Saturday, June 24, 2017

Finnish organizations

Finns have a society that organizes itself almost by itself and forms a well working whole without much problems. The basic idea is that people should have a way to express their nature in harmony with the demands of living in a society. The way to achieve that are hobby unions and other organizations: people with the wish to express their nature by doing something, join a hobby group or the like that organizes such activity with wisdom of how it fits to be a moral part of the society, for example arranges courses for beginners and rents the room for the hobby groups and has the needed equipments to offer. It is very convenient and serves to fit the people with different needs and wishes to be parts of the same peaceful society. What there are other types of interests, the society usually similarly arranges some road for them too.

Finnish celebrations

If one would like to celebrate Midsummer in the Finnish way but abroad, one could with the family eat some traditional food that is more countryside style, and then go out to a park or otherwise green area and sense the weather, the time of the day and it's light, the nature's beuty, birdsong and the like, leisurely, like is pleasant and has a nice atmoshphere. If one would like to go to some happening, a quite peaceful one to which one can take kids, maybe with violin music or the like: emotional, peaceful, traditionally inclined, sensing the nature etc.
If you like this, maybe you would like to read my long text about the seasons in Finland .

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 In the text about the seasons in Finland in this blog, in the beginning of the part Late autumn, there is about Holy Men's Day, also mentioned Halloween and Thanksgiving which are not Finnish celebrations.

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Father's Day in the second? Sunday of November
This is how we ceöebrated Father's Day, and my father seemed to like being with kids, doing chores
Breakfast served, concratuations
in the afternoon father's day coffee if he likes such, '
father's day cards from kids,
something of interest to him brought to him like a book, handicrafts thing or the like to do in the future, something that he likes, do not need to be a present
phonecall to relatives or some male relative comes to visit and talök about father's day