Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Finns with the eyes of Buddhism (Asian philosophy applied to Europeans)

Finns are European and Christian but if one would look at Finnish culture with the eyes of the Asian philosophy of Buddhism, one would maybe count Finns at large as enlightened, and on the other hand the Swedish and the Swedish speaking Finns as not at all enlightened. That would refer to Finns having an understanding of their own, of living a practical life at the level of experience of life and individual feelings and having compassion toward others and good will toward the world as large an important motiovation in life, for example in working life and in the workings of the society. On the other hand Swedes and Swedish peaking Finns memorize book knowledge and advices of ther culture and of othre persons and try to live their life from that level, far from basing their life on the level of experience.
Enlightened ones are said to be continually happy and to have no pain or suffering. That is not true of Finns but something at that direction is. Finns have healthy ways of living and know how to live with the seasons, so they feel well and consequently they are often full of good will toward others and the world at large and cannot understand those who live in unwise ways and are malicious. When living according to the Finnish culture's wisdom of life Finns are not tense, stressed, agitated, destructively angry witout a good reason or negligient about the major matters of the world and the good of their own life, of others and of groups, both their own and of others.

19. February 2019   Finns are highly educated and most men have gone to military service. Finland values peace but has an army. Finns value rationaly and civilized ways very much. Finns usually demand from ideals that they should work in practise, with all kinds of people and groups. Finns have a very good understanding for thinking such things through and lots if experience in such, since Finns value individual freedom very much.

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