Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Sauna is a hot room heated by an oven. There are both electric ovens and traditional oven heated by burning wood.
Sauna is used for getting thoroughly warm.
The warming effect of sauna comes from masses of hot water vapour. This is called "LÖYLY". The vapour comes from pouring small amounts of water to the hot stones on top of the oven. The more hot "löyly"s, the easier to get warm. The hotter the oven, the warmer the vapour the stones produce.
Inside sauna there are benches. The highest ones are hottest and the lowest ones coolest.
Sauna should be so warm that one soon gets thoroughly warm inside one's body. When the heat is too much, one moves to lower bench or comes out of the sauna.
There is no certain best temperature for sauna suited for all. Instead one should estimate the temperature by it's warming effect. One can alter the temperature of a sauna. Keeping the door open for a sort while cools and making the oven hotter, moving to highest bench near the stones or throwing some more water to make "löyly" make the sauna warmer.
So, please remember, sauna is used for getting thoroughly and very comfortably warm.
Sauna demands bearing differencies in air temperature. So in sauna a relaxed body is better and concentration to temperature issues is needed all the time.
In sauna men and women enter different saunas or at different times, since sauna is used nakedly. Sauna is no place for sex because sauna is too hot for anything. Sex is for bedroom, under the large thik blanket.

After getting very warm or hot in sauna, wash, go back to sauna to get hot again, come then out and pour quickly some water upon you to wash the sweat away, quickly dry yourself and dress quickly in warm clean clothes. In sauna there was hot, outside it is cool and outdoors it is cold. If your body is still adapted to heat, you lose warmth very quickly, so try to avoid that heat adaptation, and don't spend time outdoors, move quickly, take care to not to cool your body and go in as soon as possible and drink hot tea: so it is clear that inside your body it is warm and the air is cool, which is the usual way to live in Finnish weather. The body temperature needs listening to for maybe two hours after sauna, it brings a pleasant feeling (if you don't get cool).

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