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World's best problem solving method (Important to learn all over the world)

 The ruleis something like: One is allowed to be selfish in ways positive for happy life but not to disturb the lives of others - except fairly to prevent them from disturbing others unfairly.

I do not know how all-European this traditional Finnish speaking Finnish (saying/)behaviour rule referred by the non-literal words "Live and let others Live!" but it is surely worth copying! It gives a maximal amount of freedom of everyone, completely according to their own likings, at the same time as it gives perfect moral for purely selfish individuals concerned mainly about their own life but who have a holistic rational view of the world and of the
society's workings.
The rule "Live and let other Live!" means that you can yourself live as freely as you allow others to live in the society - that means the others who follow the rule "Live and let others Live!". If you to some extend disturb people who follow the saying, you own room to affect things and to live in is shrunk on that respect, preventing the harm and making you think that you might want more room and so be motivated to living in harmony. That means that evil is not allowed to affect lives (of anybody else than the evil one oneself) but nice moral things are allowed to affect fully and supported in order to get better life for all! But one does not need to accept some influence because someone else says it is nice, instead there is the need to be moral and the freedom tofollow one's own likings.
It is a good rule. Maybe You have it already! Please learn to use it for happy life and a prosperous society, if it is not so widely known...

About the rule in all social relationships, please read

Observe that this rule is roughly "Room for happy life!" and is akin to justice and caring the world to such that it is good to live in happily. It is not saying that one should not kill anybody. It means that if fair play and the happiness in the society or in the wide world so demands, you are supposed to prevent evil ones (and utterly stupid ones) from harming others unfairly, also if it means war, killing or the like, but of course one must see the situation as a whole, the good and bad sides of each tactic and choose with wisdom.

There is this same rule without any exception in all relationships, including mother-child-relationships, dating (Try for example in competitors in love, their kids and other responsibilities), friendship, hate, not caring attitude etc. Largely other rules are not needed, except lots of common sense, healthy spirit and a good understanding and at least some good will toward all.

An important application of this rule are the relationships between countries and between groups which may compete fiercely. It is also a good rule to build the society upon.

It often happens with this rule that the problems disappear as if they had vanished to the thin air.
Typically some woman (a wise one) or some nice man says "Go and enjoy yourself. Do not be bothered by them. You do not need to disturb them if you go to some other place or to some other people." and so the person in conflict does so and finds so room for him/her to live his/her own life without conflict with the others.

The goal is something like "We live our lives and let them live theirs." But the other side of the rule is how to get it to apply, how to force it upon people who do not follow it. And that is if they break against justice disturbing the lives of others unfairly, their own room to live in is shrunk similarly and they are prevented from harming others unfairly. But where they live ok, they can fairly keep their space to live in. Typically in this the rest of the society caring about that people would follow the rule, is important. Also some wisdom of life makes this work better than too little understanding about quality of life, social relationships and the workings of the society.

If this rule isn't familiar to you and you don't know how to take it into use or even if you want to use it or not, please try it out in your mind: figure out what it is like in each situation and how following it would affect things. It is a very useful rule, somaybe you like it too, it is quite easy when you have first learned it in each type of situation.

If you in some occasion don't feel like yur feelings coming along in letting others have so much room and preferably happiness too, you have propably not applied the rule enough to yourself: so be more selfcentered, think about what your own life need in a situation like this and see if you can arrange freedom and happiness for both yourself and for others, for yourself you need to take care of it and for others just leave room for them and they themselves with their friends arrange for themselves without feeling it being a burden of some kind.

This rule works also if there are lots of murders

In care professions, like for example medicine, it is important to follow good enough understanding, good enough moral and be honest about what is a lie, a habit or an unsure supposion. But with wider consequencies taken fally into account this rule applies there too: the patients and others cared for should be allowed to decide fully about their need for care and about the decisions in their care: that is their life, their own influence to the world and those in care professions should not mess with it, giving excuses for crimes. It is especially important to let those live freely who are moral and so carry the burden of keeping the world in a good state, for example some parts of the society.

This rule works well for example in the negotiations between different groups. You do not need always say aloud that things are according to this rule. It is enough if your suggestions are such that when other groups check them, they find that those are ok for them, so they can easily agree to support them, and likewise for your own groups too. But on the long run it is good for people to learn the rule, so that their own suggestions are all right for others too.

Following this rule in decisions, courses taken, judgements etc makes police and justice system and government also easy to agree about, but you do not need to refer to this rule, but more likely explain things in terms of law, needs, objective thoughts, common sense, experience, fair play, carrying responsibility, freedom, etc and then when the other person checks whether it is ok for him/her, it is according to this rule and so easy to agree about, and kind of makes it easier to think of these kinds of things if one has good enough understanding, wisdom wisdom of life, healthy spirit, good will and responsibility about the coming generations etc.

Horse running in an arch, a model of free life according to feelings, a horse knit picture

Animals and somehumans too learn this rule easily by comparing people (and animals) to the trees in a park: each one has one's branches sovereign, lives freely according to one's emotions so, but does not mess with the branches of others, isn't allowed to do so. But one can offer available things that people like, like for example a song in the radio, in a radio station which specializes to that type of music so that people can choose according to their likings whether they listent o it or not.

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