Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Finland is almost arctic, but not exactly arctic

Finland is almost arctic in the sense of everybody needing always be wary of getting too cold or cool and falling ill and maybe dying of that, also summertime. But for those who are adapted to the same climate zone as Finland that usually isn't any problem in everyday life, except on the winter time. But for those coming from warmer climates that is a huge lesson to learn, one cannot just bypass it in the way they do in the tropics, or one is soon harmed fatally: in the winter time outdoors that often is unavoidable during the first five minutes or a quater of an hour.

If one would divede climates to three groups:
warm: non-active, lazying, stuck to habits, hot day like style of living, food centered life common, keeping company common
medium like Finland: active, not stuck to habits, civilized, nature's wild animals wise and friendly
cold: not much or no trees && forceless, less wisdom of life, continually questions of life and death, nature aggressive
But I am not so sure of these. Anyway one cannot copy from the other groups if one travels or lives in one climate zone. So that Finland goes well with northern USA, but not with Alaska or Canada.

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