Friday, June 28, 2013

Traditional Finnish Art

Traditional and old Finnish songs and many famous old paintings use the viewpoint of oneself in the middle of nature watching a landscape, it's phenomena and seeing simultaneously both the hard side of life and the beauty of living according to feelings, reaching so something essential about life, about the basic current of life and about wisdom of life about how to wisely live as a part of a society.
This is propably a part of the ground of the Finnish way to speak to others: what would be a good wise choise for you in your life, but you can decide all by yourself, completely freely according to the rule "Live and let others live!".

( Famous old Finnish paintings: )

Instead of melancholic, Finnish songs reflect the sensations of cool weather and have a rich landscape like view instead of the narrow views that foreign songs typically have. A landscape like vie includes lots of shades kind of like many tunes and is with wisdom of life higher than many foreign songs.
The low tones of Finnsih songs typically refer to profoundity and deep emotions about one's way of life. They make it possible to drag along those with some difficulty and are a cause to the low level of evil in Finnish society.

Famous old Finnish poetry by Eino Leino

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