Thursday, June 7, 2018

Weathers' charm

I do not know for sure how being with the weathers, their fascination and the reaching for the skills they need, is taught. But maybe if one as young or beginner would go out to look at some fascinating weather, like storm coming or storm having just passed, and just look at the magnifient clouds, sun shining somewhere through, feel the atmosphere of the moment with someone who understand the charm of such and has the skills of living such weathers, for example one's papa, and at the same time another separate thing is to be prepared for the adjustemnts between cold and hot, moisture level changing, rain coming, sun passing through etc, which one can learn from wild birds which do well and from the tree species orginally from the climate one is in. So having trees and other nature at the spot is a good side.
Similarly one can later learn about the charm of milder weathers from those who like them, enjoy them. This is one reason why it is good to talk of the weather: to learn skills in living, to get advices from those who like them, them telling what is it that charms then in mild rain sun passing through etc.
But I think it is very climate dependent what weather one should start from and which to emphasize to find a pleasant and healthy way of living all the weathers and moments of the day. Often more sporty moving is good for the cooler weathers and for varying weATHERS.

By the words of a traditional Russian song (In the forest not a leaf moves) "Even if I would forget everything else, this charming moment I would never forget."

* * *

6. September 2018   I am not sure of this, but my impression is that each weather, also in widely different climates, is best lived in a way which you find when you pay central attention to some fine whole of the nature, like an atmospheric branch in nature, that is especially spirited in it's view of how to live such wetaher and to which heights one's wisdom of life, skill, virtues of character and enjoyment of life could so rise,for example on some animal of the wilderness, and from siuch viewpoint pay attention to it's view on the ways of living: that is what is the way of living such wetahers and such temperatures, maybe such days, evenings, nights & mornings. Follow that advice and search for a new advice when the weather is clearly different.

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