Thursday, May 30, 2013

Finnish feelings

The climate in Finland is harsh and the human forces are just no match for the wisdom of the wild nature that is able to survive the harsh winter. Typical feelings of Finns include especially awe, largely awe toward the wild nature and responsibility about the major matters of the world. Finns also value hu´mbleness which is connected for reaching good quality work. Also doing one's best in important matters is valued.
Finns also value freedom, liberal-mindedness, feminist values and lots of room for happy life according to emotions. This allows a coexistence in harmony, and so Finnish social relations are not tangles of obligations, cunning and manipulation, but free-willing emotional bonds between like-minded or people who share the same Finnish values that allow a happy liberal-minded society where everybody is free but not allowed to mess with the lives of others. Obedience and hierargies do not exist in the minds of Finns, instead there is a respect for values and for the well-functioning of a free liberal-minded happy society with healthy mind and spirit.

For a Finn thinking is just a helping aid in following one's likings. One is free to live one's life like one likes best and so it is natural to use one's best understanding in choosing what to do and what to avoid doing. But since thinking is a just a helping aid for selfish interests, for the feeling individual, thinking does not obstruct life according to feelings, even though foresight does affect choices when there is some danger to avoid or some benefit to be gained. So Finns are at the same time completely rational with a good picture of the whole and follow all emotions fully but with that picture of the whole world with all their feelings as a part of that picture. Finns talk to each other from the perspective of what are wise choices in life and why: what kind of society we build by our own deeds and values for ourselves to live in and what kind of social life we end up if we make the choices that we started with before further thinking. So each one can choose freely according to their emotions and understanding, but most are wise enough to choose morally ok and in liberal-minded happiness-oriented ways.

The dark autumn and cold winter make one seek for comfort and the coming of spring light and warmer weathers is a relief to all. A shared misfortune of winter cold brings good will and a wish to build better living conditions for all fairly. Like this Finland is called the land of Santa Claus, a land of good will.

Due to the cool climate in which it is best to be active, even sporty, a typical feeling for Finns is joy. Also the rule "Live and let others live" brings room for hobbies etc according to one's likings and so brings lots of joy to one's life. Finns also have lots of wisdom of life about good ways to do things and that too brings joy to action.
Due to the cool climate, fine motorics is easy and effortless for Finns. Since Finns also have, due to the climate and common sense like ways of thinking, a good sense of atmospheres and a good social eye toward Finns, so Finns have high basic skill level and naturally without make-up much of the style that beauty ideals seek: kind of wisdom of ways of living and doing and intelligence and good will in the society and in the world and toward individuals' right to decide freely about their own lives as long as they fit to be parts of the Finnish society, givng room to others to live freely a good life according to their own wishes and their own understanding plus civilized wisdom.

Finns do not consider social sensations and social impressions as feelings but instead as information about what the social situations and persons are like. Generally close relationships mean that one relies on the other one, so it means that one is mcuh less skilled than the other one. But Finns' skill level is good and Finns know how to learn skills and viewpoints from their friendly social contacts. So usually Finns do not have close social relationships but instead very distant but well working because of the rule "Live and let others live". Mostly Finns are fellow citizens, parts of the same society, maybe of same age and gender, and most of all civilized, free and with wisdom of life, responsible too and have a tendency to ponder about life and the world.

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