Saturday, November 28, 2015

European moral does not mean copying European arrangements!

"European moral means mainly justice, human values, carrying responsibility about big things in life, in the lives of others, in the society and in the world, common sense like objective thinking with a picture of the whole, safeguarding the future, protecting nature, compassion and freedom and grass roots democracy. (not in this order)
European arrangements on the other hand are ways to arrange culturally European people to form a society that is good to live in and responsible also otherwise. For example the yusefulness of many professions comes from them not being corrupted. If some profession is rotten, there is no use keeping it, since it does not do it's work well and it supports unjustice and maybe cruelty. So of all kinds of people one cannot form an European type of society just by copying the professions etc. Instead one should try to build a better moral and not in looks only but in what people really do, which values they respect in practise when evaluated by the end results of their actions and nonactions."
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