Friday, March 24, 2017

Who is suited to what

It seems that people who move from other continents to Europe and Finland, tend to think beforehand that once they get to know Finnish culture, they would easily become Finnish. But that is not so, because the climate is such a huge factor. The climate demands a certain rythm of life, a large amount of the habit of looking all the time and some type of likings in what comes to what kind of things are nice and comfortable. Such are largely character traits: people just naturally like some rythm or consider some things nicer than others, so they are consequently suited to certain climate and not to others.
Like one can learn some skills of others in their favourite things, likewise one can learn some climate skills but still one's likings, one's whole character is inclined to certain climate that you would find quite natural to enjoy and excel in, at the cost of fitting to other kinds of climates.
In Finland climate does not make things nice if you err in your ways of living. Neither do food orientedness or drugs bring contentment with life here, maybe because it is somehow too cold here and rythms of life are different with which you get your daily life work well.
Some foreigners think that if school advice was good, one could likewise copy other good advices and examples of forefigures to do well in life and be happy. But magazines and media at large offer many kinds of things to many kinds of people, not targeting them for all to copy as if they were the same type of persons. Like there are a few types of houses in Finland to live in and different people like them best. Likewise there are many types of professions and different people like different types of professions, not enjoying their life if they are in somebody else's favourite job. And there are different types of hobbies, some fitting the pedantic, some the homely, some the sporty some nature loving etc. And there are many types of sporst, some for the agile, some for the courageous, some for the calm, some for the clumsy, some for all, some for the outdoors orientedm some for those who enjoy company or competition. Each person needs things suited for one's own type of likings and needs, while the highlights of others mostly do not bring good life to oneself.

One can be tuned to only one climate at a time. Often it is so of cultures too, and the European cultures are often very different in what comes to what types of foreigners they get well wlong with. So refugees wandering from country to country does not make so much sense, choosing one's favourite culture goes much better since the ways really are so different even in neighbouring countries.

It may be that often when one longs for a better climate or another kind of culture, the right answer isn't to move to live in another continent or cultural domain, but instead move maybe 200km to a place which is said to have a climate that you like.
Similarly of cultures: it is difficult to adapt to an entirely different ground for life and for society. Propably a different district in one's own country could offer just suitably much different kind of culture (that is why they manage tp be parts of the same country) if one would also choose a different profession taht one likes, maybe a different kind of place in the town to live in, different hobbies, and a far away interest in foreign cultures that one likes.

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