Monday, January 1, 2018

Finnish view on peace

Finns have typically helped in peace negotiations of other countries, since the Fnnish way of discussing and living in a democracy solves conflicts and builds groundwork for a well working quite peaceful society.
But peace activism is different from the Finnish view on peace. A peace activist typically leaves all or very many options open, maybe because she or he is young and does not know what to do with all the things in the world. And so there comes a burden, since some options should have been opposed and problems so solved. Taking too many things into arrangements at the same time makes arrangements cumbersome and kind of stiff rule like which is hard to endure. Finnish view as a contrast solves problems effectively. It does not take many things at the same time, but instead takes easy rules and common sense rationality with a picture of the whole and applies them to all, solving so problems, and this is of course mostly always the same rules: "Live and let others live" & responsibility, rationality and usefulness- based moral: building useful things to the society like for example hoby groups and different jobs do.

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