like to live and what the world is like from the point of view of
Objectivity comes via faithfully describing perceptions and via
arranging them to a seen structured landscape, to which atmosphere
impressions give a philosophical view which tells what the phenomena
in the landscape mean to life. Perceptions become surer via
sensitively, faithfully to the level of sensory impressions and
sensations describing all the sides of one's perceptions.
Well working ways of doing and well working routes flow easily: they
have the best enthralling easy-going style.
This way best fact language's, and even fiction's, most successful
part are like music - some kind of experienced strongly touching
original basic form of music to which the ability of modern music to
touch the hearer still relies on." 


24th of October 2020   

   ( (   E20.   School tends to squeeze pupils to too little space, but last spring tere was an epidemy 

(coronavirus is said to kill people by slime in the breathing tunnel, but such happens when one has too cool clothes, so one might try a very warm thick woolen blanket or similar very warm bird feather filkled or the like winter blanket, the whole person, also hands, under the bölanket, but head outside it, and no holes that would let cool air in)

  and so kids and teenagers had school via computers from home and so they could study more in their ownb rythms and more in their own ways, and so this autumn there maybe was more room for stuidying according to one's own riuthms and ways and so when schools started in August this yearf ior the first time afer I started school there did not come a feeling of pupils being overly squeezed.   ) )  

  ( (    E21.   Feelings elp to answer needs and such is benefical for full functuioning, but what needs does food serve? If one for example eats fruits or fresh vegetables, the right amount is indicated by what tastes good and leaves one refreshed and with energy. It is similarly wuith other foods: general guidelines, see A64., and the excat foods and excat amounts according to what feels good and keaves one's body and mood well as long as the food affects. If one needs overly much food, one has typically neglected some part of healthy natural ages old weays of living, for example good moral that makes more room for life for oneself and others, for the wide world, and so one tries to compensate such lack by eating more. If one has some problem, tht is often like work to do: you need energy andf skills for that, so eat good food and have arts and civiliced wisdom and the like as interests right after eating, and so you grow in capacity and can handle things for which you do not have enough  skills or not a calm(?) enoiugh character.   ) )   

  E22.   27th of November 2020   My paradise theory

   ( (   E23.   31th of October 2020   Come to think of it, quite many, even very many people spend lot of their own choices into making life softer or easier instead of to things they love and that give them good life in a healthy way. One reason is that many have not noticed the need of others to soften to be so high like with serious disease, so that one is kind of round and food centered, instead of sporty and full of energy and good will. And so they try top get rid of that kind of round softening feature overwhelming them, and kind of cut it away from others too, and so cause the troubles of others. I have the impression that partly because of this many people do not have much room for their real selves, for what they really want in life. But that does not need to be so. Civiliced wisdom offers wisdom of life with which to handle mnany things in life and do well in life. But often people are not so in tune with it, but do somethings ocial instead. But if one would think of oneself and of the world, of what the world is like to live in, one could aim at the good of the world and that is in tune with civiliced wisdom, and so if one unifies that with one's wish for good life, one maybe could noc´tice where good life is needed and where it overrules some rigid guideluines that are not wise enough, and so one could have good life and be in tune with working life and the organiced society, so that one would gain space and be allowed a lot, and so have a good life and be a kind of model for others who wish the same.   ) )    

E24. 17th of November 2020   If there is a conflict of groups, one can caml it down by using a civiliced perspective via which it is easy to live, so that it is easy, kind of comffortable and natural, to choose in one's daily life, and use in it such a civiliced perspective that is healthy in spirit as the version that people and groups use, so that it works well and is a relief and pleasant and gets things well for all both in the short and in the long run. Civiliced values are a typical well working example of such.

E25. 20th of November 2020   If one thinks of what one wants and needs in life and how is it possible in one's situation of life, it does not carry as far as thinking at a general level, much like education brings general civiliced view of healthy ways of living and civiliced values, of what is good to have in life - kind of not stuck to the situation but instead picking always just the things that carry life well also in the long run, in all kinds of situations, just the essential things in that which means basic things in life like human nature teaches and wisdom about a good society to live in. So that one always has the beneficala ffect and grows in wisdom via that and ib happiness, but is free to use all kinds of situations like is best.

E26. When one is young, when one copies skills etc from others, one often does not know exactly what is the idea of the person in them, and what works out how, and so one uses a guess in the sphere of healthy ways of living and civiliced wisdom of one's own, as the ultimate truth about how the things ought to be, and so one copies that instead of detailedly from the other person, and so one gains the benefit of the civiliced wisdom and of healthy spirit and one's own personal view. So in a sense it isn't so much like just copying from the other. But as one gains more experience of life, one often learns to copy detailedly and so the quality of what one so learns gets lower. Also some tyr to learn to act and so they try to teach people to copy detailedly, which then does not suit anyone and brings conflicts and forced situations. So the right way to copy is like the young person who aims at the best answer instead of detailed copying.

E27. 21th of November 2020   Gnomes are not how I would describe the goal in ways of living and doing, sinbce gnomes emphasize softness and comfortability, which often leads to not having enough energy, not enough spirit, not enough courage and defences, not well along and maybe to o lazy and getting ill becauise of too much lazying. Instead one should aim at being activem sporty, courageous, spirited, well along in the idea of things, why they are done and why just so and how the society works and why just so and why are values valuable. So would life go easy, be happy and comfortable via more active life, more clear headed, more along with the idea in things and having defences ok.

E28. 23th of November 2020   If one aims at healthy ways of living with a sports hobby, one ought not take little singing birds as one's forefigure in them, maybe not other animals either, since singing birds mostly sit leisurely on a branch and are social, in the winter time they also keep themselves warm with food, so that they do not have so healthy ways of living as what would bring a good feeling and health for humans. Neither are they so sporty, but instead more home bound.

E29. 25th of November 2020   Watching sports of the tropics does not make me feel well and I get the feeling that the people in the pictures do not feel well either. Things natural in human nature like sports, beauty of nature, using the senses, etc ought to make one feel happy, fulfilled, easy in the heart, relaxed and relieved. I wonder if people in the tropics do not come home from work orstudies, eat a little, change clothes and go somewhere to run or play, to have a relieving sports hobby which offers fullfilling lifeso as to counteract the burdens of work or studies. One ought to have a natural inclination for moving. Maybe that demands cool, I do not know, but one ought to follow one's momentary feelings and common sense. I learned such moving when as a child I was somewhere walking with my mom and she said, let's run hurriedly there, a short distance, it was eager and a feeling of sports, yet short and not planned for. There is also a song about moving according a curly wind in a cool road with trees around. (1.12.2020   Obs. This video is not mine. It is from the video site )

"Look at the nature, examine the direcrion of the wind, it is from the north (cold), press your lips determinedly, turn your backj to the wind... the nature does not give any victories ( it is always giving rise to best quality and wisdom of life)"

E30. There is a Finnish saying that one does things "on the wing of others" which means that mainly the others are doing that but one went along with them and so got a chance to that for oneself too, so that one is in a sense in their shelter in getting possibility for such thing. Generally if one chooses oneself everything, that is somehow very basic, not complex, always only the same things, and so it is not as wise view as one would think. But if one instead goes along with others and they do something they like or need, one starts to wonder what one oneself would like to do, and so one refers to civiliced wisdom saying that all can freely choose their profession, a profession that they like, and where thye live, in what kind of culture and olace, what are their good sides, and so on, and so one is with a wide ladncape of professions with their good sides, different people, places and cultures all with their own good sides, and so one is cultivating much more good things if one does things "on the wing of others" and so there are also more possibilities open for oneself in the world, and maybe the environment works out better so too.

E31.   26th of November 2020   Sometimes the world seems to be full of evil and social life of attacking people, but often the situation isn't necessarily so bad. Instead many attacking kind want to be strong and survive well in life, maybe do well in something. But they often do not notice how all human such goals are, how many different such tactics there are and different skill levels with different looks, diffreren t values, different situations of life,different ages and experiences, different influancies from other cultures which all have different views on military circumstancies and of soldier like virtues. It is typical that when people do not like someone, they often try to get rid of such person and so they are evil toward him or her but at the same time they like others and are often wonderful civiliced wise persons toward them. Sp getting enough room to live in, not going too close to others if one does not sincerely like thme and want much such influencies to one's life, often cures such problems away. It is also typical that if someone is not liked, the others have somehow misestimated his/her style, for example considered soft looks because of illness or need to change profession to be the person's views on military tactics. So often doing motivatedly something quite common but valued like for example work or free time, brings looks that are easier to understand and so there is a clear place for such a person in the environement and so one gets along easier. Also so one is more concentrated on doing things on one's own and not in vaguely contacting others.

E32. 27th of November 2020   Maybe one could use this melody of mine to support world peace

The first part of the melody is of thinking of oneself, the other of thinking of the person one talks with and the third of thinking of someone further away, each supporting the good of the world in their own ways, a good future for the younger generations, a good world to live in, support them in a way that is reflected in how one lives one's life.

E33. Gnome like characteristics in a way of life are especially much allowed and hoped for, since a gnome has a very positive view on working life, is eager to work and satisfied with one's work, and lives in a way well fitted into the society, both to the modern working life and to having healthy ways of living, a love of the nature and other good sides of traditional ways of living which give endurancy, health and happiness and fracturelessness which increases wisdom and wusdom of life. So gnome like characteristics are not too tale like and ought not be dropped away in the modern world. Each person has one's own likings and a gnome has learned how to find room for them in peace with the rest of the world. A gnome often arranges much of what one needs or wants by oneself and so is not so much a burden to others. A gnome supports the civiliced society, and so is a valuable individual to the modern society.

E34. Is gnome like life what you start to do, if you as younger had studies and work oriented life, but then stopped that and moved to another kind of place with more fractureless culture or somehow more gnome like, and then you did not have priofessional skills for that but wanted yto learn, so you started something in that direction and found chores for yourself and across time many useful things to do and content to life but not exactly a job?

E35.   28th of Navember 2020   In the deeds of the elderly, in the style of wild animals and sometrimes pets, and in the forms of traditional art, there are magnifient fractureless whole and things deeply according to the human nature, how things ought to be in life. Such skills are partly a consequence of having good basic skills like education aims at and civiliced wisdom, and then in addition one does things and learns along one's own interest but seen in the light of civiliced wisdom, making them more profound and more worth while. And that whole thing gets energy and deeper thoughts. deeper feelings from following ages old fractureless healthy natural ways of living on all areas of life, of deeds being wiorthwhile in that sense, worth doing like our heart says and what wusdom says about what is wase and good way of doing things. And those skills get support from wandering in the nature and looking at trees, so that one compares a thought with a tree branch or so, it's curvature it's healthy spirit, it's atmosphere, and takjes those as a guide toward better quality and wisdom of life. And so piece by piece one builds a better world, better life in a better wiser living environemnt, and does that in a way which is art like to remember, to copy and learn from, not a burden but instead a natural pleasure, wisdom like the ages old ways of living, their parts.

E36. 29th of November 2020   There is something alike in Gnomes and this kind of ghosts, but there is a clear difference too: gnomes are clearly alive and positive in atmosphere and safe, while ghosts are thought to have died a long time ago and may be mixed with negative characteristics connected with ghosts and the spirits of the dead and with dangers of dying. 

"Spirits of the dead, like wind or a white fabric, is different from ghosts, like an old times' human figure that has colours but which one can maybe part of the time partially see through. A ghost has liked to live in some place, still just lives there, even though all have not noticed him/her, but maybe he/she is an elderly person who just lives quietly and likes handiworks, maybe wants to keep up handiworks tradition and that tpogether with older age makes the clothes look unusual. If the world is of spirit, he/she is maybe sometimes with you in the same world, when you somehow like to live in the same kind of miljo as her/she, and at other times,when you live a different kind of life at different times of the day or night, he/she is maybe not there seen at all in your spheres of life."

"I do not know how one could see ghosts, but I guess that it is via liking some place, being fascinated by it, a place that has a long history, that has been liked and valued."

 E37. My poodle remarked to the subject of ghosts that foreigners often have a peculiar unwise view to the dead. On a walk in a forest patch with already snow too there was the atmosphere of maybe spirits of the dead, like insects on the branches of undergrowth having died, but it was in harmony with the nature and humans and animals there, maybe the insects were just stiff and followed the wanderers with their eyes, and were there to spend the winter so and wake up in the spring to birdsong, sun and waking nature. While foreigners tend to stick to subjects like ghosts and spirits of the dead as if they were looking to a drawer to see what is there, as if ghosts etc had always existed and there were no danger in them. But my poodle said and I agree that things have not stayed the same. Ghosts in the past times were a different thing. The times have changed and the ways of living  and values and the amount of fracturelessness and harmony, and so ghosts too must be a differewnt thing, and different even for each individual, since they have different values, skills and nature.And so one must build by oneself the fracturelessness to one's environment, in questions of life after death too. One way to associate with ghosts etc is to wish good for them and for others around too, and to leave them in peace, in a good life as far as one can influence.

E38.   "97. Praying and knitting
 When I started the first pair of mittens, I did not have any previous successes in knitting, and my habits were full of advices from others and influencies from the ways of kntting of characters completely different from my own, not at all nice ways to knit. So maybe up to the halfway of the first mitten I prayed several times that I would find peace to find my own way of knitting, my own handiwork skills and not to collapse under the mountains of influencies from others. And so I think that that helped a lot in that I learned to like knitting."

But my view on how to get peaceful life is instead to wish well and support civiliced views.

E39. 30th of November 2020   In following the presidental elections of USA I did not understand much. But is it so that one party wants things according to education, while the other says that people do not in practice make choices so and that needs to be taken into account which then causes more like a mess. In the University of Helsinki, Finland, where I studied as a young adult (I studied theoretical physics and math but did not like them at all, it just made no sense; but I studied also some theoretical philosophy and liked it, still value it somewhat), it was thought that educatyion needs as it's support a wider view of the world, often theoretical in the light of wisdom of life and with the ages old healthy natural ways of living giving a picture of humans via which one can understand a lot and offer happy life in practice, well working solutions too. Via wisdom of life one finds answers that are good for others to use, and so the solutions work out better, and the biological picture of humans is at so theoretically wide level that it can build a bridge between different types of humans and even animals, so that one does not create a mess but instead easy naturally working solutions. 

E40. 1st of December 2020   Civiliced wisdom like education teaches has typically truths that some understand and some others do not fully understand. Since one tends to drown in the skill level and viewpoint of the person who talks, oneought to start by the ones with a good understanding explaining things and viewpoint, if one wants to clarify the elementary grounds for the wise choices, and not the more stupid and irresponsible explaining their viewpoint.

E41. 2nd of December 2020   Wandering in the unbtouched environemnt often spoils it and would be better left undone. But on the other hand untouched snow for example seems to invite to wandering in such a beautiful refreshing harmonical way. Could it be that such is often allowed if one is enough in tune with the environment, it's values, ways of doing etc, but that inviting others to it is not allowed. While wandering there one ought not in one's mind imagine telling about it to one's friends or kids etc, since that is different life, more unwise than the nature and so psoils the harmony already as a thought, and since if they would come, that would be as if dragged, and out of tune with the real spirit of the values of the place. But if others too have found it in their soul the fasc´cination for such a place, wihtout being talked about it, they too could wander there in harmony.

E42.   3rd of December 2020   I looked at the beginning of the book Joulu joutui, Christmas time came. It seemed old fashioned good quality book. It had in the cover pictures of a Christmas gnome that brought to my mind post office, it is said that Santa Claus has a huge post office and nothing much else. Could it be that in the old times Christmas was connected with sending and receiving postcards and Christmas packets, so that people maybe did not visit relatives but instead send them well thought of letter and pictures, much like post and not so much like revealing sio much about themselves, but maybe something, for example some dream and many Christmas like things. Also the book brought to my mind that had they in the old times had more Christmas like everyday life that time of the year, for example feeding birds, making home nice, Children playing, music in the radio or singing at home, sports outdoors, animals, nature, treasured books, glimpses of dreams, etc

The book said that Christmas is at the same time young and ages old. It seemed to find a way of adapting new things to be parts of the Christmas fun, it's pleasure, yet keeping tradition's good sides, it's valued things too. I feel that this Chritsmas gnome skills text of mine would need such adapting, but I do not know how, since mostly I have compared it to Christmas tales and to advices in hobby skills. Yet it is from the time of computers, when the speed of e-communication is so quick that it alters the Christmas traditions.

The book said that the present day Christmasses are only a little bit over hundred years old and came first to bigger houses and priests' homes and only later to all and still later to town center Christmas street lights & shops. Often such as celebrations are a way to lift the quality of life where it otherwise would be too low, like with food for example. And so the traditional ways of living which were happy as far as I know, did not need it so much, but people who helped the ill and miserable, like priests needed such, and also those with much less wisdom of life like those who valued houses instead of the nature and wisdom of life. And a town without much nature is also not so good for wisdom of life, while decoration lights help to remind that there are positive things to build one's life upon and one can buy many useful nice things for exampole in Christmas time, and the ordinary example ofskis offers good life, health, sports, outdoors healthy life, nature, possibility to wander on one's own, and a good example of things that moist like at all ages, and need too.

My impression is that it is the same with s´Santa Claus Lands of different countries: people who have been much ill some turn to Santa Claus when they are miserable and exhausted, and the fact that Santa Clauses are realk persons makes such burden colour the Christmases too, brings vagueness to thme and also an ability to let go, to just sleep and dream and aim for a bettrer life, find some good will too and thankfulness for the nature and life around, for one's possibility to take part in them like is pleasant.

E43. "Often near by people forcing wrong kind of things or things which have wrong kind of spirit to one's picture of the body or tyo one's life, seems to cause cancer, for example claiming nasty things to be good for the other. While free life with healthy spirit, like civiliced wisdom seeks to offer, like seeking towards one's dream job, healthy wyas of living and music, seems to cure cancer away and at leastd oes not cause cancer at all."

E44. In this neighbourhood in eastern Finland I live in there is a woman of whom I, and maybe many others, did not first know if she was wanting to move to live in the tundra somewhere, or if she was originally from the tundra and wanted to learn to live somewhere else. But I guess that is one's aura, that means atmosphere, social style, ways of doing in what comes to their spirit and values, likings, values, etc, if those are like the people in the tundra, then she wants to move to live in the tundra. But if her aura is something very different from the tundra, she does not want to live in the tundra but instead where the life is like her aura, but if she is originally from the tundra, she may have habits and views and skills of the people in the tundra and she ought to learn new skills which would suit her own inclination, her own values and likings. (So, an aura is different from the general shape or impression of the person, or an exact picture of what she/he does, since those are most likely what she/he has been raised to, or what he/she has lately done. Instead an aura in this sense means what influencies the person seeks and has as a long time much liked hobby, what are her dreams, what kinds of things she/he likes and what she/he anchors herself/himself to because that is her/his dream. Like for example music or money or sex.)

E45.  4th of December 2020   Last month there was lots of Swedish influence in Finland and I learned that the Swedish are much more stupid than the Finns since the Swedish neglect looking very much or look from their memory instead of all the time forming a good picture of the environment, and so their ability to pictoral objective thinking is much lower than Finns'. They are also interested in single benefits and harms instead of, like Finnish speaking Finns, looking at the wide picture and wishing well to the society and the world and that with healthy spirit, wisdom of life and an understanding of how societies work. But an interest in farming for example emphasizes the sense of sight and so cures thinking ability to a large extend.

 E46. "(For Thanksgiving long walk in the cool creates a quietened mind that
apprexiates the rough beauty"

 E47.   5th of December 2020   "In a summer time's rainy day wear long trousers or the like. Then you can wear a coat and go for a walk to see and listent o the rain and the nature somewhere where there are trees or bushes: to listen to the rain drops on leaves, to look at the beauty of the rainy weather's nature and to smell the greenery on rain or just after a rain. When you return home, put wet shoes to dry well ja wear dry woolen socks, eat pie or something of the kind and maybe drink a cup of tea."

E48.   "

READ this chapter, it is the ground for staying warm in the autumn: 

When in the late summer waters in the lakes get cooler because of the rains and the weather is in the late summer and in the beginning of autumn somewhat cooler but such that is good to spend time outdoors, then if you for example on the way tip your feet to the water in the lake shore or walk in teh terrain among the grasses which have partly been burn and dried by the heat of the hot summer days, you are then at the same time both fierce and warm enough, you feel the power of the summer time's nature, it's wisdom, you watch life from the point of view of a wild animal, from a point of view that gets superbly well along with the seasons, life's toughness, it's warmth, the wisdom of an almost full lifetime, summer's emotionality and the challenges that the nearing autumn time brings to wisdom, to how to be strong, weather proof, able to make preparations, oneself warm and wise, with wisdom of life, feeling, with foresight, one who finds balance between energy reserves and the demands of the weather, an indian of the late summer, a few steps in the bushes of the shoreline, on the shore stones, and when the weather gets cooler or the feet get wet soon fleeing indoors, to eat pie, woolen socks warming one's feet, watching out of the window, planning adventures, looking for nice things to do."

E49.   "
Years ago I learned to like wandering on city streets in April, when I used to read poems in the spring time, but I do not remember which poems fitted just April. Now all the snow has not yet melted but I guess that for example old Chinese poems:
A quotation from Pertti Nieminen's Finnish translation collection "Veden hohde, vuorten värit, Kiinan runoutta" (Water's shine, the colours of the mountains, Chinese poetry)
A poem of Chiang K'uei
"A summer day on Ling-Yin mountain

The wind blows to the pine branches,
it longs me to join it under the pines.
From via the northern mountains comes clouds;
I need to all the time turn my head
             and look at them.

Clouds arise all day and night,
the rain of the mountains keeps clothes wet.
How long do I need to still sit
            behind the bamboo window
and mumble new songs about the rain falling?"
(My translation)

 Indoors in April especially green plants make it nicer, and maybe also natural materials, things like traditional handicrafts, like a basket, and a nice blanket or the like soft warm with nice atmosphere and still needed. An instrument / music too." 


* * *

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Skills of Christmas gnomes 6. : Some pieces of music

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Skills of Christmas gnomes 6. Some pieces of music

Please start from the first post of this series:

Skills of Christmas gnomes 1. Gnome like life in the modern world (Finland)
Skills of Christmas gnomes 2. Hero like skills
Skills of Christmas gnomes 3. Tale like fascination in everyday real life
Skills of Christmas gnomes 4. Oath like love
Skills of Christmas gnomes 5. Gnomes from the religious point of view
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The headers are not descriptions of all the content, since the text has been made in a diary form.


 F1.   "An old picture of mine of a lila ukulele with pictures in it, which I have learned somehow eases things away from being ruined without a reason, but brings very foreign cultural influence that I am not sure of if it is good at all or not, kind of religious instrument but nowadays I have another red ukulele too and it too seems to have some effect on the same direction, an instrument of the paradise islands.

But I have mainly played some familiar chords on these. Songs I play on a keyboard which has some 200 different instrument sopunds."

 F2.   One thing I have learned to value a lot and that solves amazingly well life's problems, is following one's dreams, like for example as a kid I dreamed of becoming a singer-songwirter and sang at home and played an instrument. Often when people refuse to give you a place in something, that is a question of them thinking that you are not that kind of person. But when you follow your highest dreams, it is clearly in sight that you really wish such, and you adapt to the demands of such things with your whole being, and propably so that the effect lasts for your whole lifetime, so that you really are such kind of person and so there just naturally is a place in such for you. Often that means setting your demands quite high, like for example some dream of being a boss. All do not have such dreams, so maybe such dreams make you adopt more characteristics and skills needed in such life, for example such values and things that one can build upon such likings. And of jobs there are many kinds of versions of even the same job, so that an entirely different kind of person finding ajob in the same does not mean that your assets would be bypassed. 

F3.   "Just some attempt

I attempted something song like, like singing in a group, with the theme singing experience of life. But the problem is that it was like explaining it to others, and not like learning it by oneself, like a song should be made. And besides my mood was not so singing experience of life, more like somewhat hoarse."

F4. "How objective/military is much the same as atmospheric

Today when I went to the bus stop, there was at the parking lot of the neighbouring house a red car on the road and two big men speaking Russian. One of them seemed like men from around here but the other one looked like Russian military or something of the kind. The question seemed to be: How a red car goes with the military? My answer is that if you are motivated to your work, also if it is in the army at times of war, if things are well for your work, your feel like saying "Great!", you feel positive, so it is much so that your positive feelings guide toward full health and things healthily in the world, to things well for your work, and negative are marks things being poorly for your work. See my paradise theory book for this . But it means that you do not count as feelings laziness, comfort and things like that, at least not much but more like pay attention to what is the motivation for them: are tired, do you need a pause, do you need food, company or what is it?
Another answer is that objective perspective, also if it is military, like seeing the structures in a landscape, with proportions right, is much the same as an atmospheric view to living in that landscape. I tried to compose it, but I feel that I did not so well succeed. The moment wasn't good for composing, I more like felt unskilled.


F5.   "Moral

Moral that is light to bear, not exactly a melody, more like it described in note form.


F6.   "Attempt at enlightenment

Yesterday I tried to compose about enlightenment, but it was more like thinking of what is needed, and not ,meditation or the kind-

"Attempt at composing
More like thinking of it. My idea was that usually an emphazis on wisdom of life is needed plus cuvuliced wats and the main current is ages ofl healthy natural ways of living and healthy spirit. I guess that my text could help.


F7. I just said this to my poodle, I wonder if it hasn't noticed himself. Chores and things done typically do not demand that you would do them in a certain way detailedly, but isntead allow lots of variation even if the task demands some skills. Like if you need to look detailedly, you can for example just live leisurely and have senses open, or you can be pedantic and concentrate on looking detailedly, or you may think obje´ctively and have a clear sense of sight in commection with it, or you may practise sports and that opens your sense of sight to more vivid and clear, or you may just look at the things that interest you. 

F8.   6th of December 2020, Finland's Independence Day   A detailed way of looking can be very beautiful if one has wisdom of life along and uses a natural way of looking like sports and an interest in painting teaches, a way which has atmospheres along and observes colours, lights etc, ways of living and understands well what one sees, what it means to life. One also needs some independency, since that brings an ability to meet situations wisely, to not to be at their mercy. Independency is suypported by civiliced wisdom, which carries far and gives safety and a alife according to feelings and best understanding. Looking at things detailedly does not ruin them, since wisdom of life that emphasizes healthy natural ages old ways of living on all areas of life, sees the power dynamics of situations and people's motivation and what their life situations are like and how they develop. And Finnish view of how it is good to live in a society, like "Live and let others live" for example, solves just about all the problems in it, if it is followed. And so things are on a strong ground when one uses a detailed photograpf like way of looking isntead of blurred eyesight.

F9. Finns do not have a tradition of celebrating much anything else than Christmas and birthdays, Finns do not seem to have the skills of celebrating, since when you ask foreigners what is it how one ought to celebrate, they say something finer than usual and eating. But if Finns think something is better than the ordinary, like for exampel music, fine conversations, valued traditions, beauty of nature and art, we think that it ought to be made a part of the veryday life, and so we once again lack the finery for celebrations. Today is the independence day of Finland and there was in the news told about independence day traditions in other countries, and it sounded even more problematic than our lack of celebrating (I have isially burned a candle on the window, like is teh tradition, and that's my amount of independence day celebrations.) since there may be a confluict about who is in power, and foreign interests too. But Finns think that independence is for the good life of the people, and somewhat also for the good life of similar kinds of people in the wide world, so that it ought to be celebrated just in ways that help such, which of course often is for Finns ordinary Finnish life, and maybe following how others celebrate for the nation to satisfy the inetrnational demand for independence day celebrations all over the world. But as such it seems quite nonproblematic, without much foreign interests except in what comes to the official celebrations in the mdeia, anbd as far as I understand thise are kept quite much like what is asked for but maybe mild and quite Finnish so as to avoid misunderstandings of who and where we are.

F10. 8th of December 2020, Finnish Music's Day   I used to have my keyboard against a wall, tehre seemed to be a nice neat place for it there, and I played it almost every day, but so my music became flat like the empty wall and my wisdom of life was in practice lacking in spirit. I remembered that as a child I had always played my accordeon in a place from which I saw tree branches, and it had somehow fitted the spirit of accordeon music, teaching wisdom of life and making a connection with traditions. So I changed my keyboard to where I could see trees, even though the place was not so good, and after a while I noticed that I did not look at the trees while I played, but still after a long time, is it two years or more, I noticed that I had so regained much of the spirit I had had in my wisdom of life, and the direction was still toward better spirit and happier healthy kind of life.

F11. Around my last birthday in the late summer I did not know if I ought to celebrate it somehow or not at all, but I made a melody of how it seemed to go quite well, and I wrote about birthdays and the passing of the years to a blog of mine

F12. My childhood Christmasses, and also often Christmasses later too because of memories, were not so happy since I did not get along with the other family members, but I liked very much the Christmas tree and other Christmas traditions. Especially much I liked visiting the graveyard: big trees, snow, families together remembering those who had passed away, a sea of candles under the trees and a view of how generations follow another, at the way home Christmas songs in the car radio.

F13.   " I was born in Helsinki and lived there over 30 years. So I heard quite many versions of why the capital has such a name, but mostly the opinion was fully according to the Finnish saying "A name does not make a man worse if the man does not make the name /reputation worse." i.e. that one ought not pay attention to names but to things themselves instead.

Tervola was maybe the best Finnish name, so it maybe was considered as the name of the capital: "health sings" which both are Finnish values and Finnish skills. But the Swedish translated it wrong to "helsin". Or that the name originally was meant to be "health sings" or the like but foreigners in Helsinki took to heart the associaltion "hell sin" to it and did amazingly much evil, and so Finns thought that it is better to have a Finnish version of that association to the name Helsinki (-ki means also) so that things would not go so criminal.

Finland is a neighbour of Sweden and for things to work out well solutions need to be well thought of and that means that one should have honest picture of how things are as a starting point, and with Swedes that worked out only with the association "hell sin" since they tend to lie in imago oriented ways. 

If a place has a beautiful name that is a value people there respect, some follow only the name and bypass other things and so if one has good quality objectivity as a goal, one ought to take into account everything in one's thinking and that is why Helsnki is maybe named so that it has the association: "hell sin too" must be taken into account in thoughts. 

Finland used to have very good quality of life due to wisdom of life and healthy ways of living and objective thinking with a view of the whole and a well running society, so that other nations, other cultures looked like hell and hell sin in comparison. A capital is much for associating with the rest of the world, but a communication was lacking since Finns did not know what difficulties the other countries needed to overcome, and so to gain communication and to be able to help the others to wise ways of living, Finns choose a name of the capital that is not good but which helps us to help the rest of the world to a better future, muvh happier.

Finland was very harmonical and fractureless, with wise people countryside, but big towns and the capitaö had foreign influencies,of which the young adults coming from the more countryside areas of Finland had to be warned."

 F14.   It sometimes happens that some valued member of the society gets attacked and people around do not know what to do since they do not have skills for such a high position and such big interests of power, and so the situation easily changes to people being quiet and things deteriorating to criminal. If people do not have enough courage and skills to take part in such, that is still different from being quiet. One ought to keep up the basic rationality and basic values in a societyby saying aloud things that are such basic level ideas of the situation, like "ordinarily one ought to... since such is good for the soceíety. If it then is like... one ought to take that into account by common sense, for example..." so that the lacking children's level truths and oter basic things get right in the thoughts of most, since when feelings or lack of social eye or other question obscure one's view, the basic level things ought to be reminded and made easy to understand. And the views of a large group make things often something in that direction, and so the worst problems of things going almost opposite of how they ought to ge, disappear.

 F15.   10th of December 2020   I made a meditation advice to my Finnish blog about curing . It is for beginners but made thinking of cancer patients, just in case they might need it.
"To such would help MEDITATION, not any bady observation "meditation", but instead ordinary meditation of observing breathing and living in connection with the mandscape around and life around like meditation in motion and of the body observe more mostly just how is good to move. 

In breathing meditation just follow your breathing, observe it and it's effects (healthy sides of them, in a healthy way, with wisdom of life, etc) on the body and mind and to oneäs contact with the environment etc, in fact just ordinarily breathe and feel the air moving in your nostrils etc, and aim to be naturally, without forcing, sit in a good posture,  still but not stiff, but instead like is sporty and a naturally straight back like sports hobbies bring, and aim also at living according to feelings, and thoughts come and go but don't ponder on them but isntead concentrate on feeling sensations and be in balance and enjoy the present moment and the sensation s of beauty brought by nonforcing attention and a somehow wiser way to associate with things, 

not so squarely thinking, not so clumsyly pushy nor artificial but instead according to motivation and valuing the everyday life's basic things done, their ages old basic form, basic current, and find from it a nonforcing way to be fully awake in living one's everyday life, which is natural the same way as breathing is or some other nonforcing basic life, when one likes it or needs a rest pause from the noise of everyday life, and one ought to aim at compassion too, such is good for attention, when one goes along how people and animals do things and not artificially forcing things to some form, but the idea is to just sit relaxedly with back straight and follow one's breathing and as a side effect learn a good nonforcing way to use attention, in other words meditation."

F16.   11th of December 2020   If one does not have anything to do and one longs for practical things to do, one can do things that all do not value or like so much but which someone needs to be done, like "would someone carry this and that to where they are going", "would someone find where is...", "would someone help in..." etc. If one has such things to do without being used to so much physical activity, one ought after them take a short rest in warm, or if cool feels musical and light and one has a satisfied feelings som then in coollike feels good and healthy and such creates a quietened mind, fond of looking the landscape with the sense of atmospheres impoirtant, while warm creates relaxedness and unties muscle tensions.

F17. If some maybe elderly person lives a gnome like life with handicrafts, home life and old time sstyle home, maybe cool, but is not happy but instead quite stuck and uneasy. Then it maybe would help to wash things that one is often in contact with like woolen socks and clothes and sur´faces that one often touches, for example once in every two weeks is much better than not at all, and as far as I know it makes one less stuck in one's habits and more like with new beginnings. Likewise going to places, getting room to live in, investing in the theoretically cvorrect healthy natural ages old best answers even if those are not the most typical for your own group, refreshes air and makes one as if with new starts, as far as I know.

F18.   12th of 12th 2020   Generally letting things go very dirty amd them using a strong detergent isn't good for one's wisdom of life and one's health and how one feels, since dirt is kind of heavy to bear and detergent too antiseptic or otherwise not energetically good for life. Instead one ought to keep things quite clean so that they are either fully clean like washed or after a short time's ordinary healthy kind of use so that they have some ordinary healthy bacteria of one's oewn healthy kind of life, and are so energetically good, much better for wisdom of life and healthy spirit. So a mild detergent may often be better than a strong one, but such depends on the climate: how much there is bacteria around.

F19.   13th of December 2020   Seeking better life by starting towards one's dream job is maybe better than finally finding some roughly such job, since jobs are often made comfortabel with extra food while searching toward one's ideal gets mane things right and is kind of open-minded.

F20.   All do not like this type of gnomes or this type of text, so please do not recommend it, especially not repeatredly to those who do not like it's style, spirit or other major features.

 F21.   " If some time at home there is some place that is more difficult to clean, then the end result may depend on when you try to clean it, for example what is in your mind of social thing or things done, and so the next time the end result can be better, for example better thought of and more light, more strenght.

14. maaliskuuta 2019    My mom taught me to clean like a machine: to one place starightforwardly some kind of result while on the edged like after an explosion. I think that it is better to clean and tidy in some other way: thinking what kind of whole is this, how and why would it be good this way, why is this a good way tyo clean, and so feel better afterwards and also when tidying and cleaning.

I think that cleaning ought to be common sense like way to make places good for living and doing, somewhat like a healthy animal cares for it's feathers or fur, and so it is good for it, even magnifient to live. But then instead of a forced way ofg doing one ought to follow one's own motivation, use good ways of doing, learn for life about good ways of doing, rythm, about good practical possibilities, about differencies of ways of doing, etc.  Tidying and lceaning ought not be like a square: here begins cumbersomely and one just has to do, then one h´just has to do labour, and then just ends here was it. One ought to have motivation, practical deed along it, good enough physical fitness so as to not to get squeezed because of the task, lots of common sense and enough social distance for one to do right choices, that have learned about the rest of one'slife and not stuck collapsing ones, way of doing energetic and not forcing oneself, farsighted with healthy spirit and not square like."

"31th of January 2020
I do not know for sure, but my impression is that methods of cleaning ought to depend on the person, since a different character does the cleaning job in different ways and so needs different equipment, soaps etc. Only if you are a good team, can you copy some of the other person's ways and succeed, even though it may be that some equipment is good for the task while some other equipment is not. But for example which other professions you like and admire, use their ways of thinking and doing, tehir values, may affect a lot what is a good way of doing. Also, if you for example wet the floor, you as a person typically wet it another amount than some other person, and so if you want to remove the dirt, you have to wait a different time and repeat different number of tyimes with a different tecxhnique too. A good guide for good ways is your idea of what you like: you maybe like it because it works for you and your favoyurite ways of working, while some other could for example be too dangerous for your eys and skin. And so it also varies from person to person, in how big bunches and how often doing you achieve the best result: do you find giood enjoyable ways of working immediuately but tire and start crying or do your start clumsily but then find an enjoyment of doing but overdo it compared to your forces?"

F22.   14th of December 2020   This year I have sent this gnome skills text of mine to several Santa Clauses, and so I have noticed that Santa Claus lands (21. Dec. 2020  of USA at least, but remember that the effect is with Christmas like miracle cure skills, yet exhausting to some extend) have year around the burden of helping the ill and the miserable, and so from the Santa Claus lands one gets influences of people who associate a lot with the much ill, exhausted etc. And now under Christmas the phenomenom is muc clearer: one gets as an influence a tendency of things to collapse and turn toward being like ill. The same isif one seeks for influences of those who much make things Chrustmas like already now,, since those mostly help the ill and exhausted. But when I a moment ago thought of not taking any such influences, especially niot much, and by myself preparing home etc for Christmas, that brought a nice warm Chrustmas like atmosphere and peace of mind.

F23. Often food shops and other professionals are concentrated into meeting the most demanding cases that are clearly their job, and so via them one gets influences from people who are much ill, or otherwise miserable, and so since they are a source of influencies in that area of lufe for just about all, those nfluences make things collapse somewhat, and I guess that in the long term the effect is bigger. So it would help a lot if professionals would take the average everyday life and the skilled as important parts of their job, so that onbe would get inflkuencies from them.

F24.   Succeeding in having an enjoyable sports hobby often seems to demand labelling sports sexual. I guess that it is so because then it is a question of what kind of spirit and type & amount of activity one would like to have the rest of one's life, and so kind of opposite of with a half mind and a half effort. But if it is just sports, it really is enjoyable and fun and keeps one healthy and fit, happy too.

F25. 15th of December 2020    "if one would wish for the waiting for Christmas to begin already, one can cook rise porridge (: 2dl water + 2dl porridge rise, let it boil some two minutes ultil almost all water has been absorbed by rise. Add then 1 liter ordinary milk and let it boil some 4o minutes, stir every now and then. Add some salt and it is ready.) and as one cooks pray slightly something beautiful, so that life kind of quietens toward waiting for Christmas."  One can shed to the surface sugar and some spice - is it called cinnamon? - that has reddish brown colour and kind of warm taste, dry powder that colours the surface where it lands, or then just sugar

F26.   Typically whether one is allowed something or not, whether one gets a chance to it or not, depends on how much capacity one has, or more exactly it depends on whether one has used all one's capacity to arrangements, reserved it for them or whether one has made theoretically correct ideal solutions as one's guidelines and is quite free,with ful capacity and lots of healthy kind of wisdomof life. For such ideals my advices about healthy natural ages old ways of living on all area sof life work well: 

 F27.   Some think that incresing skill makes one bored and less motivated, but I think that at some higher level of wisdom of life and skills one can do in more free ways and find motivation fromother areas of life to what one does and from variations of ways of doing, like feels motivated and wise, fun too, since the skilled has more options and if one is free enough, one can much of the time use other areas of life fully, like feels to suit the momnent and is ok for the task at hand, and so one can learn for example new kinds of jobs and new talents, and one's theoretical view on skills gets better. If one has wisdom of life as a goal, one can so gain more like a magic touch, both at the sphere of work to be done and in what comes to quality of life.

F28. 16th of December 2020   Often people are afraid of other interest groups and malicious people doing them the opposite of what woulöd be good for them, and that is one reason they may lie about such things. On the other hand such individuals and groups typically want to gain power and maybe money, be strong and do well in life compored to others. And so they rely on someone wiser, for example their mom's views of civiliced wisdom and of what is a benefical thing to invest in life, and in so doing they maybe aren't aware of how unsure and how near mom's personal life such views are, and so they tend to get recommendations toward the values and dream professions of other social relationships of thei momor the like person, and so they get fed up with such things that are not suite dto all. Instead they should have gone to library and asked the librarian books that would suit them. Or go to some course. If it is a question that people around value some weird things that seem to have too much power, it isn't a fight, it is instead a difference in dream professions and professions suited to the area, and so they should themselves move to live in some other trown that has theirt own favourite rpofessions much liked and nothing of those not at all suitable yet somebody's jobs.   and about moving   but pay attention if you are first in a wrong kind of environment, maybe you are used to too low quality, too far from your own likings and type of person thatr you are, so that care to choose a place that you are alike with in your soul, in your likings

F29.   17th of December2020   Some foreigners think that ciuviliced wisdom is so different from the nature that the nature has nothing of the kind and is kind of criminal. But in Finland we tend to have trees also in towns, and so when someone thinks of something and looks at a landscape at the same time, there often are trees in the alndscape, and so one tends to place some wholes next to trees since trees make them easier to think as pictures, like is a natural good objectiveway to think. It goes something like this whole is like this and that whole like that, and thinks it somewhat alike two neighbouring trees that one happens to look at. It is not an exact analogy but instead a helping aid, but it makes me think that wild animals looking at nature landscapes have something like pictures of the world and even objective views and understanding about happenings of life in the landscape, so that they too have social eye, wisdom of life and a wise picture of the world + communication.

F30. 18th of December 2020   "Writing a good blog

My poodle Banjo said that he would like to start an English blog, and star with a Christmas greeting and as a present the blog. The greeting would say something like: "Banjo the Poodle wishes a Good Christmas and a Happy new Year 2021!" and have a picture of Banjo with a Christmas flower. 

I said that the blog ought to have just best pieces of how Banjo has been on an adventure in my other blogs, and not just try to write a blog and write a blog, etc, since such is work like and does not give the writer any hint of how to write. Instead I ought to need highlights, atmospheres, sources of joy, insights, wisdom of life, smnall tales, and good pictures of nature, pets, home life or the like."   In Finnsih


F31. In my twenties I learned lots of wisdom of life by reading poems and pondering about the wisdom of life in them. Where was such fractureless happiness to be found in my own life and in the world? How did it depnd on the eprson, how would I find something of the kind, like the personal insight of each poet to how life in meaningful, ahppy, ages old, feeling in a strong wise way, sensitive so that one learns wisdom of it, build on ages old strong ground, etc. Healthy wasy of living,sports and music helped in this.

F32.   20th of December 2020   Some ponder why if some human makes cunning plans and does evil deeds, why is such forbidden, while if an animal is robust and does similar with vigour, for example steals a seed that it wants, why is that then allowed, at least allowed more. A human who makes cvunning plans, has replaced what was meant for good life, by technical calculations that have negative effect on lives, and so such is forbidden since it causes harm. While an animal which makes a vigorous version of a similar deed, gets it's vigour from the healthy natural ages old ways of living that are the ground for life and the good satiusfying best version of such deeds, like being successful, being well motivated, doing according to one's best understanding of the situation, etc, and so such is allowed much more and even hoped for.

F33.   21st of December 2020 Winter Solstice    Winter solstice is to be lived quite quietly, normal life but paying attrention to that symbolics would not go badly, for example not drinking unusually much black coffee but drinking coffee with milk isntead if such is closer to one's normal symbolics, since some think that such symbolics can be used to partly ruin some parts of the coming year. Winter solstice isn't the darkest day of the year, since darkness of the day depends on the cloudiness only and of whether there is snow. Snow lightens even the night to twilight with no big darkness. Wiunter solstice  is the shortest day of the year, and that is why the time around it is called the darkest time of the year, even though Christmas is so near that it kind of lightens the atmosphere. Winter solstice is also a time to pay attention to what one thinks and especially to things that tend to affect atmosphere, since sometimes when one thinks of for example someone who has recently died, that may ruin the atmosphere, while the coming Christmas may make it a normal day, but such depends on the people around, how they take the winter solstice, what they happen to think about it. Winter solstice is depending on teh year either 21st or 22nd of December. Winter solstice is a time to reflect on the lenght of the day: how it varies so much across the year that the difference in the amount of sun light affects weathers so much that it creates the seasons which affect life hugely. And soon it will be Christmas. And quite in the beginning of Januatry one already notices how mornings get light earlier and earlier each morning.

F34. This year autumn my poodle Banjo remarked that somewhat Muumi like fat nurses that are motivated to curing are somewhat like the Japanese spitz Vaapukka that I used to have, and so they too would be likely tolearn to have miracle curing skills. Vaapukka learned at least partly from me and that was my blog about curing (in fact the Finnish original please read especially the index) and the basiuc main method was to make livelier and lighter, and if there was a contact, a good communication to get the patient to do it himsefl/herself/itself and just a hint from the nurse. Vaapukka also was somewhat religious and the curing got support from that and from some love of the nature and animal's wisdom. Now, I just watched from the news how Santa left his home with presents by a raindeer sledge, since there is only a few days until Christmas, and it kind of left me wondering, could most people with especially good will but also somewhat more fat if meeting ill is a burden (take care to avoid getting illnesses from them!) and somewhat religious to gain peace and good environment for curing, and insight from the wild nature too, learn to have such moracle curing skills? Christmas sounds like a good time for such, but there is the danger of illnesses coming fromsuch - those are a typical big burden of medicine professionals. I have no such background, I have just the name that is roughly "Health sings", and as younger I was especially interested in healthy naturaöl ages old ways of living, but lately I haven't had much chace for them.

"Making livelier
Things making livelier are among others the fascination of the ongoing season, the fascination of music and it's beauty, prayer that make one more alive, the beautiful atmosphere of the summer hymn, sunshine and lush greenery, bird song, being according to feelings, with healthy spirit, being relieved, something doing good, beautiful course of action in the world, getting room for one's real self with a healthy spirit, getting free, holiday and free time, naturality, not forcing ways, sensing atmospheres, fruits and vegetables, ..."

F35.   I just learned how to compose an ode to someone that one loves. I had been composing today earlier after a long pause, and I sat looking at my apricot poodle Banjo, which was laying and looking, and I thought of saying to it how magnifient to live witha poodle with such fine characteristics as he has, but so I sang the atmosphere of that feeling or thought, and then plotted the melody down somehow, but it is was somewhat Russian sounding melody.

 Here is how to learn to compose music:

"Song inspired by the moment's atmosphere
Now that trees and bushes are getting their leaves, instead of Eurovision song contest, I feel that the nature would somehow long for humans too to sing, maybe like this, a little bit like on the summer cottage or an freely organized choir or singing at home, like feels to suit the moment.
29.4.2017 A singing skill from a few years ago came to my mind today morning, when grass was most places already green, sun was shining, birds sang and the green plants on my window created a feel of green, there was like the summer time a haze like atmosphere in the air. So with that atmosphere came to my mind a tune that I roughly knew, or something in the direction, so I sang it in a way that emphasized the fascination of the atmosphere, like doves or yodling(?) of the Alps or composing, creating sound like the atmosphere, not according to rigid forms but singing especially the parts that are musical, emphasizing the atmoshphere tones, like assembling from pieces of different strenght, somehow a very natural song and atmospheric, a little bit like what a composer seeks for with his/her tune: a moment with such an atmosphere but richer one, and then singing it naturally, not la-la-laa or the like as if from notes but instead from the places that the atmosphere touches oneself, one is fascinated by such an experience, but somehow on a general level and not a murmur of personal life.
This singing skill comes from trying to learn wider expression to be able to sing emotionally like this or a song like that or with a clear atmosphere, impressively or whatever, many kinds of colours in voice, many ways to approach song as one oneself is naturally, since there are moments in life, spirits and many different songs. So when one then picks from that spectrum according to the moment, but somewhat like song being partly carried away by the wind, not of even strenght, one manages to describe the atmosphere tones of the moment, not only in tones of voice but also with singing skills, somehow naturally."

"An easy way to write down the melodies, but I am not sure if iut is right:"

F36.   Composing a hymn is a different thing, but I guess that one can use the same piece of advice about how to produce a melody like the atmosphere. As far as I understadn, a hymn is the atmosphere of some place where there is frcatureless nature and it's wisdom emphasizes virtues needed in a good society, and offers some view of how such fractyureless atmospheric society is possiblke, what it is build upon and what it is like in at,osphere, and that is composed: some moment wandering there, like Finlandia Hymn is about skiing on sunny spring winter landscape somewhere in nature with open spaces and trees and lots of snow, and somehow that fracturelessness is a good model for society yet familiar for almost all.

 F37.   26th of December 2020   For one to have a hobby, it helps if the environment, at least family and a hobby group of people who like such a hobby and support it also to the lives of others, thinks that such a hobby is a good idea for the indivudual and surely needed. A hobby that one likes is much better than sometyhing one is not interested in.

F38.   A human does not learn teh better the more skilled the forefigure is. If the forefigure is very skilled, he/she goes through masses of information and takes it into account in skilled ways in a very short time, and so one learns nothing but instead is just a disturbance for the skilled. One learns bets from those who are specialiced to be teachersof people of one's own skill level, if one just has the endirancy to study and really tries to learn. A good forefigure is a person who still partly is at the phace oflearning those things oneself, so that one does clearly and emphasizes just the major points, uses a similare perspective and has virtues of which the student understadns by oneself that such things can be useful. 

Many also have a dream profession, to which's demands they like to adapt with their who le life, so that they can in those things learn from the very skilled and talented, much above the level from which they otherwise could learn. Some hobby like things are such too, but maybe then one could like a job with similar features.

F39.   " How one feels about cleaning and tidying, and what one's mood is, depends on what is one's approach and which moment one starts the task. If one does not care when, but just forces oneself to the task, that feels like against one's own will and so leaves a nasty feeling and a not so well working way of doing the work, which then somewhat is seen in the result too. But if one thinls that one would like to clean today,to get things nice and clean, a comfortable enviornment that is good to live in, and that one would like some practicvaö to do, like washing for example, clean water, and some motion which one would like to do in a good way, and that one would like to be active and energetic the amount that suits one's character, and so spend tome time in cleaning too. If then on soem such moment one starts the task and has enough peace for it to work out well, it leaves a nice feeling and that is somewhat seen also in the results. So one can also learn better ways of doing."

 F40.   For developing social eye, it helps if one has the possibility to live according to one's nature, since then one sees of others whether they have space to live in only so and so or live broadly, have a wide space. Living according to one's ages old nature helps also in that one sees the natural motivational factors and natural major phenomena of life, both in one'sown life and in that of others, and of them is life build also in these modern times. Also being interested in other professions too,learning skills and talents in professions that one likes, gives eye to such differencies. Likewise being interested in different ways of living. Not judging much but following justice when surely needed, being compassionate and like-minded shows things along their moptivation, their way of happening, their dynamics. Being interested in cvalues and good quality often solves problems,kind of lifts one above the problkematic basic level of social tangles.

F41.   27th of December 2020   These thoughts are largely just theory, even though backed up by my experienmce of life. So they give some advantages but are not the whole thing. Parctical life is more complicated, and so my life has not typically gone so well, especially not in social respects, even though I seem to have found quite many answers though. So infgluencies from mys kills by reading my texts is benefical as far as I understand, but influencies from my own life are largely not. I seem to have problems with some classifications which go always with a wrong group of people or too closely with some group that would be right in some other respects, and so my life goes just ashtray, maybe because I am not average.

F42.   The gnome book Tontun vuosi = Year of the gnome, that I read, has lots of large photograpfs of gnome figures/toys on a traditional farm, and only quite little text on each opening of the book. What I have written here, is my own skills, not from the book at all. I haven't had gnomes as a hobby, but the town I live in, Savonlinna is a countryside town and so life somewhat gnome like. But I myself am originally from the capital Helsinki, so I guess that I can somewhat build a bridge toward life like in a countryside town, from modern city life. But I think that this text is alöready over hundred times longer than my own opinion of what I ought to have written of the subject. I prefer reading of hobbies in hobby blogies of each type of hobby, and not as some sugary pile for too wide audience to be interested in such.

 F43.   28th of December 2020   It is said that one can learn new skills and talents from sexuality, but I guess that it isn't from fucking or from thinking of fucking, but instead from further away, from being fascinated by some skill or area of life and having a skilledf talented forefigure in it, yet keeping much of one's own fascination and one's own skills to support what one does and understand and how one lives, and so one is kind of lifted above the normal level to something fascinating and well working, to kind of a new area of life, new better life. One gets via social gesture language, social influencies, influencies from the otehr person's ways of doing: which areas of life are in use, in which ways, which things are paid attention to, and so one learns skills and talents.

 F44.   29th of December 2020   The nearing New Yaéar lift to minds the danger of nuclear wars. Such atmosphere seems to disappear via meditation and especially Buddhist good will: good will toward all living beings and compassion toward them. I guess that such values are understood all over the world to be peaceful and good willing. Maybe many feel the cultural differencies to be so big that they themselves do not fit into our picture of what all humans are like, and so all living beings is nearer to wishing well to the world.

F45.   It may also be that all intelligent beings are not humans, like Finns value the wisdom of little singing birds, and the ancient Mayas are saud to have been able to predict happenings for thousands of years in advance, which I guess could be best explained by the way of moving of snakes like a track of history, and so Mayas could have been either snakes or in close relationship with sankes, and that would have explained such wisdom.

F46.   There is a long tradition in Finland of sauna: a steam bath to get warm and to wash. It is a warm room ( a small wooden house) warmed by an oven in which pieces of wood are burn, and above that there are hot stones to which one can trow water that evaporates to the air to make it moist and hot. In sauna there are wooden benches at different heights, the highest of which is the hottest and the hot water vapour hits there hottest, and at the lowest bench it is easiest. One in in the sauna only a quite short time to get warm and then one goes out to cool to recover, wash and dress to clean clothes. The sauna is very comfoprtable and it makes one feel good. But it is tough for heat regulation, yet needed if one has gotten thoroughly too cold outdoors. In the summer time one can go swimming and warm again in sauna. It is traditional ti splash oneself with abunch of tree branches in sauna to get clean and feel good, but such damages trees so that the landscape does not recover, but young white trunked trees at a long distance are often ok for such, but one needs to have the opinion of someone skilled and responsible living there to have such rights. Here is a song about sauna. Families with young kids are in sauna together, but as older women and men go to sauna at separate times. 


One does not fuck in sauna. That is too tough for heat regulation and too dirty for the place. One fucks in one's bed. There it is warm and nice to spend the whole night, and so a good place between clean sheats to make love too.

F47.   31th of December 2020, New Year's Eve    I read from the local newspaper about New Yaer's traditions in different countries, and mane seem to try to start with something good,thinking hat it would be a benefical effect to that direction for the whole year, but I think that such is a too tough task, one gets tired and so there is less of such in the coming year. Typically referring to some other time of the year, for example Christams or summer, does not bring forces to continue the same things, does not even rbing motivation to such, but a similar fascination in life brings such forces, brings such things to be parts of one's daily life.

"While I have lived in Savonlinna town, on New Year's Eve evening there have been almost solely low celebration like bangs all through the evening and midnight and not so much sharp or buzzling bangs and that has been more like a celebration and nice for feelings, but maybe that is partly a question of taste."

F48. 1st of January 2021   Usually those who have something as an enthusiastic hobby can reach higher than professionals in the same things. That is because they do not get tired and they can vary their ways of doing according to the situation and they have chosen the subject because they like it and so their attention is open to observe well evert´ything in it, yet they connect it with the wide world and lives at large too.

F49.   3rd of January 2021   "15. To one who has gotten very cold and been for a long time in cold, give heavy food, for example meat pie and meat sauce(?) as warm, and hot tea. Being in the cold consumes energy, so it is good to eat well that day even if you already have gotten warm again."

F50.   "453. Carrying responsibility is a character trait like a value. It means that one cares important things morally to well when one associates with such things. But it does not tell whether one associates with such things or not. And it does not mean any priviledges or rights, such is a different thing, and neither does it mean such a person having such a job."

F51. 5th of January 2021   If things around seem to deteriorate to criminal and kind of low level dark, the choices and the kind of wisdom generally valued as civiliced and wise is often an answer to such, so check if you have lately had such things to read, kind of have such a hobby, your course in the society to get things well again. 

F52.   It sometimes happens that when people make one kind of arrangements in a society, people tend to do the opposite of what was the idea in the arrangements. Like for example a nonmoral person having a so nasty idea of what moral is like, that she/he cannot get anyone to follow it, or at least gains lots of opposition toward such arrangements, which maybe was her/his own opinion to begin with. Instead one of course ought to make arrangements that are god to live with, and supporting such is largely the idea in moral. Generally things turning to the opposite of what was sincerely mneant often is a result of the ground for those things have not been understood, so the message has been on a different elevl of understanding than the receiver's understanding. So one ought to communicate to the real level of understanding of others, and to their real motivation,supporting so civiliced ways and civiliced wisdom. The message ought to reach also those parts in which the other one fails, makes mistakes, is not as skilled as otherwise, and so it ought to contant elementary explanations without giving up the good wise choices that civiliced wisdom teaches. And the real motivation & interest of others ought to ba taken along in civiliced ways, safeguarding against hoorible things, but often quite liberal-mindedly on the strting situation, i.e. being able to lift thesituation to well working civiliced, often via school knowledge and the like, but viua wisdom of life too.

F53.  6th of January 2021, the end day of Christmas time   "High skills is different from doing well in life

 I haven't done well in life, I do not have friends, family, work, money, safety, well working society or freedom to follow my own wisdom of life. But for me it has mostly been so that increased skills have made my life better, so I have across the years learned quite many skills and talents, and so I have been stuck to writing but without pay. I know that skills can be useful but they are not all that is needed, and neither is one's own good will all that is needed.

But I have a nice dog and more distant people are quite often good willing, which maybe partly is because I seek for civiliced distance, while poeple who come too close often turn to enemies or were cunning to beging with."

F54.   When it is raining, glimpses of light shining in the water drops bring a sense of beauty that makes the weather enjoyable, beautiful and atmospheric, kind of quietened mind and atmiospheric content to life.

F55.   I used to live on the north-western side of a three storeys high apartment house. There was at that side a parking lot, then a road and a row of trees by it's side and another parking lot and then an as high apartment house plus trees further away and a forest patch at the souther side of the houses, and just about evry evening when it was not too cloudy, one could from the second storey, maybe almost from the whole house, see sunset behind trees and it was quite nice so. There was another house that came nearer the road on the other side by the side of the parking lot, but it did not disturb the view so much.

F56.   "

12. November 2018   Vaapukka has after that happening specialized into helping other animals, sometimes humans too but dizzy humans do not so well understand animals, so mostly to helping animals. I do not quite know how it connects with them, but at least partly via birds and partly in some religious people's way or whatever is the usual way of dogs and other animals connecting with each other kind of spiritually or socially from a distance. He has seemed to spend in that task all the evenings, sometimes afternoons too for the last five years. During the last years it has also speciualized into curing illnesses and wounds with the help of my attempts at curing . A moment ago it said that it had thus come to help as many times, done as many good deeds this way as it has white hairs in it's coat, which it as a puppy said to be one of it'sgoals but I never believed such possible, but it says thatit/he has been able to help a hundred ort even a thousand a day. So it seems that he has the right to have a white coat, even though in daily life he does not appear moral, but just caring.  

Vaapukka thought that I ought to take a picture when he celebrates and at the same time lien on the ground the way he does when he thinks of waking an animal from death:

My texts from this autumn about angels, devils and Christmas gnomes .
* * *
Vaapukka died friday 7th of June 2019 when he at the moment had inflences from unwise British dogs,on a hot day to hyperventilation attack.
He stayed unmoved after it but looked somewhat as if listening, as if recovering, but was quite stiff in the morning, kind of toward relaxing too, so I estimated him dead even though there were not much bacteria in his coat. But in front of his mouth was a small pool of old blod.
30th June 2019   When a little bit under two weeks had passed from Vaapukka's death I composed a short tune to help others who mourn. I thought that it is good to take distance and to wish well and to have an idealistic, kind of polite as if in some spiritual context, picture of the pet which had died.

The day vaapukka died was a quite hot summer day, and maybe a half an hour earlier on a walk with my dogs Vaapukka sniuffeda scrap cover of some fat woman's ice cream on the rgound and thought that it is time for him to continue onwards to such company, like he had long wished for to change to some fat nurse with a caring character like his. I had not known how to arrange it, so he arranged it himself, and so there was an impression of him continuing to life after death, and later on it often came to my mind that Vaapukka was many a female fat nurse's dog and cured handicapped humans. Once 9months later I also heard from outside my window a baby crying like as if it had been Vaapukka, and later that day an aeroplane flew overhead,as if it had beenIranian aeroplane carrying Vaapukka as a baby to Iran, a dog with miracle cure skills, maybe able to wake people from the death too.

Six days before Vaapukka died he had composed two melodies for curing patients in wheelchair back to walking, and he seemed to have lots of ideas and skills in it, thinking that he might comoose a tango about how roads toward getting cured fascinate, but that was a mustake, since the next friday he died. 

I wonder, my poodle Banjo composed last year was it in November a piece for living that time of the year more nicely, it was called Evening twilight and waiting for snow. He was not as skilled but we got attacked the next day and our lives have been ashtray amnd we have been attacked also after other things he has composed. Now we are in a damger of being without home, with no-obne to help us. And contacting the house administration already asd a thought makes me feel as if I were turning to a ghost, and that is what it this time started from, I guess some there wnating to kill me as such experiment.

7th of January 2021   Vaapukka had as a project to teacj curing to animals (and maybe humans) of all countries, and siad that he had succeeded in it on some mental connection of animals.

F57.   7th of January 2021   I saw somewhere a picture of world's first known musical isntrument. It was a hollow stick with holkes through somewhat like a flute but it had the style of dog sledge. I guess that the leashs of the sledge dogs had gone through it and wind had blown melodies and so one had learned how each type of stiuck sings or howls in the wind, and so learne dto make a flute. I wonder if originally people wanted to make artifacts so that they would sing, for example tools. And sometimes it is also nowadays possible. Like as a id we lived in a wooden house with outside wooden stairs to the door and there was in the mornings both shadow of trees and sunlight shining through to the stairs and so it was a nice place to sit and eat breakfast which was mainly warm tea, and listen to bird song and watch the garden, a pleasant moment, not so long but so suited to many people, kind of as if the house had lives singing, kind of weise way of building, even though the house was not in all respects such.

F58.   8th of January 2021   I have already written at lenght about my wisdom of life in the text about healthy natural ages old ways of living on all areas of life , so that's what you ought to read.

1. Healthy natural ways of living are not a rigid rule or alike for everyone. Instead they are a group of things that are good to have in life and from which there usually is lots of good things coming if you catch the idea in them.
Feeling bad, dark thoughts, depressed, being ill, agitation, lack of energy, etc often are results of a lack of healthy ways of living. But how much you should do each thing in the healthy natural ages old ways of living, in that you need to try some amount and listen to what brings pleasantness and energy.
The healthy ways of living are a loose group of things and may depend on the climate."

 F59.   "Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Building dream level solutions

A quotation from a leter of mine:
"lots of room left for
positive imagination according to which one can years later build
something that becomes our future. Feeling, imagination, a structured
 picture, a technical scetch according to that and an engineer building
it: this way you make dreams real! It is a good way to do and to have
in the style the posters are written and pictured: the dream kind of
works as building instructions for making it real, so you get almost
 or even totally ideal solutions this way!""

 F60. Oh, how is gnome like life possible socially, how is it possible to get along and to have room for one's own life, for one's own likings? I guess that the answer is the traditional Finnish rule "Live and let others live!". It is essential, so I copy it here:


Saturday, October 13, 2012

World's best problem solving method (Important to learn all over the world)

 The ruleis something like: One is allowed to be selfish in ways positive for happy life but not to disturb the lives of others - except fairly to prevent them from disturbing others unfairly.

I do not know how all-European this traditional Finnish speaking Finnish (saying/)behaviour rule referred by the non-literal words "Live and let others Live!" but it is surely worth copying! It gives a maximal amount of freedom of everyone, completely according to their own likings, at the same time as it gives perfect moral for purely selfish individuals concerned mainly about their own life but who have a holistic rational view of the world and of the
society's workings.
The rule "Live and let other Live!" means that you can yourself live as freely as you allow others to live in the society - that means the others who follow the rule "Live and let others Live!". If you to some extend disturb people who follow the saying, you own room to affect things and to live in is shrunk on that respect, preventing the harm and making you think that you might want more room and so be motivated to living in harmony. That means that evil is not allowed to affect lives (of anybody else than the evil one oneself) but nice moral things are allowed to affect fully and supported in order to get better life for all! But one does not need to accept some influence because someone else says it is nice, instead there is the need to be moral and the freedom tofollow one's own likings.
It is a good rule. Maybe You have it already! Please learn to use it for happy life and a prosperous society, if it is not so widely known...

About the rule in all social relationships, please read

Observe that this rule is roughly "Room for happy life!" and is akin to justice and caring the world to such that it is good to live in happily. It is not saying that one should not kill anybody. It means that if fair play and the happiness in the society or in the wide world so demands, you are supposed to prevent evil ones (and utterly stupid ones) from harming others unfairly, also if it means war, killing or the like, but of course one must see the situation as a whole, the good and bad sides of each tactic and choose with wisdom.

There is this same rule without any exception in all relationships, including mother-child-relationships, dating (Try for example in competitors in love, their kids and other responsibilities), friendship, hate, not caring attitude etc. Largely other rules are not needed, except lots of common sense, healthy spirit and a good understanding and at least some good will toward all.

An important application of this rule are the relationships between countries and between groups which may compete fiercely. It is also a good rule to build the society upon.

It often happens with this rule that the problems disappear as if they had vanished to the thin air.
Typically some woman (a wise one) or some nice man says "Go and enjoy yourself. Do not be bothered by them. You do not need to disturb them if you go to some other place or to some other people." and so the person in conflict does so and finds so room for him/her to live his/her own life without conflict with the others.

The goal is something like "We live our lives and let them live theirs." But the other side of the rule is how to get it to apply, how to force it upon people who do not follow it. And that is if they break against justice disturbing the lives of others unfairly, their own room to live in is shrunk similarly and they are prevented from harming others unfairly. But where they live ok, they can fairly keep their space to live in. Typically in this the rest of the society caring about that people would follow the rule, is important. Also some wisdom of life makes this work better than too little understanding about quality of life, social relationships and the workings of the society.

If this rule isn't familiar to you and you don't know how to take it into use or even if you want to use it or not, please try it out in your mind: figure out what it is like in each situation and how following it would affect things. It is a very useful rule, somaybe you like it too, it is quite easy when you have first learned it in each type of situation.

If you in some occasion don't feel like yur feelings coming along in letting others have so much room and preferably happiness too, you have propably not applied the rule enough to yourself: so be more selfcentered, think about what your own life need in a situation like this and see if you can arrange freedom and happiness for both yourself and for others, for yourself you need to take care of it and for others just leave room for them and they themselves with their friends arrange for themselves without feeling it being a burden of some kind.

This rule works also if there are lots of murders

In care professions, like for example medicine, it is important to follow good enough understanding, good enough moral and be honest about what is a lie, a habit or an unsure supposion. But with wider consequencies taken fally into account this rule applies there too: the patients and others cared for should be allowed to decide fully about their need for care and about the decisions in their care: that is their life, their own influence to the world and those in care professions should not mess with it, giving excuses for crimes. It is especially important to let those live freely who are moral and so carry the burden of keeping the world in a good state, for example some parts of the society.

This rule works well for example in the negotiations between different groups. You do not need always say aloud that things are according to this rule. It is enough if your suggestions are such that when other groups check them, they find that those are ok for them, so they can easily agree to support them, and likewise for your own groups too. But on the long run it is good for people to learn the rule, so that their own suggestions are all right for others too.

Following this rule in decisions, courses taken, judgements etc makes police and justice system and government also easy to agree about, but you do not need to refer to this rule, but more likely explain things in terms of law, needs, objective thoughts, common sense, experience, fair play, carrying responsibility, freedom, etc and then when the other person checks whether it is ok for him/her, it is according to this rule and so easy to agree about, and kind of makes it easier to think of these kinds of things if one has good enough understanding, wisdom wisdom of life, healthy spirit, good will and responsibility about the coming generations etc.

Horse running in an arch, a model of free life according to feelings, a horse knit picture

Animals and somehumans too learn this rule easily by comparing people (and animals) to the trees in a park: each one has one's branches sovereign, lives freely according to one's emotions so, but does not mess with the branches of others, isn't allowed to do so. But one can offer available things that people like, like for example a song in the radio, in a radio station which specializes to that type of music so that people can choose according to their likings whether they listent o it or not.


 " Friday, January 8, 2021

Skills of Christmas gnomes 7. Fracturelessness

Please start from the first text:

Skills of Christmas gnomes 1. Gnome like life in the modern world (Finland)
Skills of Christmas gnomes 2. Hero like skills
Skills of Christmas gnomes 3. Tale like fascination in everyday real life
Skills of Christmas gnomes 4. Oath like love

Skills of Christmas gnomes 5. Gnomes from the religious point of view 
Skills of Christmas gnomes 6. Some pieces of music 
The whole blog

G1.   Reaching for the highest one can is good as spurts, as moments of vigour. But trying to get stuck there just makes one stuck to habits and removes the skills and enjoyment, even freedom. Much better to live at the level of ages old everyday life, with high ideals but only momentary position, so that one's life is rich with the possibilities civiliced ways of wisdom of life give together with a young mind, an eagerness to grasp everyday like chamces, like library's poems - not many poems but instead something fascinating and only alittle bit and trying to live with wisdom and share such wisdom with others too. 

G2.   In the news there was told that in the USA the Republican party spuurters of president Trump who lost the last elections, had has a huge demonstration of tens of thousands of people and some of them had riot like entered the congress building. But I think that such may be the usual practice in a democracy with skilled politicians, since a democracy is build on communication, and so it was natural for a large demonstration to have representatives talk with congressmen and -women, and if they were interested in power for their big group, it helped to see what power is like, for example some demonstrator sat at the bench of the congress chairwoman, and it looked as if he had had high skills which were just some tiny pieces of what would have been needed in such a job, especially experience and well working practical solutions seemed far away, and so it often is that one needs to know what kinds of skills and talenst some profession needs and so one can across tens of years learn such if one has talents and interests and likings at such.

G3.   "

There are small animals, insects or bacteria where one cleans or at least the atmoshpere afterwards if it isn't so good and happy, means that their living environment got disturbed, and as such is maybe that if one cleans with straight square edges, the animals etc worry and are unhappy, while if one leaves in sight at the edges the way one worked like "squaash" like this I clean, then the animals understand much better and feel better and humans too. 

For cleaning to be nice the equipment ofúght to be clean, and that measn that one ought to choose such fabrics that are easy and comfortable to clean many times in a row while one cleans home. "

G4.   9th of January 2021   For one to function properly, with full capacity and full wisdom, with full observational capacity too, each thing needs around a space to function in and some space to be left in peace. Such is like an autumn tree with fallen leaven underneath around it, or like a tree shelters from the wind near by, or tall grasses sheöter from the wind near them. 

G5.  " "As a child I once took part in building an igloo.
Igloo cannot be build from powder like snow. Instead the snow must be solid to allow taking large snow tiles from it. That is why igloos are usually build in the spring winter when the snow has a little bit melted and lowered icing to solid airy snow.
Igloo is built to somewhere where the snow is good and you get lots of snow tiles from near. The lower part of the wall is formed by the now on the ground, so take care to not to step on it where you plan the walls will be.
Igloo is round like a circle and maybe 1-1,5 meters wide.
You cut the snow tiles from the snow either by a large kitchen bread knife or by a saw (or by a shovel). You tidy the tiles to a suitable form for the igloo by the bread knife as you build the igloo. If I remember right, the tiles were some 30cm wide, height like the now on the ground and lenght handy. Tiles can be moved in children's sledge(?).
Where you build the igloo, you take tiles first from the door corridor which shelters from the wind by bending like and arch (even though you need ventilation to get air to breathe, so maybe the corridor aren't good if there isn't s winter storm). And then from the inside of the igloo which is a circle of maybe 1 to 1,5m wide. You get a cirle marked if you stand in the middle and by the tip of a skiing pole/stick(?) draw a circle around you equally far which is at least not too big but of the right size. The edge of the snow on the ground is important to keep solid and good because the igloo is build upon that.
The snow tiles are piled as a cicle without gaps but the door is left without tiles. The ends are made to fit the circle by a bread knife.
The next layer is build upon the previous one so that the gaps are on different places, like building a wall from ordinary tiles. You build like this a veritical wall of maybe half a meter plus the snow below. The you continue by arching the circle inwards but otherwise the same way so that the roof forms a beautiful circle like arch. For this you maybe form the tiles slightly also below so that there is a beautiful arch from the tiles.
So each layer is somewhat smaller than the one below and the tilted like form of the ends of the tiles prevents tiles from gliding in to the igloo after the layer is ready.
The height of the roof is roughly where you reach standing with slightly bent hands.
Finally you from the outside push one big tile that has been formed at every side (triangle like without the tip below) round tile to the center of the roof and so the igloo is ready.
Inside the igloo it is warm and sheltered.
Good luck to your new iugloo!"
Igloo must not be build airtight. Instead walls have to be left with air holes to prevent suffocation. From the edges of tiles shines light through so that it is beautiful and light in the igloo.
One can build a smaler igloo for the kids.
Maybe one can build an igloo in the beginning of the winter when after about zero temperatures with snow it is freezing temperatures but not yet much loose snow upon the solid snow."

 G6.   "

15. Adivice about knitting the heel of a woolen sock (and advices for knitting the whole sock)
I knitted the heel of a woolen sock this way:
First 2right 2back 2right 2back... to the ankle, then copying from a ready sock around the heel right loops maybe half of the amount of loops, I mean knitting one way right loops and back looks to the opposite direction, when other loops waited on their sticks.
(Here I shoudl have paid attention to where this piece ends compared to the 2r 2b, I mean is it symmetrical in both socks. And if the start is higher, one needs to have more height on the backside of the feet.)
When the height of the heel is right (try in feet), I knitted (continuing some row) four (I mean the breath (sorry: should have been "width") of the backside of the heel, I had a thich thread made of two threads which someone had swirled together) middlemost loops to one stick and the sides on their own. So I needed six sticks. And then I lifted one loop per round from each side (likewise according to the form of the foot: all loops on the middlemost stick = the breath of the foot at that place), so in practise (mostly) when turning two loops lifted and the middlemost knitted too like the other liops. When the breath was ten loops, the sock was when trying to the foot slightly (maybe one loop distance from the stepping oart of the foot, since the sock may wander on feet) wider than the feet and so just right.
The remaining loops on the side sticks I at each row knitted one together with the sidemost loop of the center stick, for the breath to stay the samer.
Then I lfited on both sides from every second hole to stick teh edge of the work there, since that appeared good so.
Then Iknitted around 2r 2b to where was such and right loops to where was right loops before. And in te beginning I for a few tomes 1+1+0+1 knitted together one loop with the neighbouring always at the border of these two tyes of knitting. And so I had as many loops as in the beginning,and so I just continued knitting the tunnel until I ended the sock gradually after reacghing toes."

 G7.   "A rose in his teeth

From my Finnish blog
"I was pondering this since in the summer time I once picked tall grasses and tied them with a woolen thread to a bunch that looked quite fine in my opinion, and since my poodle brings me in the evenings a sock that he "says" to be his drink.

So can it be that the clishee of a Romeo with a rose in his teeth, for example climbing in from a window, could refer to what if I do fine fascinating things in my life, have them as my hobbies like my poodle has fascinating things like summer cottage life and arts, so could this clishee refer to someone's life consisting of nice things with good spirit that draw people to them like a rose draws people. So one should have a good life oneself and it would attract someone likeminded who would be very satisfied next to tyou, since she did not come because of theoáter act like things but instead drawn by the same real thing that fascinate you.

 G8.   10th of January 2021   "5. Ideals are needed in life, from one's own dreams to all kinds of wise things with which to get the world to a good state. Ideals can cure the spirit when things seem to fall to a cynical state. Talking about how valuable ideals are and praying can help to make ideals a common tune in the society."

G9.   I wonder, in the news about Republican supporters entering the congress building of usa, the pictures in our local newspaper Itä-Savo were quite magnifient looking and making it understandable that such people had been allowed in in such an occasion, like someone with fine school type understanding plus music as an area of life, or someone older with a dedication like interest in such a job, or natuonalists of usa, or someone interested in the fine art etc there. Such gets compared with this summer time opera festival town with a medieval castle, Savonlinna: fine things offered, both for tourists and inhabitants of the area, even though largely in connection with arts and summer cottage life & practical professions, maybe religion too. Maybe this town is the reason for me writing about the skills of gnomes too.

* * *

This seems a natural place to end this gnome skills text, which already is overly long. If you like my texts, please visit my other blogs on the links. And if you would like something else of similar kind, check traditional Finnish culture, maybe Russian too. And maybe consider travellin in Finland, Europe and Russia, maybe in the civiliced world at large.

* * *


G10.   13th of Januaery 2021   About avoiding a situation turning to a fight if one is alone. Each (even aggressive seeming) person has typically a normal everyday life and it's courses are kind of tracks that he/she is in, and going along those tracks but as somewhat mild or nondangerous version, typically gets situations run well, without conflicts and with good communocation if one oneself is in civiliced ways and functions naturally that way, in civiliced harmony with the environment, yet with quite distant social relationships and only a short encounter.

G11.   As I have grown older, my view of what power is like has changed a lot. I now think that someone just does some job with good quality and it is available for use, and so people can pick it if they like it and need it, and it is good choice for them, and so it has in a sense decided how things are in the world, it has become the arrangement taken. As younger I thought that someone just gets votes in an election and so gets the job of a representative and discusses with people about important matters, but from this point of view it sound like he/she got the job of a negotiator, was chosen to it. The power of politicians on the other hand sounds like what an older woman keeping a restaurant & hotel arranges: now we have made this and we have those available, those have been liked... But if an ordinary person would try it, it would not be successful. Of jobs I also thought that someone gets chosen to a job they applied to, but now <i think that someone starts tyo specialce to certain kinds of jobs and then somehow just gets a paid full time job in them. But me myself have mostly been unemployed, just writing without pay. But anyway, it seems that someone takes some task and does it with good quality and in civiliced ways, with wisdom of life too and knowledge of what people are like, what thye need etc, and that's the power to decide about things, and not even money, but it is very natural, like things ought to be, needs fulfilled.

G12.   14th pf January 2021   Motion and sports make one's experience of life sing, since in sports one learn good ways of moving and doing, and so those routes kind of sing.And of course that at the same time teaches somewhat which routes at latrge work well, sing, so one's observations of the world are more likely to sing too. And motion makes one's posture naturally better, more relaxed and enjoyable yet carried well, which is good for one's view to life, things kind of find their own natural pklaces in life and in the world, which is kind of more song like too and better to live with, ebtter way to understand the world tyoo.

G13.   A gnome like person isn't as far as I know the most liked type of person, but instead more like just someone not so interestiung,maybe not so nice euither, at least of the gnome likedness is food centeredness or some other personal characyeristic that others do not share. But often a gnome like person can anyway get along with others quite well, because he/she suggests something positive,so it is one thing at atime accepted quite easily, and in the long run one so learns that one gest along. Much more liked in my opinion are like-minded people: people who share the same hobbies, interests values and often a similar skill level and a similar picture of the world or life situation at large. That is why I would not have liked to write about gnomes, but instead of hobbies, freedom, free time, love of the nature, natiurally build society, and the like.

G14.   17th of January 2021   This seventh part of the gnome skills text is maybe in the same way not so fracrureless and sovereign as my poodle Banjo is like. It is somewhat like trying to squeeze the last drops too, which is often unwise. Instead one should tell about good life like it carries well, according to our ages old nature that we can live along endlessly and just enjoy life. I guess that such is the difference between a dog that lives only maybe (like my childhood family's black poodle) 14 years ( my apricot poodle is now 12 and yet always actively along) and a human that is long lived: How long do you plan to live, how long ought your ways last and be enjoyable, give you healthy good life? Or do you think that you are planning to be here only for a shorter time?

G15.   18th of January 2021   For meditativeness a lively posture is important. One should let the body move at least slightly according to feelings, gesture language, situation, ways of moving etc, at least like slightly wobbling when one feels so. Sois life richer with sensations, situations and wisdom of life. Life kind of sings more.

G16.   19th of January 2021   At 4 p.m. in the afternoon everybody is tired and it is a good time to quit working and start free time. If one does not feel so well, but oalso otherwise, it is good to change to wonderful free time life already at the outdoor of the working place when the cool outdoor air hit's one's face, but not before one has travelled away from the strong smell of the working place's indoor air. One ought to listen to music, have hobbies, rise to all kinds of heights like one can only in free time do. So one is much more rested and wise also in the morning at work after a good night's sleep. Free time goes well if one does thngs like wandering on a twinding path.

G17.   20th of January 2021   Here in Savonlinna it is dangerous in the evening and night time or it appears so, and so I have stayed at home in the evenings and the dog has refused to go for an evening walk. As younger I lived in helsinki and there it did not seem so dangerous at all. But her in Savo people take contact more, are kind of personal, while in Helsinki one wandered quickly and neutrally by at some distance and was soon gone, yet in civiliced ways, and had a safe place near by.While in Savonlinna I guess that people want to grasp the life in a tourist town with arts too, and so they behave differently, are not so neutral.

G18.   I do not know so much about clothes and I have always wondered why I seem to fail on that. But as I have grown older, I have learned that some who are successful in some way in how thye dress, take it as their profession and not as something they do in addition to daily life and their interests. Also some who seem to have a good dress, look somewhat artificial in style as if they weren't so honest and weren't so happy and weren't so successful, so I guess they just lied that they are like the cloth's style. Generally choosing something goes typically by thinking "What kind of way of life I want? What does offer me such inside the view of school of how to fit into the society?" and making that choice just so straightforwardly and getting room for it from it being so right, just like one ought to live, and not from some recommendation of others to conform in that. 

G19.   22th of January 2021   In less than a wekk I will be moving from Savonlinna which is a countryside town with an opera festival in the summer time and which largely is a place like grandparents' home, to Espoo at the capital districts which is a more peaceful version of the capital district and with a national park. That will surelu change my way of writing and it may be that I will need to stop writing my old blogs, since the quality is so different, and start something new.

G20.   As young adult many get squeezed to kind of narrow life, and I guess that it is partly a question of them not given enough time for insights of their own but instead commanded and bossed around. Some more elderly say that they have helping the ill as an element in their life and guess that that's the thing giving them some roomf or themselves, I guess that it isn't just giving a hint of how to recover from a flu, but instead something more demanding like trying to learn miracle ciure skills (In Finnish)  and at the same time invest in staying healthy oneself even if one associates with the ill or handicapped. Likewise trying to learn curing skills at large : there is something demanding that needs a time of it's own think most, and there is the emphazis on independency of one's own, and good will in the world at large. But please observe that at associating with the ill one often catches several diseases, so that it is many people's profession. I guess that one can get a similar effect from taking good quality art seriously, for example albert edefelt's paintings, or music in the radio, or from associating with the elderly, but they may have llnesses so there is the same problem again.

G21.   Bacteria from somewhere may be a question of influencies from some person's way of life. At least it gets easier to handle if one wonders what kinds of persons those were, even if one does not know what they ought to be like, for example a rat like a peaceful man in his 60's who wants to play the keyboard, a mouse like a practically inclined male gnome and a female mouse like one who often washes dishes - my human neighbours are like that, so are these from kice or from my neighbours? 

G22.    My poodle tells a tale (from Central Asia or China) that one can use mice as dentists, one jsut wishes for it and opens one's mouth so that a mouse that one propably does not see, can enter the mouth, and then the mouse takes a teeth from a mouse's mouth and replaces a painful human teeth by it, like appears good in it's opinion, and the human does like producing a sound like "Mmm-ah!" and fastens the new teeth to human like form and well in the mouth, and it is painless and one never again needs to go to dentist. I do not know what it demands to work out, but I think it a good tale and it gives a place for mice who so are parts of the society, have a job and civiliced ways. 

G23.   27th of January 2021 in Espoo    When there is some style in bought things like if someone had thought of certain possible ways of using it, often too fine to sound good quality in the eras of younger or people from entirely different kinds of professions, then it usually is the person manufactoring it having had lots of skills in it and so they have recommended possible uses and known those areas of life, those possible uses from their own experience, sometimes as a compassionate person observing life and quite often from one's own life and so a person with lots of skills in different things has approached something that needs to be done and that one values, and fugured out this and that for it and nice possible uses for those interested in it, like good quslity work demands but like seldom is possible at a young age. So those impressions of possible uses are a message ferom the gnome like, grandparent like naufactirer of just that product. Often when some have lots of skills while others not at all or almost not at all, it is via this kind of communication that one can learn from the much much more able.

G24.   If one sometimes eats unusually well or otherwise has extraforces, one ought not term it nonsense but instead use it as extra strenght to understand  things of which one ordinarily says "Oh, I did not manage toi follow.", for example high art, religion, wisdom of life, more demanding civiliced wisdom, wisdom of feelings, etc. So one has part of the time  such understanding and one learns skills for life and is along with better choiuces, and such is sometimes needed in life.

G25.   28.1.2021   I have gotten from my dogs an impression that they think that on computers and mobile phones there is an internet user interface in amhiri ("hiiri"=mouse) lamguage, and so can a mouse make a video phone call to another mouse, if it happens  find the sensitive dim amhiri interface, and so can it learn for example miracle curing skills and so find a place for the mice for the winter, maybe also otherwise. 

G26.   Here in the capital district people are not so practically skilled, so even shop keeping seems somewhat like guess work. But at least in food shops one could work where people pay what they have picked, chosen to buy, and so gain a holiustic picture of what types of meals and nutritients, maybe way of life each type of food belongs to.

In Savonlinna there is a big market selling food and artifacts in a very good quality way. The town is an opera festiuval town in the summer time, so one fascination is to make opera like level fine things oneself, for example keep a shop well. So I guess that thye likewise try to do each thing with good quality for their different types of customers' needs,like is good in life to have and like understanding life gives rise to what people need. 

G27.   2nd of February 2021    Over ten years ago I had just started on a wilderness guide course in Nuuksio national park and recreational lake&forest district, when I on my free time went for a walk in the forest and immediately saw a capercaillie? ("metso"), a huge mainly black bird that has a fan like emotionally wise looking tale, ona branch in it's spring dating ways.


A few days later I was walking in the forest near a lake when I saw a huge human sized eagle fly near by and it seemed to land somewhere near, but I got afraud and after that I did not see such animals at all. It seems that if one invests strongly in something that one loves and it is just fascination and nothing artiuficial, not acted, one can meet such in others too, like for example loving the wildlife and nature. Years ago I started a karate hobby after another Japanse martial art, and I wanted to invest in it, do  it in a good way, do something seriously, and so I found such a club AND JUST LOVED IT, it was kind of as in a flight, but then later when my mom was convinced that just the club was special, I lost my good touch with it and soon lost the hobby too. Nawadays my poodle Banjo has had good subjects for blogging, kind of hobby, and today morning I looked out of the window here in Espoo where I have lived now for a week, and there was a dark figure like a big dog galloping slowly at an angle across the street, and my poodle said of the style that it was a wolf, and it seemed to be interested in my poodle'shobby. "D (1/8 note), D&F (half note), G (1/4), A (1/2), E (1/4), D (1/2), E&G (1/2), A (1/8), G (1/2), E (1/8), D (1/4) and E&G (1/2)."

G28.   9th of February 2021   If somewhere the landscape isn't nice enough but instead a burden, it often helpsto use a sphere of attention of the size and kind that the builders of the area had palnned peopleto use there, like for example the miljo of this street with it's trees, with it's beauty and sense of atmospheres, with it's richness of life, with it's wisdom of planning and building good for life and with it's view of what kind of people there can be and like such characteristics in a place to live in, or the small forest by the road, or some build miljo by the road, with their values and fascination, their ways of living and their inpiut of valued things in life. But of course one also needs to look at trees and landscapes with trees for to not to turn stupid because of too littel stimuli. 

I guess that often places are planned so that one would look with sharp eyes at nature, traffic and human encounters, at animals too, but with kind of foggy eyes at things in which there is nothing to look at like empty walls, street lamps etc, and in that the idea is to be more lost in thoughts like thinking deeply about life or being in an emotional state of mind, or being so motivated that everything just shines, wandering like in a song, taking the valuable and bypassing the nonimportant disturbing quickly, understanding with wisdom instead via engineering, and knowing that build things are planned to be parts of a miljo insyead of single useful things, like for example book cover tells what kind of book it is, what kind of life here is offered.

G29.   Food made in a not so good place in town, with the fuss of town around, maybe cannbot give a glimpse of better life, while food made in a better place with culture that safeguards well things that people need and long for, for example by the side of a park in a good place forsuch cooking, can offer things that peolke long for, that strenghten them and give a peace of mind. 

G30. "About recognizing one's need of nutritients

One ought to eat food like one needs it, but usually at least one or two bites and from them about one's own feelings and sensations know, did it do good and how much one then needs food and what kind of food: stronger, lighter, more rich with vitamins, more like basic food, more variation, different types of nutritients, some certain type of food or what.

Food ought to make one feel good and have enough energy for the next few hours for the type of things done like one then aims at living like and for which one has skills,what is heathy enough in spirit and pleasant enough. If one lacks skills or doesnot enjoy one's time, one can for a while fix it with heavier food, but it would be  better to learn those skills and that wisdom of life. So, as one eats, one listens to, if I stop the meal here, will I have enough energy for the next few hours, livelily? If I have strenght for a shorter time, which amount of food then would bring enough energy, eat that much. If onbe's experience of life does not seem to start singing, add healthys pirit, fresh fruits and different types of nutritients like the food circle advices.

What food one longs for, needs, one listens to by comparing to healthy well working life, to it's mood and rhythms etc. Am I too pale and forceless now, then I ought to eat a meal. If I would eat heavier, would I then have more energy and have a good mood, good quality attention and ffull understanding along, moving easy and pleasant? If one would eat for example a slice of sausage, would it be right type of nutritients, and what about the amount of butter(?) in it, wouldmore fish like food be better or vegetable beaf, would they need some other type of fat, for example oli, would it be good to have a sallad or vegetable cut to tiny pieces along, could one make it full with milk, natural full milk or fatless milk, does one long for something else,which cooked vegetables would suit with the food and how cooked, what about clean water."   (In Finnish Laihduta hauskasti )

G31.   10th of February 2021  From the beginning of this blog:    "

Sewing clothes without formulae, just your dreams guiding you, an easy advice that brings you all the way to your dreams
I am not so skilled in sewing but in this I seem to have caught the idea.
So, when I have wanted to sew a cloth for myself, I have taken as a starting point an old cloth of similar shape or my old understanding about skirts or the like.
I have thought what style of cloth I want, and chosen the fabric(s) according to it. Then when I have the fabric washed and dried, I have based on it's colours, figures and feel searched for a suitable impression, both ahsentmindedly staring at the fabrics and shortly in front of the mirror searching for right kind of impressions.
So I have found out what the new cloth would be compared to the old one, for example more loose or more according to body forms. From the old cloth I get the shape and measures, to which I have added looseness or more according to body forms and changed the lenghts in ways which I measure with measures that are easy to understand on the level of experience: hand width with fongers spread, pald width, two fingers' width, half a finger's width, or the like, and not in centimeters or inches, and so I have understood better all the time, what I do and why, and have not been able to mix the measures to other measures, and the experienced measures have been a support to my idea of the whole instead of being a mess of inches and needed to be measured again and again.
Then I have cut the pieces while leaving room for the spare part next to the sewing line (for the fabric not to untie) and sewn the basic lines of the cloth. Then I have tried it on in front of the mirror, and tried by moving the fabric find the right form for the details, and when it at some moment has been of a nice atmosphere, I have fixed the position and place of the cloth there and by finger widths or by grasping with fingers or even by sewing with a needle left the style like it is nice, and sewn then so.

* * *
(Here the experienced measures are important because they are on the same language as dreams of what kind of cloth one would like to sew, and so the measure does not distueb one's image in mind of what kind of line and what kind of atmosphere in it one would like to sew, and what would be a nice way for the fabric to hang. So one does not produce clumsy dizzy sewing in the atmosphere of "I dpo not know", but instead the dream guides the practical choices in sewing, in which it is clear to see what one already can and what is there left to learn, and I guess that the new things to learn get solved in the same kind of approach as the old successful ones via this method. So dreaming is here a practical prequisite for conceiving cloth's looks, shape, feel, atmosphere and it's practical features, and so the dream is an advice for sewing like the formulae used to be earlier.
Finding the proportions of measures and shape gets easier via comparing to an old cloth, of which you see what it is like when you wear it and what alteration you should make to that (for example because the differewnt fabric brings a different style) and from it you get the formulae to the pieces of fabric, when you take the variations into account.)

* * *

More about sewing and sewing a skirt, in this blog


G32. 12th of February 2021   It is now almost two and a half weeks since I moved from Savonlinna to Espoo. From this distance it seems that the summer time opera festival in July in Savonlinna matters a lot, is valuable for doing things well and having enthusiasm, reaching for one's ideals. So it might be that such happenings would be good to have also elsewhere, also other kinds of happenings, but I do not know for sure what it demnands. First one ought to have a good place, like a place with nature that offers some wisdom of life, that is a good holiday or free time destination for many but maybe not any wider than that. And one ought to have a wide demand for such a happening. And skilled people to arrange it. And a good way of integrating it with the wishes of people. But it may be that in some places a happening is ok. but inothers more like a way of life and professions offered, morew widely things needed arranged by the people who love them and do good quality work in them, value ideals and have a healöthy spirit in questions of ways of living and in making the society a good place to live in. But with such a happening there may come murders because of different values (also differecnies of values can cause cannibalism when some act to be of an enturely different type of persons with different values, so that many things in their life and in their social environment just collapse to their neck as unbearable and so they just eat some of them away, like for example a foreigner pretending to be a star that she/he hates), cultut´ral clashes, climate differencies (cannibalism (eat butter instead (one can as far as I know get it cheap if one says that one needs so much food),eat local basic food slike is customary + wear a few numbers too big clothes so that they are so loose that there is warm air inside them and the outmost clothes windproof so that the warm air does not escape and cold air does not enter the clothes or near skin - the method of murder is often lies and/or natural deeds done without taking care to not to harm the other one needlessly, so don't allow a possible cannibal near you) & unfair hate) and the wish of younger generation to choose freely their own profession, values, etc. In Savonlinna it seemed so that for things to stay at ahnd each person ought to have something to take fully into account, like danger of murders for example, I guess that such situation comes when there are people from distant foreign countries mixed with the ordinary life near the happening. Cultural differencies make the thing much more chaos like. Civiliced ways would be the right prequisite for allowing much individual freedom.  Generally the Finnsih  advice "Live and let others live!" is good to learn and solves problems.

G33.  "Monday, December 21, 2020

An attemot at undoing an atom bomb

 A melody to my blog , where the idea was to synchronoze lives afyter death so that one could continue life as if someplace had not been bombed. But it was based on wishing well in a civiliced way,so here is an attempt at building such good will, if such was lacking in the country due to not so good moral, or something of the kind. Here the idea was that one ought to keep distance, without being personally involved, and so it would be easier.

G34. 13th of Februaty 2021   When one does something important, it demands concentration, deserves some peace. But if one then does such things for a long time, such peace does not give any natural rythm, any taste of life, any good qualöity in basic things like watching, moving, wisdom of life. ordinary skills often demand that there are soime other bigger things, some goals to hurry toward and moments of more leisurely time, so thatone learns good ways of doing and wisdom of life from them. 
G35.   Some think that if all people are not religious in the modern world, reliugion would somehow have lost it's meaningfulness and there would be a demand for individual persons'tricks with with to replace religion. But that is not quite so, since if one does something well, there naturally is a place in the world for such, if it is a thing well fitted into the civliced society. And so oneis in tune with others who do such things with good qaulity, it is like a hobby: you get hobby pals and that helps your hobby and civiliced ways help you to get along and to keep the space in the society reserved for such a hobby. If you then do something much worthwhile in the society and in the world, like wishing well for the world, in civiliced ways, then there is a bigger place in the world for such, since such good will is typically a prequisite for getting the world work well together, and that is a huge question, ahuge benefit, much needed environment for many things done. And if you do such with good quality, investing in your ages old nature, in the natural principles of functiuoning of humans and animals, of the natural world, you may reach high might and at the same time it is in tune with the environment, so that in a sense you are along the same lines as religion, it'sposition, it's achievements, it's values  and methods, and so you gain such for yourself.So the time of religions is not past, since reluigions are connected with high skills and high skills are based on the ages old human nature, on the nature of the natural world too, and so when you search for skills, you are kind of along somewhat similar routes if you get the thing to work out well.

G36.   I happened to notice that at G35. there are now 444 entries in this gnome skills text. My dog is fond of beautiful looking numbers like 22 past 2p.m. It says such teaches a wiser view of symmetry and atmosphrérs and sense of beauty and an ability to choose which all are good for higher skills.
G37.   16th of February 2021    My old video. I like the subject, the header very much, but the text video did not succeed so well, more like just aims for what ought to be there. But at the same time it brings to my mind how wisdom of the nature can ease hard times, make the world wiser, let people grow ro wisdom, even to greatw isdom.

G38.   The song Soi vienosti murheeni soitto by Oskar Merikanto is, if you play it slowly, as if the storm itself would sing.
Source Uusi Kultainen Laulukirja, page 105 or so.
Of what I have composed myself, the piece I composed about white syreeni bush's buds, was also somewhat like the plant's view, and so it seems to bring spring further, advence it.

G39.   I have wondered why I write this Christmas gnome skills text, and so I have come to think that since I wrote about the future of computers and made the thinking course , and since such things are of great value in the modern world, maybe many teachers etc all over the world think that my skills, way of living, values etc ought to be one possible option in the modern world since one ought to support good understanding and an ability to understand computers and the future with them. So I guess that this Christmas gnome skills text with it's links offers such an option to a wider numer of people all over the world.

G40.   Spring 2011 I had for two weeks practised watercolour painting, for the first time after school years over twenty years earlier, and did it according to a drawing course that spring and two painting guidebooks, when I managed to paint this, but then I got stuck and lost the touch and it seems that painting is a poor source of influence in what comes to taste of life, so better without, but I still miss the touch.
My poodle Banjo also painted a picture that summer.

He also draw a number 2.

 G41.   17th of February 2021   Trees where one lives are valuable. they teach how to stay healthy and how to recover if one is ill, and how to live with healthy spirit and healthy natural ages old ways of living. And they teach the weathers. and from the style of some tree or tree nranch or so one can often learn high skills like some hero of old times or like is good to teach to the younger generation. One learn such from the looks and atmosphere of the trees. Trees also make the living environment look more magnifient, and the magnifient looks of trees is also good for eyesight and reactions in the traffic. And trees make free time taste like free time make it at once more leisurely when one comes homer from work or studies. But it takes tens of years of a tree to grow to fulls ize, and old trees seem wiser than young ones, even though also young trees can teach kids.

G42.   How I trained my dogs aiming for circus 2010-2011, even though that came to stop before we were ready. Here a jump over the back of another dog. Teaching it took about twice as much time as these videos, since I first taught it once and then filmed the same repeated, since it is a fine trick to learn if the dogs are friends with each other and of the same size.

My poodle Banjo likes the association "fucked already" of his name and is some kind of Romeo, mainly of poodle ladies i.e. of bitches and a cute companion dog. So if I remember right, he choose the word "rakas"= loved, for him to write. Now some ten years later he choose this video to this gnome skills blog. (28th of February 2021   Some days ago my poodle Banjo asked me to add here that he kid´nd of makes love with both male and female dogs and sometimes with other animals too, including cats, and somewhat with humans further away but not with me, owner since that would be too close since we are so much together and anyway an old dog is much like his owner.) 

G43.   18th of February 2021   "Mars landing
 In the news it was told that a vehicle will land on mars today evening. There was a live video or the like from the space personnel, who weremainly looking it from the point if view of engineers having sent a machine to a ball of stone and dust, with some gas around it too. that view seemed uncapable of handling if there would be some encounter of alien life or some conflict of military interests of different nations. Yet all spiritually inclined sources I have heard of tell of the planets by emphasizing their different nature and say that mars is a planet of war. Such ought to be taken into account and avoided such contacts. It is said that Mars has also strong winds. And that war likedness is maybe cayúsed by the cold, but in my opinion cold does not usually cause such at all. Instead I have the impression that the Finnish rule "Live and let others live", see for it, could solve it away by giving more independency to individuals there."

 G44.   21.2.2021  Finland's Eurovision Song Contest song was chosen yesterday eevening, and the melody seems to contain this melody (see G27.) about a wolf in town. It appeared to have a quite small companion dog, quite like my poodle Banjo, a thin big black dog and this melody of a wolf. My poodle says it would like the wolf to win Eurovision Song Contest.

I do not know what to think of this, since I was very stuck, stupid and unmusical plus in problems for the last year when it appeared that my other melody, about harmony between people of different continents, was Finland's Eurovision song but due to an epidemy the international European contest was cancelled.


A picture of an American indian drum I made some ten to fifteen years ago on a course at the capital district of Finland. It is said that one can invite animals to meet with such a drum. I guess animals notice that the human wants to meet them, and so some of them may come, quite soon or later. But I rarely drum it at all.

G46.   In some half a week ago I put to this Christmas gnome skills text the search keyword "entertainment reading" and got the impression that this text resembles in readers' eyes Rudyard Kipling's books, especially "Jungle book". But this gnome skills text is of a different character: fact text teaching skills, and from an entirely different climate of four seasons and snow in the winter time.

G47.   "Composing by singing

 I tried to compose something about how to reach a singing experience of life by one's viewpoint and approach if one is stuck like I have been for the last year, which appears to resemble the ways of the tropics. And how to sing such state of mind and experience of life with varied atmospheres and colours etc in voice, so that one composes so of the subjects in one's life. But as said, I have not been lately good at all in this, but maybe now that I live in the capitak duistrict it will be easier, since sports and recreation in the nature are more easily available here.

D, E, F, D and A, of which the first and last are quite long andf the others quick, the first three ought to be one bunch while the fourth separate."

G48. 22nd of February 2021   Knitting wind-proof mittens

" mittens two or three days when it has been under zero, today was freezing and wind but the mottens did not let the air through and so were warm. In thsi thread there are two bunches of wool/plastic fibres of different colours and they have been loosely twisted around each other so that the thread on the sphere is wool like and when knitting stretches to wool thread like, but if one does not knit tense with thick sticks but with thin sticks more loose but still quite airtight, the threads flatten in the ready work under the hand so that the result is more air-tight"

 G49.   I am writing this text in a climate of four seasons with the temparature range roguhly from -30 Celcius degrees to +30 degrees Celcius. So if you are from a warmer climate, try to classify yourself as a resder to a different season of the year and from a roughly sam ekind of climate (compare with summer) with some clear differencies too. I do not have skills of living in any other climate.

G50.   23th of February 2021   Come to think of it, could angels mean snow angels? When in the winter time it is quite qarm weather and maybe new snow and one has left the window open more than usually, like is typical for spring, there is a high slight sound in the room near the window, very mcuh like the snow. It is as if small insects that live on the surface and air compartments of the snow would have come in to near the window to around where the snow can fly in, and kept that sound. And if one closes the widnow, the sound ceases as if the insects had mostly fleed outdoors. Snow at least is white but I haven't noticed any other effect of the insects, of the "snow angels".

There is another more familair meaning for the words "snow angels": children lie on their back in ontouched snow and move their arms and leags as straight sideways on the surface of the snow back and forth and then rise carefully so as to not to disturb the picture of an angel with skirt or the like so formed on the surface of the snow. A little bit similar are the "ice flowers" decorations on wondow sometimes formed by iced moisture in the window.

G51.   24th of February 2021    Now that I have written tens of miracle cure guesses which are in Finnish at (and need some to translate just that page to English & otrher languages, I guess), it seems that mentioning them removes the need of the handicapped to cry out loud at their great misfortune, since by reading these one's chances of getting healed fully are so much better. But in this it is important to follow the advice of not reading them work like many at a time but instead only a little at a time so as to indest a lot in it to let one's own insight develop fully, how one oneself could get healed this way. Some of them I have translated at etc. Here one essential, maybe the most difficult though:
11. My impression of spiritual healing * Miracle cure attempt I

My impression of spiritual healing (and of healing by religious belief)
The one to be healed should imagine the following in his/her mind livelily so that that insight would have an as good spirit as possible: profound, ages old, making livelier, globally good wishing and beautiful, touching all sides of life, taken to heart just the most soulful versions of those sides of life, according to prayer's sensitive, lively, making livelier, calm sovereign, sensing richly landscape like view and a guide to ways of living on all sides of life and in life as a whole, according to your view on what is soulful, filled with love like on a summer day in nature on untouched shore or pleasantly active in varying sporty activity.
There exists an roiginal right way to live as such what God created us to be and what kind of life God meant us to live. All that functions is based on taht natural ages old way of life, it's parts, for example rationality is based on the remains of profound understanding of life and the world. We reach some of that right way to live when we follow the answer to our prayer sof getting to know it on all areas of life - not rigidly law like but instead listening to our heart's voice and wishng fairly the best for all living beings.
When living according to that right way to live, the body is self-repairing: the lively atmosphere of the body repairs neighbouring parts and that part itself toward perfect ages old full health and cures our whole being toward full lively fractureless health.
Just like a bent one who straightened one's back, likewise by reaching for that right way to live we can repare in our body things that otherwise would be outside our ability to repare. For example if one keeps overstretched wrist in the right centraö position, it gets easier fully cured, where natural moving is allowed but snesitively, carefully, since you have hurt the wrist. Likewise reaching with your whole way of life to right "middle" best way of life, bonding yourself to it, just like your soul says, you can repare many things that otherwise would be too squeezed to a mess and impossible to repair.
Promise to follow that right way to live 30-40 years from the present moment onwards, also in your after death lives, never erring badly away from it! Your view on the future cures too, making you feel lighter. Long term effect brings room and extra effect to recover. Across time develop your view of the right way to live so that it is more according to what soul says. Pray like you feel right in your heart and like is with pure moral heart, and not just formally.
* * *
  Stomach muscles are body's center from which big movements start and where big feelings to a large extend are located in the body. If you do not get this advice to work immediately, try to apply it to your stomach area, which is the center area of the body. From tehre the effect is easier to enlargen to your whole body and to the surrounding emotional and social space."
G52. 27th of February 2021   About continuing to life after death
It appears that often life after death is much like life before death. If there was something unbearable, one must continue without it. If the unbearable, the cause of death was outside one's own life, like on a walk walking to a dangerous place and just continuing as if a piece of film had been refilmed as ordiry instead of as death. It is much like concentrating, like dedicating to the life at hand. 
If the cause of death or the und´bearable was a part of one's own life, one must let go of it and continue with the rest of one's loved things in life and replacing the lost by new met things, maybe like a twinding path tonew encounters etc.
If one cannot continue with one's family etx nearest things, one maybe dies and is left stationary at one place ponderin glike school aged about the possibilities of life left, like a date or a nice place to move to live in, etc, and maybe there one can continue life after death. 
If there is no such place found, maybe there is a tunnel to a dining hall witha fiesta, and maybe one can with food bear also other circumstancies. 
Making lighter and more livelier ins  spoiritual sense, makes one recover better and quicker and makes it possible to find more better options at life after death.

G53.   28th of February 2021   I do not quite  know why I have written this much at lenght about the possibilities of gnome like life in the modern world. Many need better chances for life according to feelings, safety and peace, but why this long text and not a shorter one, I do not know. A psycholöogist in Savonlinna seemed to think that gnome like life is a good, nice subject, so I wonder if that could have affected. And the Christmas gnomes and the life of religous people make one think that maybe the church uses such texts to something, even though my own background is school and atheist upbringing. Some would guess that my pets are the reason for this gnome text, but pets are helpoful, want to be in friendly terms with humans, but on the other hand this is my view and not copied from my pets as far as I know. Here in the capital district one would want more centered on healthy wasy of living, nature and civiliced wisdom, even though maybe not so educated since this a is a free time view.
G54.   After Savonlinna Espoo has appeared muvh less skilled in work and in what comes to shops, but I think it is a difference connected with people not being in their favourite profession, and so they are not so dedicated, do not enjoy filling all kinds of needs amnd developing all kinds of skills their work needs and having a anice spirit, doing a favour to customers, having values usited to one's wokr, and likings especially.
G55.   Living according to civiliced wisdom
When my poodle Banjo was a new puppy in Espoo, my mom visited us and said that Banjo promised to teach the view he learned from my mom about what was in her opinion a good way to teach civiliced ways  to the younger generation or to one's kids. If I remember/understood right they caled it "the role of Euripide". But I did not understand dogs so much tehn, so I just did not catch it. Yesterday Banjo managed to tell me the view:

"I would like to do according to civiliced wisdom. Would you ?" is good.

"If we would have worked here according to civiliced ways, that would have been rewarding. And now it is a time for a pause, let's do something fun, what would you like to do?"

"Was it a role? I do not know what it is. I would have done."

"It does not go so. It goes like this."

 "Would you have been happy? I would like to..."

But the last one is not good: "Are you happy? I do not know what it means, but I can do these."

These sound like my mom's talk and her point of view.

G56.   1st of March 2021   I once heard a song in a religious radio. It was in Finnish but the words were somethwhat like: "Let there be land in flower, full of smells and honey. Let there be a new chance, a dep healing Silence." It reminded me of bees and of insects at large. They pollute the plants and make so plant life pflourish and food production possible. Bees are among the biggest of them, soldier like, live incolonnies, fly in a nature landscapoe in the summer time, yet work with flowers, so much qwisdom with objectivity and wisdom of life, kind of like a löost world, yet outside one's grasp, yet so near and maybe possible to learn from.

G57.   For making a fine piece of art one ought to reach for the ideals, since such rises the quality. And one ought to have elements of natural ages old ways of living, especially nature. In the nature there are ages old major phenomena of life in a quite basic form, and so they make it easier to conceive the modern life in a benefical way, with wisdom of life too. And for such to work I guess that also the food ought to be more natural, like basic products of good quality, with a touch of the nature, instead of much factory made.

G58.   3rd of March 2021   I have now lived in Espoo for a month, and I have wondered how many people here are quite tense and agitated. Yesterday morning on a walk (not a good morning since some evil lying vetenarians ("animal rescue" or how is it called) attacked my poodle, but I guess it means I ought to recommend my blog about curing much more) I came to think that I did not want to move to live here but just chose according to some factors like nice walks, nature, safety, work & hobbies, social relationships, etc. But as I thought that I did not want to live here, the cars driving by on a small street seemed to think that is just the normal here, we did not want to live here, so I guess that that is the reason for the tenseness and agig´tation. But so they many or most ought to move to live to where they would like the place, it's culture, it's major attractions and main professions. Then those good sides would be always present, the main current of life there woudl always offer such good sides, and none or not much of what here disturbs them what there they do not invest in. And moving is a quite simple thing: seek a rental apartmet in the internet, one bus trip to visit it and then just move, which for me when I moved to Savonlinna, was two trips back and forth witha a rented small transportation car.
 G59.   I guess that there ought not be animal rescue vetenarians o´r they harm animals, but instead just ordinary police without advices from the vetenarians but instead just common sense of ordinary people, but not whosoever,since my dog has been complained about howling moserably when it is just friendlily social with neighbours, or intereste din music chords etc, or it is a question of some cat being a nuisance to people or someone mixes house heating or otehr pipes leeping noice with dog howling or someone has hearing aid too loud and listens even to mice but it lowers the pitch (by slowing the sound) and so it sounds like howling.
I guess that the same is with psycholioguists and other care professionals: they ought not have right to order more work to themselves by attacking the healthy. And the police ought to use it's own classification as marked up instead of allowing the situation change to more harmful, like a hippie is different fromparanoia. But I guess that some hippy like person is more quick witted than others and so becomes bored in ordinary life and so changed to wisdom of life, partly because others take time and say that such is for good quality and good life.
G60. What I have looked at dogs of guard dog species that are kept as ordinary doigs, they always have a point of view of good ways of biting and their owners continually keep an eye on murders etc, often on food too. Likewise professions each have their own point of view that one carries to the rest of one's life too. So deciding to cultivate something makes one's life quite much filled with such area of liufe, so that if it was your weak point that you sought to strenghten, you end up ashtray, unless it is your dream to be such a person. So much better to seek for other ways of handling the cahllenges life brings, ways that one likes as areas of life, and in addition sek to strenghten general skills in life, like for example having a nice spiorts hobby - nice and fun means also that you do  it in a good way for your body and mind, since people are so different that otherwise one often does not know what type of sports would suit each individual.'

G61.   Peaceful evenings in some place I guess are a question of the people sharing the same (wise enough) wisdom and the same likings of how to live there, and that is the reason for them being there. Like place's culture, it's main attractions with their civiliced perspective and it's way of life.
G62.   4th of March 2021    I have given my pets position in a good well working way, the same way I give to others, regardless of age, sex, species etc, both to humans and animals and possible other beings. Each one gets position according to how much understanding and skills they have and how moral they are in the questions etc affected, i.e. one ought to affect toward good of the world and of the society and of the persons, both humans and animals, affected. My poodle Banjo has typically had a good position since he has had 12 years time to learn and adapt to this and he has a good understanding and good will, is interested in the things affected and is considerate and good willing toward others. But in giving position one needs to make safety precautions if someone has not been good enough earlier always, and also if one does not know something for sure. If your skills are not high enough to estimate something, you cannot give high position based on that, but instead just say that it might be but you cannot estimate since your skills are not enough. Generally I think that such position just exists according to justice, it is not exactly ginen by someone, even though one must be considerate toward those affected.
G63.   5th of March 2021   If one does nyt like one's profession but can do the work related internet searches & internet use on work computer, one benefits a lot if one uses home computer according to one's likings and allows targeted advertising at large on it. Make internet searched in subjectd tuhat internet you, like hobbies, favourite professions, liked towns  cultures etc. It maybe does nyt Master so much if you voisit some Page to see what it is and do you like suuhunsa  doed it have a benefical effect on your life, but reading long and visiitin seversl times mantere.

G64.   Almost 30 years ago I was a young student in the university of Helsinki and took part in a writing course in Finnish language which is my mother tongue. We wrote also poems, and I wrote something like what I translate here, but I do not remember it well enough. It was spring time and I was asked to write about spring since I liked it, and they predicted that I later would write about the seasons.
sound of the radio,
the endless days of my childhood:
nanny and plastic building blocks on the floor,
from the open window cool air untangles in
and the surface of the ground has already melted,
tree branches have as if drawn lines against the sky
a dessert soup of coloured lights

G65.   6th of March 2021   What there is well working in my way of life, is largely what school taught of how it is good to live in the society. That was in helsinki, Finland, around 1980's. It was mostly a recommendation, a good piece of advice for life and for satying healthy, they thought.

G66.   7th of March 2021   Thsi again seems a possible palce to end this text, especially since it's effect in my life has become strongly negative. Some suppose that if I have learned skills during my life and beenf orced to write about them in a way that I do not agree about, would mean that I have too mcuh good life, but I do not have these things in my life and I think that these things are not too much for me since <I am inclined this way. 


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"Tuesday, April 27, 2021  
Skills of Christmas gnomes 9.

 This text is nineth in a series of texts about lesrning skills and talents of Christmas gnomes, needed for Christmas gnome like life in this modern world.

Skills of Christmas gnomes 1. Gnome like life in the modern world (Finland)   ( 111 pieces of text )  
Skills of Christmas gnomes 2. Hero like skills  ( 46 pieces of text )   
Skills of Christmas gnomes 3. Tale like fascination in everyday real life  ( 108 pieces of text )   
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Skills of Christmas gnomes 7. Fracturelessness   ( 67 pieces of text )
Skills of Christmas gnomes 8. Repairing things   ( 102 pieces of text )

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I 1.   27th of April 2021   What one finds depends on what one is tuned to and what one has prebiously found. If one is in a wrong kind of mood and goes work like through all material, it isn't likely that one would find mych new interesting things. On the cobtrary, one ruins much of the old chances thst were there. I have written of this in connecyoon with lesrning miracle cure skills and in connection with finfing dolutions to environmental questions. There is also the same in ginding a good place to live in and in finfong a good wsy yo live in where one happens to live. One needs a good approavh  positive mood. One ought not exhaust things but instesf cultivate them and find good wayd to live in connection with them. The effect is bigger if the world is of spitit. And the same applies also to ginding nature to enjoy and wander in.

I 2.   A picture from today, still thinking of burying the ashes of my poodle which died a month ago and is going to be buried in Savonlinna where he lived most of his life and liked and was of the same type as life there, kind of artistic.

I 3.   29th of April 2021 in (three mobths in) Espoo   If an elderly person loses one's spouce it is a big thing since one lived so many decades with that person's perspective alobg and his/her skills always as a backup, and has lots of habits and things one is usedvto. When I lost my 12 tears old apricot poodle, I first lived centered on those areas of life that I loved and thst went well when I fid not yet have my dogs, and it went quite nicely so. So I guess that also an elderly can during the first times live quite well on one's own as much as thecdorrow leaves room  but later one ought to find new everyday life. I guess that one ought to think whatcwere the main elements of one's lufe when life went well snd one liked such life. If one forcexample liked one's work, one ought to find similar thingsvto do in a company thst is good for tjings done andvtalks but does not rise the desth of one's spouce to bevthe central theme all the time. And one ought to have some happenings inhobby curcled or dobwhere one csn grt to know new people and a taste of life. And the redt of one's life along what othrr elderly persobs with similar type of likings in areas of life do. If the basic level of quality and content yo life is lavking, one oughtvto fo more enhineeting like elementary work tasks like for example correcting spellibg errors in a text.

I 4.   30th of April 2021   " 


Each one loves only one’s own nature, what is inevitable and at the same tima a part of the positive ground for life, of the base for everything, of its strong current. In the end it is our ages old nature, a wolf howling at the moon, the basic material of reality, that upon which everything even nowadays is build upon, that which I cannot avoid recognizing as my deepest most real self and of which I cannot let go in the world because it is the blod that I live by. We are all still by our very structure parts of Gaia, parts of the Mother Earth. "

I 5.   Today is the Eve of 1st of May   If one wants a dream job by changing enturely profession, what one gedt classified to is largely what one foes and in which ways and what one does not do at all, even shortly, plus whether one is a good member of the society so. Some style like factor affecrs too : would your style be ok  ordinary, enthudiastic if such were your work, or do you use some kind of too heavy style, so thst it would work out as a hobby only?

I 6.   If one as one gets older learns to solve problems and make choices in one's life, there is thw danger that one makes an arrangement upon arrangement endlessly and so drowns in arrangements. One should always solvevtge quedtion, how to keep one's way of living good  ages old, with healthy spirit, happyvtoo and good for thecworld st large and for life in the long run.

I 7.   Since tge world seems to of spirut in duch a way that April connects somewhst with last snow melting and in May it us the beginnibg of summer, it often rains snow on the eve of 1st of May, whike the next morning 1st of May sun shines and there are small leaves, flowers and a dummrr like stmosphere. So it is better to celebrate 1st of May on 1st of May ibsteafof on it's eve 30thof April.

 I 8.   Last year on the eve of 1st of May I had a dste that was bycreputstion a famous singer but turnef out to be a big disappointment. Itcwss a bird called 'kivitasku', a bird thay lives on thrvroofs of jouses and builds it's nedt thete snd climbs there, does not know well howvyo gly or sing. After thst this bird knew hoe to fly snd howcto sing, but I had lodt my skills and my sbiliyy to compose, and the effect lasted the whole year. So better yonpivk a dste wjivh youvwanna keep for s long yime and knowvfor sure whst it makes life like.

I 9.   In following one's dreams it matters a lot to pay attentìon to in which form one has had thst thing in one's life, how much abd how well it worked out. If one had it just as a dream, one ought to have it at first at most as a hobby, i.e. roughly the same amount and in ways that work well, bring good life, let you follow your insight fully. 

I 10.   1st of May 2021   If one makes an arrangement with judt one option, one is stuck, without the ability to choose. While if obe can travel, one can get a right kind of blend of two cultures, places with their main professions etc  like if one plans moving to another town and starting one's own life, or like if one uses at least two different kinds of food shops. 

Already small leaves o  trees. Tge small stream nesr by. But I do not have money to live here for a longerctime.

I 11.   Havibg as a hobby, as cultural influence a culture thst one likes, can shelter one's life a lot. But a country or a culture is a complex many-sided thing, so that one ought to pay sttention what one's life becomes like, and choose based on that.

I 12.   If life is hard to bear, not fullfilling, one ought to let go of something and wander along thr routes thst obe loves, like changing profession or choosing one's company, like dying away from something and grasping what brings good healthy kind of life to oneself. 

I 13.   2nd of May 2021   "To a dog or other animal who is motivated to become an artist a painter, I would first encoyrage him/her keep a stick or a brush in one's mouth and draw a line with it, then praise about it from a perspective which values art. Later the same, and when the animal has drawn a few different kinds of lines so, let him/her dream of painting a pictyre with his/her painting skills. Praise & value art!"   For this to work out one must sincerely value animal's viewpoint. But generally painting is not good for wisdom of life, even though it is good for objective thinking. Also sports abilities and eyesight suffer from painting.

 I 14.   Finns have a saying "End well, all well." meaning that if something ended well, then things are to a large extend well. This is what Finns use if there is a need gor the association Finnish - finish, i.e. that all should end well and that end wellbis the goal of Finns in the world and in life, and that means like in tales "and they lived happily ever after". 

I 15.   "Wisdom of life

 Finnish speaking Finns have trafitionally had lots of wisdom of life and because of that a much more sovereign position. 

Wisdom of life is different from tricks. Wisdom, i.e. also wisdom of life, is on a general level and good for a large group of people  typically for all fairly. That is why it is benefical to give it podition yo affect things around much like a custom would affect. It is not just a trick with which one person or a few survives well in a certsin situation. Instead it is very good healthy kind of influence for life if it affects more widely, if it is followed in the life st large. Such is to be judged by it's effect and by it's grounds on a general level. One cannot judt decide to give it position, but instead obe needs to know thar it affects very benefically and wisely to all fairly.

Finns typically have lits of such skills, for example at least a thousand pieces of wisdom which they follow in their life. Examples of such are the advices in this blog: those are my personal wisdom of life and help me in life, for example the weather skills, healthy ways of doing and understanfing of how people can build a society that is good to live in, offers good life for all fairly."

From my blog

I 16.   If one wants to do something in cooperation with others, honesty is a strong ground to build upon. But it demands some discretion since open-mouthedness can be dangerous, make one a targrt of malicious attacks, and since ways of expression affect a lit how well people work together, do they like it socially and does fact communication support cooperation and learning about tge thibgs done. For oneself it often gives a strobger position to say aloud things that kind of honestly praise oneself, like good solutions for example. For the group it is often good to talk honedtly about views in which there is wisfom of life  like weather skills for example or healthy ways of living and doing and how they are benefical. For the things done it is good to know about people's ways of doing and about tge situation and especially much about the thing done and tge good motivation for it. 

I 17.   Often when things do not work out, some people have been lazy and done them only somehow or just jumped over thst point and kind of joined rest pause party or meal party oreven crime or drugs party. So often if one needs position obe gest it by somewhat lazying and using one's money lsrgely to good food. Similarly if something needs to be dobe but you fo not manage to do it fully with good quslity, kind of joining tge lower quality part of the way often solves the problem  but then of course the overal quality of the work isn't so good, so one ought to chevk where ut is needed. Good quality is often possible to reach by making it easy for others to achieve  like using a common sense version of thoughrs and rules, and offering chaces for free time fun and for others to ways stuck to habits.

I 18.   4th of May 2021   I guess that if some farmer has good luck in farming and gas friendly animals which help in farming, there sre propably many muce there and also their culture knows about farming and good will. So if one could get a couple or a few mice from there  such that want to live in friendly terms with you and yet keep the culture, theyvtoo could teach fsrming to mice on your farm, and so if it is a question of skills and good will  your farm too could learn some of such good luck. But the whole thing depends on many things, like I liked my dogs' breeds and personalitues and my dogs liked circus and I too and tgey liked the town we lived in. 

I 19.   Engineering is just one profession, one type of task. Engineering does not teach skills for the rest of one's life, and many engineering oriented wsntvto just ruin other thibgs so that they themselves would surely be classified as engibeers. So even if soneone aims to be an enhineer, school and civilicdd wisdom at large ought to be demanded. If one started from engineering and wants to widen one's understanding, civiliced wisdom with my thinking course, library's books, media's documentaries, newspapers, good music and recreation in nature too, ought to widen obe's understandibg and make it possible to cobtinue to other areas of life.

I 20.   I looked the beginning of a video of fairies in Britain. It had videos of a beautigul atmosphere near plants  but guessing ut to be fairies ruibed the atmosphere aroubd and made it kind of dead. So it is unlikely that the rights explanation would be fairies, since xatching a right idea kibd of lightens the whole landscape, but thinking of fairies caused the oppodite. But nesr plants is the advice of the plant about how is good for humans and snimals to live in that weather or miljo or to lesrn high skills, and gollowing such makes one's life sing.

I 21.   When my poodle died, I at first started to rely on my old loved well working areas of life that I had had before I got my dogs. Meditation was now central of them: looking at lights, colours, patterns of wood, weathers, the coming spring, possibilitues of life, tuning somewhat toward sporty mood but sensitively taking into account the needs of mourning. So in it I had basic life that carries somewhat, and my posture was not so stuck but instead open to new things.

I 22.   If one has too much influencies from engineering, so that one is kind of flat, some Hungarian cultural influencies seem to help away from it. Hungary has both mathemsticians and rich traditional culture with horsemanship skills etc.

I 23.   In Savonlinna where I lived for 11 years, many older arts oriented people with high skills andcreligiousness too want to live there, and even though they are often in ordinary sounding practical professions, thry take it as a kind of service job where the high skills of the oldrr generation lift the quality of work in this and that and offer extra value alobg tge lines of local culture, so making it work out as a tourist destination year after year. So even if ut aren't the work officially, it can create a place for the highly skilled and for the arts oriented. 

I 24. In the news there was a video of a kind of drone having been tried in Mars and it flew somewhat in the style of an animal. I was left wondering, would my white spitz dog have wsnted to teach miracle curing skills to Martians by the wsy of flying of such a drone. It would have been one motivation gor a Mars flight and useful for Martians, at least some positive attempt. But my whire spitz died already almodt twovyears ago. 

I 25.   During the lasr years I have read news a lit byt nit quite understood them. Some ooen sliwly via extra i formation, so I guess thst I just don't know enough. For example in the usa some man called Floyd was killed  an ugly looking face, and there was a huge mess about ut and I did not understand tge reactions st all. But then I noticed that musician called Pink Floyd has the song Another brick in the wall, with words "we don't need no education, we don't need no false control, teacher leave us kids alone", which I as younger thought as a relief, school just did nit make sense, abd so I have tried to write a blig about shortening school by teaching tjinking skills with which to stufy quicker and understand better .

 My poodle said of the fuss  riots etc in usa that apes are getting voying rights  that's what ut is about. I had a little bit earlier written that in my opinion apes react and behave in ways that are like human thinking prientednesd and the social ways of young men, and not like animals emphasizing the instinct nature.

I 26.   5th of May 2021   That a country is civiliced does not mean that it would nit have lots of nature and traditional ways of living. It just has civiliced wisdom that prevents very unwise choices, continuous fighting, killings, unjustices etc. Sp it is not peaceful  not wise at all to copy from unciviliced coubtries, for example unciviliced indigenous people, since those most likely cannit wander so many meters from their home because of the danger of getting killed.

I 27.   6th of May 2021   If one does not seem to find anything fine to one's life  things that would be suited to oneself, try a week or a minth when you buy only a single well thouhht of thing from some shop or the like, and try to learn to use ut with a good spirit, like it's style recommends. 

I 28.   7th of May 2021   When there is a quiet moment with no social life, nothing important to do and no pressure, just a moment of quiet maybe melancholic life but with a good atmosphere of nature and of the time of the day, it kind of refreshes life, as if the body and mind would start to sing like withvrecovery from a flu, kind of lufe without timetable  just basic life in it's ages old form where the pgenomena of nature and of one's life hive it sttucture.

I 29.   Two years ago in the New Year I had a white blanket with large red flowers and green leaves in it. Right after the New Year's Eve I sleps some days in a row under it. Such has never happened to me before. I guess that there was a shortage of fresh air after tge New Year's fireworks and I had caught cold. But I feel that the main reason is that insect sleep the whole winter under the snow cover, a kind of Rose's sleep. 

The blanket was similar to this but with a little but bigger fliwers. 

But sleeping so wasn't good for health and it took weeks or months to recover from and did not leave one ascrested. If one longs for sleep  it is goodcto have a wsrm blanket (of nice colour & feel) and good air and est like feels good and go to the toiletvtoo, and sleep long nihhts, long mornings, spend part of the dsy dozibg too andcest well and go outdoors  afmire nature  listen to music and also resd something nice, a little bit like Christmas time, and sleep comfortablu long nights in a good refreshing way.

I 30.   When in the autumn insects crawl to shelter to spend the winter there dozing  ss fsr as I know they fo not crawl there with their lsdt forces and vollapsr to slumper, but instead they have tried to lesrn good ways of doing  wisdom of life  goresight, skills  healthy ways of livobg and doing and lidtening to instinctual wisdom of feelings and sensations. And as they find a place to spend the winter, they find a good way yo be there, so that if they under 0C are unconscious or just unmoving  they can when they wake up immediately cure themselves, defend, correct their podition, take the environment and their own cpbfition into account  lisrening yo both their feelings and understanding what they have learned about life.

   I 31.   I do not always understand all bews since I lack tge background information and tge needed social eye. Say for example usa's former president Donald Trump is said to have a chain of hotels, byt somehow I come toaasoc7ate ut wuth Christmas, Santa Claus us said to gave a large chain ofbhotel like homes offering Chridtmas dinner to their families. And why would they want judt thst person as a president and alliw him even nuclesr war, except that such might happen tobthe santa claud of usa. Well, yes, I know nothing of tge subject.

I 32.   Oh, some of my interests are suprisingly nesr Christmas gnomes. For example I wstched this video. (of a Samoyed)

I 33.   If one does not know how to avoid agitation, doing crimes etc, esting healthily and accordingvtovfeelings do that one is warm and comfortable and in a positive mood, softens the diyuations. But that means eating very often, and to most I guess would work out better if one would all thectime emphasize wisdom of lufe quite much, so that one would be in a positive mood and things would work out well and one would find good ways ofctsking care of various needs.

I 34.   If one likes music and dancing and would like tovget others too to dance but people are somewhat stiff, I guess that one ought yo hsve the mood of the day like living the westhers and fifferent people's ways of experiencing them and enjoying them so that there is vsriation, and common sense and have a sobg that people like and that suits such a day and dancing kind of each on one's own way. Well, judt a guess.

I 35.   8th of May 2021   In the Finnish Christian Church's internet pages there was something about helping the poorcelderly. My blog about curing is only partially translatedvto English but by reading it one could maybe cure some illnesses and so save money and so it would be possible to get paid. It works largely just bycreading, no meficines and no treatmenr, just learning from full health. An elderly person could mayve help to get the miracle cure attempts to work out, and so could maybe earn much bigger sums.

I 36.   9th of May 2021   My apricot poodle Banjo had a nice way of being social and of getting along. He was an intelligent gentleman like dog and he was social as if eating bakery and drinking tea  juice  milk or the like, discussing so with the younger generation, in connection with visiting an art exhibitiob or opera that evening. But he died one and a half months ago.

I 37.   If you don't have peace uou can still have hobbies. Never mind someone terrorising your life, just shelter yiurself on that side and start doing something thag you like. You do not need to be totally without disturbing others, judt take your space and the freedom that civiliced society wants to offer when one behaves in ways fitted into the society i.e. is moral enough. Just follow your feelings, books and the society can largely replace what social life lacks.

I 38.   Cleaning home together with a family member is much lighter than alone, since while one cleans a couple of places the other one cleans few others that she/he is inclined to, and so soon the task is over without anyone getting tired. For example one carries extrs things away and puts them to their right places, while the othrr one has taken the task to clean the floor. Or one starts cleaning something one feels like cleaning and that is needed, while the othrr one takes trashes out snd cleans the kitchen.

I 39.   10th of May 2021   I haven't had a sports hobby for a long time and the last few days I have been ill, but I think thst for one to enjoy sports a lot one ought to have a similar attitude to moving as to the challenges westher brings, and have a sense of concretical achievements of the hardcreality and have senses open as one moves  eye watchibgvtrees  grasses etc and from that comes a large patt of the concreticsl side, and have along a widercwisdom of lufe like the beauty of music as one sibgs or listens to a good singer.

I 40.   " I do not know which genre my wolf melodies belong to. I would guess that not to metal music, even though the Eurovision song was of a heavy metal band. My melofy Wolf in town resembles traditional American indian music about wolves. Of the other one I do not know. It brings to my mind some American paintings of wolves. "

I 41   11th of May 2021   I looked the begonning of some video of the Finnish Eurovision band of this year, and the song did not sound the same as my wolf melody.

I 42.   Yesterday I commented on the video of Andalusian Spanish horse dance

"On late morning, on a quite peaceful day, he goes walking and riding and according to the mood of the day they go quite in archs, sway, and when thry meet her theycwalk to her in a wsy that naturally ends in an arch, and she is friendlily social with animals and so she does also a kind of dance movement, and the horse maybe turns half a meter, and thry say thst they dance and they are happy, and it becomes their morning ritual a way to enjoy the mornings: sway and be social with animals. Just a guess."

I put the video & comment here and then took them away, thinking that it is not gnome like but instead something like art or training animakls. But I think that many countries have magnifient things of their own kind, and it has been my goal in this gnome skills text to find from everyday life things that bring such remains of old cultural heritage more to alive and more to be possibiities in the modern world. I do not know why but i seem to have skills for such. Part of that is common sense and part is honesty and sincerety, part is distance so that one can reach for one*s dream sinstead of being stuck to form or to endless repetition, and part of that is good qiuality objewctivity in one*s picture of the world at large so that things don*t go ashtray but instead have great power of hitting the right chord of ages old healthy natural ways of living and f their elements.

Oh, why to dance? Dancing connects to searching good ways of doiung and high skills, so it is useful for learning skills and for valuing skills, if it is skilled enough dance. And it also searches for building on the fine and magnifient in persons, on thier highest skills wih their persoal variation instead of not emphasizing such. But the rpoblemof course is acted dance,since such isn't a sign of the acted skills and it isn't so happy, so it isn't good life either, and often it causes anger in those who act dance, somehow too technical task too near them and then considered valuable by those who fail to see the difference to sincere real dance, joy of living reflecte din graceful movements and finely tuned social cvommunication by gesture language. Long time ago people were so psorty that their life sang as music, and so dance is somehow connecte dto that kind of moving, but I do not know how and if it is at all a good approach or should one just remember like a song and like a video of movement.

I 43.   In the news there wss it last year was news about large forest fires in Amazon, Siberia and Australia  and somehow I got the impression that I ought to send my translation of the beginning of Kalevala and this Christmas gnome skills text there so that animals would help to end the foredt gires. 

Thete has also bern news of masses of insects dying. I wonder if the same vould help to that, plus maybe my Finnish blog about the intellugence of insects .

I 44.   12th of May 2021   people with certain character and certain westher skills typically like certain types of westhers and often can find such charm also in other kinds of weathers. So one can well learn weather skills if one learns from a few such persons around the westhers one typically has, for example someone liking the weathers on the cost, someone froma colder vlimate, someone liking the summer andcfeeling well then  knowing for example summervtime foods etc, and some liking spring and autumn. Would it be a good ides to make videos of the westhers one likes and knows how to live well, and have a channel or a playlist such each such forefigure or some tv or so. Onr could also compose about the weathers, see in this blog tgevtext Singing spring. I guess that teenagers ibterested in lesrnkng to mske lyrics to songs, could figure iut fine words if you have a melody. One can write music to produce scores for free in the internet.

 I 45.   If one does not feel well, that often causes also social problems, but to it helps to invest in doing things in healthy ways, in healthy ages old ways that cure life to happy, harmonical, well working. But what is heslthy is a huge question which takes time yo lesrn as widely as life and the world. For example if one cuts all to even pieces, maybe one is left stupid and stuvk to habits and not feelibg eell. While if one for party for example cuts bread to uneven pieces with magnifient style  it kind of widens one's view while one picks just the piece thst one likes. But if one comes tired from work, maybe one does not risr tp such heights but instead feels bad about such a mess. If one then cuts for example pie to even pieces but with varying amount of vegetables or whatever in them  then one feels in ease and yet all have the ability cjoose, for example someone chooses one with big piece of gillning and is called selfish  but ut is not thought of sp but jyst fun and others top grt as big pieces. Eating too much at one time leaves one feelibg ill, so happier to tune what is good in these westhers etc

I 46.   In the song Veteraanin iltahuuto  Evening call of veterans, there are the words "And the eatth snd the sky flamed fire" which is often interpreted as shooting, but the melody hives a much more bivid picture of a moment, with nsture around  when a young adult has found a right chord in living, so that what one does and how one sees the world go with wisdom of life thst touches feelings in a way thst is sporty anf senses open and allying with the society so that emotionsl motivation and bedt underdtanding join togrther with the eisfom of life of the environment sp that things grt cured to their right heslthy tracks by thst common effort and l7fe becomes good, wise and happy and active with healthy spirit, healthy ways of livibg and being fit to the civiliced society at the same time

I 47.   13th of May 2021   helatorstai  some Church's holy thursday, Oh, it's the day Jesus entered Heaven.

It was already quite summer like: small leaves in trees and birds sang, a quite peacefuö morning. In the vidro the small stream bear by. On the other side of the stream apartment houses have been deconstructed.

I 48.   15th of May 2021    I feel that this text gets classified as "like eskimo", even though I am from Finland in northern Europe, but this is of course a climate four seasons and I have written about weather skills. I feel that for eskimos and for others too a good summer time food would be salmon (or rainbow trout) sallad: equal size pieces of tomato, cucumber and sallad leaves' pieces mixed in a bowl and let be in cool for some time to get juicy taste. Add somewhat smaller pieces of cool fried salmon, mix and serve.

I 49.   I wondered how to see or experience the landscape like music, and made this melody to help in it, but lately I haven't been musical at all. 

D, F, A, H, F, D, F#, A

 and another melody to make the landscape more emotional, with spirits of things

F, A, H, G, E, D, F#, A, E

" But I have been lately ill. After my poofle died I have gotten ill if I try to eat meat, fish or the like, stomach pain etc.

It is spring and birds sing. A cloudy day yet quite light, somewhat cool aftera few warm days, already medium sized leaves on trees. "

I 50.   17th of May 2021   This again seems a possible place to end this text, since the quality is so much lower than kn the earlier parts. Please cluck my name to find a list of my blogs. Those are maybe all of a better quality than this one, since this text is just about tales and my strenght is objective thinking according to feelings.

I 51.   22th of May 2021   "  I made originally my thinking course to show how nature and practical physical work are good for objective thinking ability. But in farming there is the problem that quite often the work one does is not so complex and beautiful encoyraging one to look well, but instead goes in straight line or maybe counting numbers or amounts, so that propably the worker then isn't so intelligent after that. So how to fix this problem? I would try to keep the complex beautiful wise view while doing something else and then learn from that, so that I guess the answer would be to allow slight variation in the straight lines etc, so that one would have the sense of atmospheres along and a complex beautiful view too so that one would be much wiser and stay so. "

I 52.   There is a tree full of white flowers by the stream, which is liud after rain.

Here too plus leaves in wind.

I 53.   If a country is largely without education one might try the Easycquick school for animals E11. in this gnome skills text.

I 54.   24th of May 2021   As far as I understand many women in third world are in danger of physical violence from men. Such is often the case when the woman is very weak and physically nit fit at all, so that the fifference to men's muscles is so great that she starts to build in one's mind a picture of strong men like animals or so and kind of expects violence  glorifies it in advance. To such is typical that the woman thinks of tge confrobtation instead of solving the problem thinking that she wants to be physically fit in one's life, abd so exercise somewhat, develop toward more able and friendly, more sovereign for a goodcreason and with wisfom of life and so via sovereignity toward more peaceful in her social life and in her effect on the luves of pther women helping them too find healthy kind of sovereignity.

I 55.   25th of May 2021   I warched a bideo of an island of wild pigs in the Caribean. The wild pigs looked agile, comfortably slim  happy and quite intelligent. But the human tourists gave them food so that they become fst and much less happy, lived in a much less wise wsy. Such seems to have happened to many valuable things, for example summer cottage lufe etc. Can it be that the toyrists need unusually much food when thry travel and meet lots of new experienxes  cultural differencies etc, so that they ought to est a big meal first and often and only thevremaining time spend in getting tp know new kibds of things, or otherwise what they fo and think of the new culture us food oriented. Also such good life ought to be for all, for examole all youbg maidens beautigul enouhh instead of some competition, and all so free to choose their jobs and hpbbies that thry find a spouce who likes the same  whose ideal they are. And thst for the whole culture and who wants to learn it, become such a person to tjose would br teaching material avaiöable  like this gnone skills text gor example.

I 56.   27th of May 2021   I watched videos and came to wstch videos about space and ufos, and at firdt I did not react st all  since I have studied in the univerdity the curvature of space near black holes etc but nowadays my picture ofvthe world is dufferent, much more spiritual. But when I had wstched a few videos about ufos and dtopped, I was left scared and I do not quite know why. Ufos spunded like each person meets things akinnto one's own ways of thinking, values and ways, like a very svience oriented dominating person.might meet the huge block like ufo hovering above several big jouses and casting it's shadow over them, or a religious person meets a triangle like flying ufo, or for me maybe an animal like ufo, for Africans ufos sounding African, and like when I read the newspaper with my apricot poodle dog Banjo there was a painting of a red tobacco like ufo spaceship. If the world is of spirit that people kind of send to someone certain type of ufos like the person oneself  so it may be a kind of spiritual phenomenom, like dreaming might be. In the old films in some crowd fighting someone hit someone in the style one might hut an ufo, but media was new then and people did not know how to raise their kuds to be critical tjinkers in quedtions of media. Largely the ufo videos appesred to say thst we have a lot to lesrn about other cultures and animals, and we ought to learn to live in peacebefore we meet the ufos. It is disturbinglycwronhbperceived thingscwhich disturb and scsre people  makingvthem thinkbthatcwyy csn't we protect ourselves better, wiser. A right, true explanation to ufos calms things down, since after all an alien is just someone who travelled to another planet, or maybe sometimes with local highly developed technology just to another continent.

I wonder, I was left scared and the fesr did not evaporate after a short while, so maybe I too thought something wrong. When I watched some video about ufos, it left an impression that Pentagon innusa was somehow of acwrong kind, conquered by aliens or so, and that us soldiers fought for sone us lies whilecthe arabs fid not have such tadte of lues and wrongdoing. But what is wrong in usa leaves just an impression of a cultural melting pot and of a countru in world power invaded by masses of foreiners wanting such position. 

I 57.   29th of May 2021   Some people tend to force others to engibeering studies as if the modern life fidn't have any computer use, as if intelligence or good grades meant the ability to figure out bew thibgs in engineering and as if the persons themselves weren't able to think of a better profession for themselves. That often us a result of the persons forcibg being engineering oriented and bwing told thag engineeribg is a good profession for them, even if they otherwise would be stupid (read thinking course ), since one can learn engineeting skills by studying from books, and even if they were old and/or uneducated. For cganging profession read .

I 58.   My highly civiliced highly intelligent apricot poodle dog was a charming character. I wonder if humans too could learb domething of the kind by studying the easy quivk scjool for animals, which is E11. in this Chridtmas gnome skills text.

I 59.   I found a video of flying vehicles between a kind of helicopter and a small aeroplane, much like science fiction fantadies about flying cars. But come to think of it, I am afraid of high places, so I couldn't fly with such. And I guess that the accidents are often fatal if one flies over the roofs of houses, and otherwise it would be too crowded if there us a chanhibg wind. But I do not quite know why I add it here.

If one thinks of this from the point of view of people beibg forcedvto engineering career, if you are with a theoretical efucation and think thst glying vehicles for example would be a nicer more practical work but you don't have the practical skills needed and so in this too you would end up in theoretical engineering work which offers nothing tobyou. Isn't it then so thst you sre in that practical subject still too nesr the wsys of tjinking of your efucation. If you would be further away so that you cannot use habitual enhineering ways to think, you could have an eager interest to some fascinatibg subject backed up by your common sense and wider civiluced wisdom and education would just help you to know whst work like foing is like and what it gives and what ut lacks  and so with your common sense and with your motivation you could reach higher. And likewise in engineeting people with ibterest to that kibds of thibgs, to thst way of workibg would bedt take care of such work and enjoy it.

Oh, but the flying vehicles may be difficult to fly. I searched for "test pilot" and found this Russian skilled flying practise, which may be what spaceships need right after launch.

30th of May 2021   To be clear, I do not agree about the need for space travel. The living conditions outside the Earth are unnatural to humans and so make one unhappy and may cause malfunctions, so better to stay at Earth where the human species was born. As far as I know, healthy natural ages old ways of livibg, helped by civiliced wisdom and cured by healthy spirit, are what make people happy. 

Oh, one needs the pilot skills right st the rocket launch and not only after it. (I wonder if the start ought to be like some calm place of flight but withslihhtly bursting motor.)

I 60.   I do not think itcwise at all to build humanoid robots.

I 61.   Tge automated vehicle on Mars finds rocks and ground that bring to mind remains of life there. Tge most likely form of lufe I gave seen on tge videos is groubd like oine tree's red surface, and something green like moss near by on the ground.

Pines in Finland are good basic trees from which one can learn basic skills of good quality. Pines have a partially red trunk and needless. They gfow in dry places, even on rocks, even tvough they are then smaller and have curved branches, grey bark.   

I 62.   31th if May 2021   When I was a child tgere was once an old radio play of a superb Finnish spirts hero Elmo who won wverything with a geeat differencw to the others. Today I read a piece of news about some athlete with the same first name going to compete in the Tokyo olympics in hurdles running. It brought tp my mind cgarachteristics of the radio play, among other thibgs beibg concentrated to sports and other wanted for achievements, so that one based one's way of doibg on the sports luke sensations instead of tge memories of the daily life, and thought that one can have a grasp of some superior instinctually good way to move instead of coming to sports but thinking of other kinds of life, something along the libes of Greek god's style which I guess is a result of greater wisdom like age and dedication and enjoyment and tespecting skilled forefigures, etc.

I 63.   1st of June 2021   I tried writing on my old laptop computer: not a single spelling error, it was just superb  while on this new mobile phone there is sometimes more than a half of the letters in a word spelled wrong, almost impossible to guess which word it is, but the problem is that the jeyboard does not work ok. 

I 64.   3rd of June 2021   One can see grasses  flowers, trees etc as teaching each some wisdom of life. Like in Savonlinna where there is a medieval castle in the center of the town, the tall grasses looked like views of the virtues of knights, but I am not sure if so is also at othrr places, since I observe the nature in varying ways, not always it's wisfom which is encoded in it's atmospheres and seen structures.

I 65.   A film of building a traditional Finnish wooden house by hand. Just amazing. So heavy the logs.

I 66.   In Savonlinna town there were cars but somehow the sound was more leisurely, varied according to the situation, more common sense like and skilled instead of a rigid perspective that does not vary according to the situation, and so the sound was n7cer, dud not disturb so much. Wisdom of life and valuing practical life and nature& summer cottage life & music made the rythm of driving vary slighly like seemed good for feelings and good for driving. 

Wrumm - mmm - hhh - mmm - sshhh - pöhh - ssshhh sound fades away

I 67.   4th of June 2021   Advices if you do not feel fully eell in the summer time, some 80 of them,

I 68.   I watched a video of what the Japanese samurai Miyamoto Musashi ( about whom I have reaf a very good thivk novel in Finnish ) had taught wisdom of lufe, and in the video tgere was a picture of his handwriting which showed a way of luving the practical life with feelings in a heslthy way that brings happiness and cures things to hwalthy. Some part of tge vidro handled hus midtrust toward feelings which sounded like mustrudt toward social srnsatoons' unobjectivity, toward the unobjectibity of judgement born of social bonds, while feelings in one's objective picture of thw world may be objective, no fault in them. Placing living the life higher than stickibg to claimed social customs and in practise i.possible claimed best chouces in practical matters, but livibg the life according to healtjy natural ages old ways of living  their basic elements where one can find such basic life in the society for oneself, this makes feelibgs connect in a healthy way with the questions of pne's life as seen from the point of view of pne's best understanding of the world. But this needs sports and some nature in the livibg environment too, and a responsible attiyude in the affairs of the world. Itis much like life ought to be luved and happy in a way.

I 69.   5th of June2021   There is a very famous old Finnish psinter, who originally was named Gallen but wanted to change his name to more Finnish, towiser and so according to the Finnish man's name Kalle changes his name to Gallen-Kallela and was very much respected for it since ge had so wise grounds for his choice. The foreign views typically have just one theory perspective which is kind of single-eyed and far from practical life and so nit so wise. While the Finnish view does understand the theory perspective, but values practical life and common sense, so that ibstead of a single theory obe has practical life rich with sensations and atmispgere tones which give risr to multiple perspectives and wisfom of life, all of them part of a holistic picture of the world, parts of tge daily life, which so is wiser, happier, lived at the lrvel of sensations and atmospheres, a practical view ti life in this relaxedly active physixal reality wuth nature too, in which common dense teaches wisdom of life and defining concepts, jydgibg the uses of pieces of understanding from the poibt of view of wisdom of life, of lufe tasting like life and being lived with the heart and a full understanding, the ages old healthy natural basic current of life with nature too. 

I 70.   7th of June 2021   one year from the deathvof my Japanese spitz was tough for weeks, too unlucky. Now that it is two years since his death, it is just a memorial day of a beautiful being. Birds sing in thectrees, there are flowers and a good atmosphere, white foods taste delicious andcfasberry jam too ( they connect to his cost colour abdvhis name ). I think it essential to not to try to replace the lost pet with humans, like some wish, since that is the cause of judt about all problems. It is important to cobyinue onwards and find new friends  both humans and animals.

I 71. If in tge forest the ground and plants together look like a gnome, it is often a sleeping gnome that the wanderers wantvto keep there because it has such a good atmosphere. But if the gnome is in some sense alive, it wonders why it needs to sleep. But it is often so wise in ways of livibg aand wisdom of life that itcwould have a good atmosphere also if it were awake, and the people would be happy enough if it had such a good stmosphere at least half of the time, like is likely.

I 72.   10th of June 2021   If the world us of spirit, yiu can by thinking of a certain subject yiu have jyst associated with or place get influence from such a thing or something like ut or of soneobe pretending yo be such. That is quite ordinary, but if the world is of spirit, you can so also get some information, for example learn somethibg in tge direction of your dream job or learn something of a distant place, what such life is likecto some.

I 73.   Today here in Espoo in Finland it had been in  the stmosphere that some who are for Sweden claim that today would be Swedish national day, which accordibg to Wikipedia in the internet is 6.6. Tge Swedisd cultyrsl influence is in atmosphere very different from the Finnish summer. The Midsummer is said to be around 21st of June, but then soon evenings get darker, maybe because so many try to notice when so happens  but it appears to be sooner than physically possible. According to the atmosphere of the nature the Midsummer is 10th or 11th of June. Thst is tge lightest time of the year. But the day that appears darkest is 14th of Decemver which is four days more than half a year after the Middummer, so I do not know how this ought to go in the light of physics. The stmosphere of Midsummer is very light, somewhat like pale, and it is quiet andctranquil and kind of sensitive to atmospheres and serene, but very mych just some day with attention in the grasses roadside etc, nothibg so very special but anywsy something one might notice in the nature, since all animals are very conscious of the seasons  since tge westherd sffect their lives so enermously much.

I 74.   In Savonlinna tgere were trees quite nesr my window and luttle birds sinsing in them, a forest patch of mainly pines in the yard between apartment houses. One evening I had been lustening to them and it was already dsrk and tge moon in sight. And I came to look st the moon while thinking of the luttle birds, and the moon was first small and far awsy but as I looked at it it came nearer and was quite big and so I became scared and looked away and the moon was again small, and the same happened again when I stared st thr moon and then turned my eyes away. It reminded me of little birds' view, but also gave an impression that the world is of spirit, tge nature of the sun & moon etc dependent on who looks at them. After that my vuew on space teavel has changed, maybe it was who visited moon which determined what the moon's landscape is like, barren or a garden like was one tale.

I 75.   11th of June 2021   If obe us very much for some cause, values, way of life, some areas of lufe with dedication to their skills, one would suppose that one would fibd things suited to it, like Communists for example maybe found red stone for stone pilars, and like a dog finds other animals of it's type in it's daily life. But if one thinks of who finds something needed from shops, it is often the people one kniws well but whp do not value the same things as much, so that they are more open-minded, not so detsiled in requirements of social classifications. As far as I kniw shoos often classify products only roughly, like young adult living on one's own, or a family with small kids, likings typical for men (blue) or what women often like (red), etc, so that you can choose from such options, learning from the style of the product how it ought to ve used, in which style and what itoffers, but you can choose between the products and do not need to use one of your own age, gender, life situation etc, even though such typically would answer your needs. 

 I 76.   When I was a teenager our family spend ever year a week or two of the summer holuday in a dummer cottage by a lake with forest around. My father read from somewhere of the skill of making baskets of wood strips, and year after year he practiced making the strips of wpod and the baskets of them. It wss his hobby. He also liked to make big nest boxes for big birds by making a piece of a thick tree trunk hollow inside and thst too tookbtime and was his hobby. So he tried tp find again old yimes' handicraft and fsrming skills etc. In the evenings we cast fishong nets to the lake and fetched them in the mornings. That wss very trafitional and I enjoyed it. 

I 77.   12th of June 2021   I found a video of quotes about lovibg yoyrself. Healthy spirit, nit ruining things is tge idwa in them. I heard such wisdom of life when I was young, in Helsinki.

One ought to have one's own needs and the needs of others in hsrmony, like Luve and let others live! teaches, so thst one foes not ruin the other.

I 78.   When I had my two dogs which seemed to have learned to read, i used to leave the newspaper open on the floor and they liked such much. I choose an article that was interesting and of good quality, often leisurely about art, places or news of the world or about the nature. I tried to give them good models of how to think by oneself, and I feel that the articles were one reason my dogs learned to do so miraculously fine things, largely learned on their own or similarly taught byvtalking about skills theycwere interested in. 

I 79.   13th of June 2021   In writing this text about the skills and ralents of Christmas gnomes I first chose subjects so as to support the view that gnome like lufe is possible in the today's world, kind of to make the view and pictyre of the world more gnome like and the text so more readable. That was so during the four first parts. From the fifth part onwards I have run out of subjects to write about, so just about all additions are the only pieces that I have happened to find and not chosen in any way.

I 80.   How warm one's body is, determines a lit of how it is good to live. My impression that many people gave eitger a too hit body temoerature which causes that they just lazily spend time and don't feel so fully well but instead are more like jysr aftera meal or like on a hot day. They don't observe thibgs with atmospheres and their eyesight is not detailed and sports not so nice. Also their understanding of bodily functions and of heat regukation is smaller, likewise wisdom of life quite small. I used to have lits of enjoyment fron sports abd wisdom if life, good capacity, good moid and good will. I some time later measured my bidy temperature and 34.5 degrees Celcius seemed best, whike the official reconnendation is 37 degrees which is vety high fever for me, so I gyess thatbit is wrong. Too cold causes stiffness and melancholy, hunger if not enough clothes, abd colder I do not kniw what.

I 81.   If uou are lonely, you can spend your time alone in yiur favourite hobbies and develop sovto a mire happy and mirecfascinating person and attract so new like-minded friends.

I 82.   "   Buddhism says among other things that attachement causes suffering. Such attachement means putting things to thought form and expecting them to follow such laws, anticipating things going so and tying one's happiness to thst thibgs would be so. Instead of just living the life  without guessing the guture or laws, judt respecting values and enjoying life in the living, an ever changing sensed world, natural ages old lufe. "

I 83.   14th of June 2021   Yesterday there were lical elections but I did not manage to choose a party & a candidate, so I fid not vote, which is maybe right sibce I aim to move back to a more countryside place, but I am tired and stuck and so everything takes time. Fenerally I have nit understood politics. My mon thought that it is like academical work but as far ss I understand it is not st all, but instead like balancibg on conflicting ibterests of all groups who wanns mess with things  do thst a right kind of person succeeds, a favourite of 9thers I guess, and msny others get attacked too badly. In the capital when I was younger people tended to ask all youbg sdults if they would like to be in the parlament in the fuyure, but I think it is wrobg, since all do not have the socialnskills gor it  are not the social favourites of just about all. I guess thst civiliced ways in the society at large take care that the politicisns can work well and thst the society works well  and that meabs all ibdtead of just the politicians.

I 84.   Here in Espoo in the evening or night time I sometimes hear some old thin man maybe in his 80's or at least 70's, maybe with a small dog, talk with an angry evil Latino woman and it always sounds like the Latino killed tge old man. So what to if you sre weak and meet a strong evil enemy? There are many factors determining tge outcome of such a situation, like distance, tactics, others at nearby houses, sound, social skills, ordinary dynamics of social life  wrongdoings, agility, subjects inmind, social ibgöuencies  values and interests, ways of lufe  cultures and cultural influencies, forefigures, police, dog maybe doibg his/hrr part -did someone promise it puppies or something else it seeks, etc.

I 85.   Tens of years ago, maybe ahundred years ago engineering was a new big area of life and since it changed tge world a lot, people wsnted to know what it says abiut things in the world. But since engineering studies are midtly counting and things much like counting lije math and physics for example, ibstead if including objective thinkkng and a pictyre of the world, largely engibeering says nothing about things in the world. Engineering ysed to be jydt a job and the rest of one's life an engineer spent according to school efucation taught and according to civiliced ways at large, not gainibg anyvwisfom via engineering. And so it is aldo nowadays: one ought to have understandibg and skills for one's profession but in the matters of the wider world gollow jydt civiluced wisdom and tgat's it. So alsonin other professions, and in one's own profession too folliw moral and common sense.

I 86.   People in thectropics and also if tgey have teavelled to a cool climate  do not seem to enjoy moving much, since they use a wide thought perspective that does not taste like lufe, while enjoyingmoving demands tgat one is concentrated in the practical life, enjoys senses open lufe in the living  reactively  somewhat like lufe singing, with the action in focus and not some theory of many not-present things. I mean living life at it's basic level, ages old basic form of life  if usibg the drndes, of moving, of enjoying life in the living without social plans  food orientedness or other superfluous subjects.

I 87.   Some foreiners seem to think that the only way to have feelings along in what one does, is to be social in addition, kind of to have a social presence. But action kn ut's ages old basic form has feelings as it's part, and somethibg of the kind is well possible also in the midern world. Our understanfing of the world and of our lufe, together with our experience of life, give us feelibgs abd motication to do tjings, and following our vest understanding together with those feelings, guide us to wise action according to feelibgs, feelibgs together with our best understanding for example telling what us a good way of doing, what the situation is, how worthwhile our goals, etc.

I 88. Building social feelibgs to robots or computers 

My book about the hard eationality of feelings is at a linj from the page

I 89.   As I wrore esrlier, I do nit quite kniw why I have gotten stuck writing this long text about the skills of Christmas gnomes. In my opinion it is much too long for the latter half to ve of good quality. And so it may be no coincidence that bith of my dogs have died during tge time I have been writing this text. Also my own life is now much mire stuck than at any time earlier in my lufe. Onky the gnome text seems to continue byt not tgat type of tjibgs in my own life, uf anytjing. To write hundreds of times moee text that whst one estimated to be good in that subject, makes one exhausted  but maybe some countries lavk this kind if wisdom of life, maybe even the Finns knew just about everytjing only of the first part of thisctext.

I 90. One way one can get over hard times is sleeping. Another is eating good food. Both some consider easy and comfortable and many like others doing such in part of the time, since it kind of eases things and makes people friendlier. One can so also regain lost energy and rise higher thsn as exhausted, so solvibg problems. But if ut does not seem to repair tge atmosphere or one's own feelings, it is vetter to be awske andcdp something which varies rythm and things done like sn sdging path, like whst feels good and has healthy spirit. Also music helps a l8t in gettingbtuned to wise ways of livibg abd doibg, happier.

I 91.   A picture from nine tears ago, on the sude of a small sand road by lake's shore, in harminy with mosquitoes. Mosquetoes like if one sincerely respects them and the nature. But after I figured that out, I haven't met many mosquitoes, but the places I have lived in have been quite dry, sand etc.

I 92.   Library, if one birrows at most a few books, maybe just one or two, books with phoyograpfs and gpod quality texts, like present books someumes are valuable, can offer treasures in the areas of interest people in that district, like summer vacation destinations  dream hobbies, art  etc. ( Tge books in the picture are my own though, bought by me. )

I 93.   15th of June 2021   Lately I have been stupid because of some inflyence, maybe from old women eho knit a lot and are oriented to home chores. That has been so for over a year already. Byt generally I have made and partially still make very good quality work and my thinking ability might be among the vety best in the whole world. But I have other steenghts too, mainly wisdom of lufe, healthy spirit, moral, love of the nature and valuing practical life and feelings. So it is difficult to fibd videos  songs etc to my blig, since readers tend to suppose that those are very much like me in skills, moral, wisdom of life and valyed, but in practuce judt about no-one is, which of course is the reason I write, now already for almost 23 years. But anyway, please search for ypur own favourite music, good quality books etc, since I am not able to correct the singers, blog writers etc, at all.

I 94.   16th of June 2021   If some culture us rotten, has lits of problems but the people there want to repair it, they need lots of motivation and civiliced wisdom which tells what are the choices to invedt in, very benefical in many respects. 

I 95.   Good life in good living conditions is an useful value, a good goal helped by objective thinking, nitvtaking sides byt instead just jystice, responsibility and masses ofcwisdom of life with healthy spirit too. In this Chridtmas gnome skills text E11. could help.

I 96.   17th of June 2021   Wandering in a forest is often safe if one oneself has civiliced values and peaceful behaviour, but wild animals can be dangerous if one is interested in the possibility of them attacking humans. In a forest it is easy to get lost if one is not so interested in the nature so as to remember each tree, all the undergrowth etc. Then ut is bedt to wander only a short distance and along a road, paying carefully attention to road crossings etc so as to know the way back. Then it is also best to follow a marked route abd go to some scenery spot, admire the nature labdscape there and walk back caregully avoiding getting lost. The westhers, especially cold and rain and tge fifficulty of the terrain make getting lost dangerous, especially if the nature area is large. If you get lost  try to find a road and walk then only along the road. Bedides, the nature does not bear dteppibg outside paths and roads. If you like the nature and can remember trees etc, walk alobg paths but pay attention to the landscape, see where you sre in it and latwst st the edge of the memoriced landscape look around at the landscape, memorize it addibg it to the former picture of the place  so forming a kind of map especially of hills  slopes  tree species' areas, etc major festures of forddt typest and landforms, and take caee that you know tge wsy bavk and have enough physical and mental strenght for it. Eady quick school for animals E11. in this blog text might help in findibg the right sttitude

I 97.   In the news today there was that a group of young people called Extinction Rebellion had closed a road in the center of Helsinki and wanted the global climate change taken mire seriously. They looked deeply depressed about the situatio  of tge world in this question especislly  kind of thinking the end of the livable world coming. But come to think of the question from the point of vuew of ifthe world is of spirit, like if different people have very different high skills in their professions, then the customer choosing some complex option works well with good spirit but not wuth block like enhibeering head, and likewise with the skills of others st large: you can choose based on dpirit even if you do not know what the skills of others are, and so could you choose better roads in climate change questions too, in all that might influence that. I have two Finnish bligs about solving environmental questions and . Those are mainly partisl snswers to many enbironmentsl questions and problem solving hints plus advices in learning skills. About solving climare change there sre in this gnome skillsvtext points A66. and A104. 

I 98.   18th of June 2021   

To stop global climate change, one ought to give up using gossil fuels. That would happen nsyurally if one would find plants gitted to different vlimates, which are possible to grow in agriculture, and which burn at least roughly ss well as wood. 

My pet fogs used to have hobbies, kind of catch things in the air. It seems that simiksrly one can discern from growing plants which indivifual is suited to which view of what biofuel ought to be like, where to fibd such plants  how yo culyivare them, etc. I do not know if it is the work of a priedt or a music enthusiast or a young person to notice such things for almodt surely.

I 99. "  I watched maybe half of a vidro about Rosetta stone. There were shown many hueroglypf texts which gave tge imoression tgat humans had been under the ruke of birds, kind of gotten ideas of how to do from individual birds that they knew, lived with, and that some hieroglypf texts meant the bird had gotten offspring, a family whicj was described.

If you try to copy such a good start, please find a bird that is responsible, thinks wisely of the wide world and of younger generations. That I guess depends on the colour symbolics, specie's ways of living, age abd personal hobbies of the bird plus about bonfing and respecting the oåinions of the bird and picking just wise magnigient starts.  " 

I 100.   19th of June 2021   In my twenties when from somewhere came too position oriented habits  stiff and kind of wrongly centeredon self-esteem and stuck views, I learned that if one kneels on the floor and bows to the world like itis bowed in the Japanese martial arts, then one can gain a relieg, much better quality  be in harmony with what really is worth a lot in life, in harmony with obe's ages old nature, and via that gain superb skills. But bowing too much or too often isn't good either, since so one may end up in a too subordinate position and lousy life. This means bowing tobhow magnifient the world is, taking that to one's heart. It does not mean social bowing or bowing without an act of respect toward good quality.

I 101.   Music in tge radio teaches skills for one's life better than just some CD, since the music in the radio has been chosen to fit the weathers, the time of the day, working whike lustening to radio, or driving  livibg obe's life, and to the major happenings of the world, many people's wishes, etc

I 102.   I guess tgat what this text's view lacks is music, but I do not know how to find such suited to this text. Here are songs with the search keyword "music" 

I 103.   20th of June 2021   In Savonlinna where I livef it appeared that there were many well known much admired people livibg there, but come to wonder of it, each professio  has it's own famous professionals which all others do not always know of. And the reason why skill level here in Espoo appears low, is that here people fo not travel their own roads to the areas of life that they like and fo sonething useful for the society in them, whilecrespecting good quality. 

I 104.   As a baby I had do much insight about a good way to live in a society - see my paradise theory - and about the connection of feelings and rstionality, that I wss hiven a name with the association "emperor" hoping that I would develop that insight and grow up do thst I would shsre ut with others, propably by writing about it so that I would have along the poibt of view of govetning and of the large scale and be gully objective and common sense like.

I learned from that association thst if an emperor ir the like has power based jusr on beibg an emperor, it will doon be stolen by actors, foreign interests, ctiminals, fufferent groups ir indivifuals wanting power, and so it will be ysed to wrong pursposes, and so an emperor ought nit gave power as an emperor, byt ibstead all  also the emperor, sould have power accorfing to theur personal qualitues, checked anew each time, so that the dkilled, responsible and fair get rights to ibfluence things, whike the irresponsible don't get any rights. 

If it still is fifficukt to know who ought to have rights and who not, the ones estimating ought to have enough ibterest in the level of facts so as to know for example who does bt oneself and who just refers to ithers, and enough skills to be able to edtinate the quality of each input.

I 105.   21th of June 2021   I ran in the video site into an advertisrment that asked  something like "Do you want to earn 1000$ a day, then the next day, a 1000$ aday from them onwards?" Come to think of such a dream, I guess that my Finnish blog about healing could offer such if it works well, like it seems to. It cures immediately just by reading and understanding, so peopld could pay for it to someone who reads from the index tve cures to their own illness or wpund. The blig is at and the not so good English translation of mine is at .

I 106. Come to think of it, could a country be run more smoothly, better if the immigrants and all inhsbitants studied the easy quick school for animals E11. in this text called Skills of Christmas gnomes? It seems to give a very high position.

I 107.   22th of June 2021   Some time ago I ran into a vidro titled something like A prison escapee cobvinces a cop thst he is a jogger. I guess thar such is the idea in fact, since if you behave in a way fitted to the society, there is no need to keep you prisoned. While if you do not behave in a way fit into the soviety, for example if you are a cunning jogger, it is dangerous to let you go. 

I 108.   If the world is of spirit, there can be in Moon and in Mars things that people and/or animals emotionally wish for to find there or expect to find there, like a brave male figure which then turns out to be a pile of stones.

I 109.   23th of June 2021   In Savonlinna the opera festival in July was valued.

I 110.   I do not always understand the news and what the world is like. For example people in the usa look dark in atmosphere as if they had list New York abd California in nuclear bombings, maybe other places too destroyed around NY. When some place us lost you cannot rely on that place's local culture anymore, and tge differencies between towns etc are huge. But I guess that those places in usa got bombed because they sound important, so ut is not the same with culture of usa which I guess has good sides that are still longed for.

I 111.   Here in the capital district especially young people often try to grt others to conform to one's own profession and to it's ways of dressing  while some other fominating people tend to grt angry because of too much influencies from wrong kind of professions. People tend to beed room gor themselves and life goes much easier if one can choose professions that one likes, and so the easiest way would often be to alliw each one to dress accorfing to one's favourite areas of life and to avoid cipying so the likings of others.

I 112.   I have the name asdociation "emperor" and as a kid I thought that I maybe should aim at becoming an emperor if I would have learnef the skills for that, since it seemed thst I had an objective view of the world with which to make things much better in the world. Since Finland is a demicacy  I did not know which country's emperor byt thought that Finland or the whole world, since it was an usegul picture of the world and on a very general level. But my life did not seem to lead to such a direction and I did not learn such skills almost st all, much less a lot, so it did nit seem a road gor me. Byt I noticed thst if I could teach ib common dense ways the insight that I had about making tve world a better place  that would ve just what I have to give to the world and nit too difficult. So I became a writer an the internet an ideal platform since it makes my texts available alm over the world, and that's it! 

I 113.   I am fed up with watching Mars rover picture videos. Thry make me exhausted because there is nithing alive in them. Except some huesses ETs, like this for example was cute and charming, but I do not know if this is the same video st all since the camera goes fifferent way, the atmosphere is different and music is lackung.

I 114.   24th of June 2021   The view I had already as a baby, uf I remember right, was thst good life in a good living environment is the bedt choice for an individual, and that according to the biological picture of humans (which my father valued much) that means healthy life as a healthy part of a healthy society which is in a healthy way a prt of the healthy world.

Likewise I learned that a healthy strong indivifual is also a strongest worker abd dedicated and works for the best of tge society i.e. is moral and is strongest in fighting as a soldier and lives according to one's ages old nature and is socfeeling and happiest and with best understanding and is best gor the world and for oneself too  and hss ages old well working social relationships, and is musical too, and since God created the world, is in harmony with God's wishes too.

I 115.   25th of June 2021,  Midsummer Eve    Some years ago I read from a book about thst Midsummer had traditionally been celebrated in Finland with cattle coming home with fresh leaf decorations around their necks, and it sounded like they celebrated the growing season and not so much the lightness.

I 116.   Estonian Saaremaa waltz is quite near what Midsummer celebration gathering is like in atmosphere.

I 117.   Especially from the nature one can learn new skills by tuning to it, quite much the same way if one wstches a documentary film of an interesting subject and ut is left as an interesting subject in one's mind, you kind of get such influencies to your daiky life from the things you attach yourself to, often edpecially about persons, cultures and wisdom of life. Similarly insects can in the autumn tube to the wisdomof a certain species of trees or I guess an individual tree and kind if wander to such world and learn so skills for surviving the autumn and winter. It is in a way like magic. 

I 118.   There isn't much traditional Finnish Midsummer magic, but mist of the known magic is connected with finding a spouce. There us also some traditional kniwledge about the effects of different species of plants. But as I today read about them in the news , those all sounded like symbolics ways of hivibg advices or talking about thibgs. Like for example if one on Mudsummer can see one's coming spouce if one looks sr a deep well. Like if someone us in trouble (or forcsome other reason wishes for the better life thst you can give) but ypu are a good influence to such a person and such just makes life shine on both, then propably that could be a possible marriage for you. Some weeds were said to curse, like if you show too polidhed side while thinking of getting married, maybe ypu do not git yogether in reality. 

I 119.   In the book Tontun vuosi, Year of the gnome, which I read two abd s half years ago, there was also of old time traditions around the year and those sounded like they might have worked well, been alive and pleassnt if those were kind of invrnted anew by the participants  yet aiming just for the ages old serene sovereign untouched fractureless natursl ages old cobtent yo l7fe  like how cattle was in the spring let outdoors to a meadiw after winter cold indoors, maybe some cow went under a certain species of tree and so they picked thst tree to be one element gor those cows  for thst importsnt occasiob, kind of celebration. 

I 120.   Midsummer is celebrated largely because the summer is short and one ought to notice that one sjould live it, enjoy lufe before the dummer is over and svhools start. Likewise it is a good advice for lufe that lufe ought to be luved fully, enjoyed, experience of life gathered, when you have a chance for it, because later thibfs may be fifferent, life circumstancies prevent because of illness, small kids, no possibility to travel or whatever. So seize the moment! It is of no use to complain afterwards if your possibilities were when young.

 (26th of June 2021   That is what my mom used to say, but on the other gand she had a tendency to restrict my life too badly, dedtriy possibilities for my life.)

I 121.   Misummer Day     Midsummer is the lightedt time of the year, after that it gets dsrker for half s year and that affects life hugely, brinhing the winter and the darkedt time of the yesr which is hard to bear for most. Midsummer isn't the start of dome light season, so in practice it isn't possible to successfully celebrate the might of light then. Besides, I think that tge lightest time of the year is by it's nature fifferent ftom symbolics. But for knowing the seasons, being sble to live eith the changing amount of light aroundcthe yesr demands paying attention to when it is lightedt. But modtly Middummer is a celebration of the summer, holidsy time before it is too late abd dummer is over. Nowaday Middummer is celebrsted in Finland futing a weekend so that it is not exactly the dame as Muddummer in tge calendar, which this year was a few dsys esrlier. 

I 122.   Some think that a gnome like or a goodcwayvto live means putting things in a certain way and keeping them in a certain way, but such life isn't happy and it makes one dum, brings thinking errors and does nit give possibility to good life and healthy kind of wisdom of life. Life is in the living, in living basic life without (in the first seconds?) caring how, and only then observing what is a good option or good ways of doibg, and growing to higher skill and greater happiness via that. 

The previous advice is good for the quality of lufe. Otherwise I think this is a good place to end this Vhridtmas gnome skills text which with it's links would alreafy be a thousand pages long e-book.

Have a nice summer!

Kaisa Hannele Tervola, Finland, North-East Europe