Monday, January 18, 2016

Lots of foreigners in Finland

As a kid I was taught that in Finland almost all are thoroughly Finnish. But at least nowadays it does not seem to be so. There are amazingly many foreiners in Finland and amazingly few Finns. There are foreigners from all continents and the looks, character and faults of some typical types of Finns suggest that they were originally from some other continent. Many typical Finnish problems seem to be caused by a total lack of Finnish skills, like no skills in staying warm enough (and angry because of that), the Finnish type of society not familiar and no experience in going to school as a kid or in following thoughts and conversations as a way to guide practical life. But of course this may vary from place to place in Finland.

14.8.2017   Temperatures in Finland are daytime highest hour or so, not daytime average.
Should people who wish to come to Finland spend maybe two hours in a room of +20Celcius temperature and then estimate what they feel their mood, social character in that coolness, their wish for what type of comfort or warmth, would they find the enrgy to answer to the demands of each situation when long times insuch tempeeratures and cooler, for example friendly good willing ways toward all and proper rationality all the time in everything looked from everybody's point of view, etc?

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