Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Finns value Finnish culture more than Swedish, and Finns are more skilled than foreigners

Finns value the Finnish culture of Finland more than they value Swedish culture. But some Finns do not know Swedish culture and so they suppose that Sweden has the same ghood sides as Finnish culture. But the Swedish are imago oriented and claim to be the best even if facts would strongly oppose such claim. Finns are interested in realism, good life, good society to live in, a good future on strong grounds, healthy spirit and rationality with a picture of the whole. Finns think that facts speak for themselves and for the Finnish culture. Foreigners often think that Finns value them a lot but that is just a tiny fraction of how Finns value Finns because of Finns following the Finnish culture wiuth it's valuable good sides.

I guess that much of the unfortunate sufferings of Finns are a consequence of some - mostly foreigners very far away - thinking that Swedish culture or it's imago is better than Finnish reality, so that Swedish level forms a some kind of maximum for the success of Finns, and that is much much too low and causes lots of suffering and crime. It appears that this has been so since ancient times. Why? Even nowadays the Swedish speaking have a much too big position in the media and in the society. I just listened to a religious radio station and someone sung in it so beautifully, like the society level good will in Helsinki, from where I am originally from, except that it wasn't so very moral person on that scale, and I realized that I had maybe never before heard so much good will in a radio song, never heard radio songs of my own cultural background. But the dictator like unwise Swedish we do hear. There is a huge intelligence difference, especially in wisdom of life and moral, between The finns and the Swedish. An adult Swedish person on his/her educated side corresponds to maybe an average ten year old Finnish kid, while the social and society level short-sightedness and consequent lack of moral of Swedish adults corresponds to maybe an average four year old Finnish kid.

What are then other countries like compared to Finns? Africa seems to be with hope of developing toward European wisdom and with positive leisurely ways. Latinos seem unwise in society level and social matters but with positive emotionality, except that is it in fact more scarce and less profound than the Finnsih everyday emotionality? Those in USA seem  more fake like than Finns and more market economy and media oriented. Arabs lie a lot and their society is a mess. Asians seem somehow unwise, not with healthy enough spirit in their society. Finns do not associate much with Russians but feel somehow like-minded. Europeans feel like-minded and to be on the same course in society structure kinds of things but more food-centered than Finns.

Following the Swedish culture does not bring the good sides of following Finnish culture. So even if you have decided to follow Swedish culture, using even with quite little skills the Finnish skills and trying to follow Finnish culture brings lots of good sides, is very well worth the trouble. And much more if you really have Finnish skills and really follow the Finnish culture.

Finns often value Finnish culture and Finnish climate as the best in the whole world. There are no exceptions to this in valuing for example USA more. But some of course would like to travel and choose some other country to live in, mostly USA. Finnish culture is valued also abroad, so it is easy for Finns to travel and move to live in other countries. (But Swedish pseakig Finns would maybe prefer living in Sweden, since they follow Swedish tv etc. )

2.9.2017   Usually when something goes poorly for Finns in Finland, it goes along the level of some respected foreign nation, along it's positive imago's level, and that is much worse than the ordinary Finnish level. Finns have good skills of keepig the worl´d and social relationships at a good state by the rule "Live and let others live". Finns also have wisdom of life and are usually feeling happy and satisfied with life without need for drugs, medicine, excess food or drink, without dumping themselves by keeping company overly much and without lies and acting. Finns also have high skills and good capoacity in objective thinking with a picture of the whole.

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